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Syllabi by Instructor

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Last updated on 3/11/08

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W. A. Achenbaum
Historical-Social Policy Research (Graduate; 2007)
Philosophy of Science for Social Work Practice (Graduate; 2007)

Richard Andrews
American Environmental Policy (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2007)
Environment and Work in the Global Economy (Undergraduate; 2007)
Environmental Decision-Making (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2008)

Richard Andrews and Dale Whittington
Environmental Policy Instruments (Graduate; 2007)

Richard Arum and Jonathan Zimmerman
Educational Research in the United States: Problems and Possibilities (Graduate; 2007)

Brian Balogh
Twentieth-Century American Political Development Colloquium (Graduate; 2007)
Viewing America: The United States from 1945 to the Present (Undergraduate; 2008)

Brian Balogh and Mel Leffler
Colloquium in American History, 1877-Present (Graduate; 2006)

Jonathan Bean
American Business History (Undergraduate; 2006)
Colloquium in U.S. Policy History (Graduate; 2005)
The Conservative View in U.S. History (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2007)
The Great Depression in the United States, 1929-1942 (Undergraduate; 2007)
Historical Research and Writing: U.S. History (Undergraduate; 2007)
Senior Seminar: The Business of Vice in U.S. History (Undergraduate; 2008)
Twentieth-Century America (Undergraduate; 2008)

Richard Bensel
Institutions (Graduate; 2007)
Political Culture (Graduate; 2007)
Political Economy of American Development, 1860-1900 (Graduate; 2005)

Edward D. Berkowitz
American History, 1877-Present (Undergraduate; 2006)
History and Public Policy (Graduate; 2007)
The History of the Modern American Presidency (Undergraduate; 2007)
Undergraduate Research Seminar (Undergraduate; 2004)
United States History, 1890-1945 (Undergraduate; 2007)

Michael Bernstein
United States History: The Twentieth Century (Undergraduate; 2004)

Sarah Binder
American Political Parties (Graduate; 2007)

Casey Blake
Topics in American Studies: American Cultural Criticism (Undergraduate; 2007)
U.S. Cultural and Intellectual History (Graduate; 2007)
U.S. Intellectual History since 1865 (Undergraduate; 2006)

Carl Bon Tempo
America in the 1970s (Undergraduate; 2006)
American History Since 1877 (Undergraduate; 2007)
Cold War America (Undergraduate; 2005)
The United States at War, 1861-1945 (Undergraduate; 2006)
Who Is an American? National Identity in the 20th Century United States (Undergraduate; 2007)

Julian Bond
History of the Civil Rights Movement (Undergraduate; 2007)

Ann Cohen
American Government from an Historical Perspective (Undergraduate; 2008)

Lizabeth Cohen
Public Power, Private Lives: Writing Twentieth-Century U.S. History as Biography (Undergraduate; 2006)
Readings in the United States in the 20th Century: Proseminar (Graduate; 2004)
The United States after World War II (Undergraduate; 2007)

David Coleman and Marc Selverstone
The Cold War (Undergraduate; 2007)

Joseph Crespino
American Conservatism (Undergraduate; 2004)

Nick Cullather
America's Image in the World (Undergraduate; 2008)
Modernity and Modernization in International History (Graduate; 2007)

Alan Dawley
Global America: Class, Race, and Empire Since 1890 (Undergraduate; 2007)
The United States in World History (Undergraduate; 2005)

Jane De Hart
Gender, Sexuality, and Public Policy in the 20th Century U.S. (Undergraduate; 2003)

Daniel R. Ernst
American Legal History: Law and the State in Twentieth-Century America (Graduate; 2005)
Lawyers and the State in Modern America Seminar (Graduate; 2004)

Michael Fein
American Political History: Politics, Culture, and the Making of the Modern American State (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2003)
Wealth, Want & Power (Undergraduate; 2007)

Paul Frymer
Race and Ethnicity (Graduate; 2004)

Louis Galambos
The Global Economy - A History (Undergraduate; 2005)
Global Public Health Since World War II (Undergraduate; 2007)

John Gerring
Democratic Governance (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2007)
Global Justice (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2007)
Political Analysis (Graduate; 2007)
Political Analysis: A Primer (Undergraduate; 2007)

Andrew D. Grossman
Seminar in American Political Development (Undergraduate; 2003)

Jacob S. Hacker
The American Welfare State in Comparative Perspective (Undergraduate; 2003)

Chris Howard
The American Welfare State (Undergraduate; 2007)
Closing the Achievement Gap (Undergraduate; 2007)
Research Methods (Undergraduate; 2007)

Shelley Hurt
American Politics (Undergraduate; 2008)
Science, Technology, Power and Politics (Undergraduate; 2008)
War, Trade, and American Political Development (Undergraduate; 2007)

Meg Jacobs
America in Depression and War (Undergraduate; 2003)

Tony Judt
Cinema and Society in Europe Since 1945 (Undergraduate; 2008)

Michael Katz
Modern American Cities (Graduate; 2005)

Ira Katznelson
Themes in American Political Development (Graduate; 2006- 2007)
Twentieth Century American Politics (Undergraduate; 2006)

Michael Kazin
Conservatism in the United States (Graduate; 2003)

Ken Kersch
American Constitutional Development (Graduate; 2008)
American Constitutional Development (Undergraduate; 2004)
American Constitutional Law (Undergraduate; 2007)
American Political Thought (Undergraduate; 2006)
Civil Liberties (Graduate; 2005)
Civil Liberties (Undergraduate; 2005)
Law and Society (Undergraduate; 2007)

Ken Kersch and Harvey Mansfield
Constitutional Democracy in America (Undergraduate; 2008)

Rogan Kersh
Foundations of American Political Thought (Undergraduate; 2004)
Modern American Political Thought (Undergraduate; 2005)

Elizabeth Kier
Advanced IR Theory (Graduate; 2007)
Democracy and the Military: Problems in U.S. Civil Military Relations (Undergraduate; 2007)
International Conflict (Undergraduate; 2007)
International Security (Graduate; 2007)
Qualitative Research (Graduate; 2007)

Michael Klarman
Constitutional History: From the Articles of Confederation to the Civil War (Graduate; 2007)
Constitutional Law (Graduate; 2007)

Michael Klarman and Michael Seidman
Constitutional Theory (Graduate; 2007)

Charles Kromkowski
American Congress (Undergraduate; 2007)
Democracy in America (Undergraduate; 2007)

Richard Lapchick
Moral and Ethical Issues in Sport (Graduate; 2006)

Matthew Lassiter
The United States Since 1945 (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2003)

Mel Leffler and Brian Balogh
Colloquium in American History, 1877-Present (Graduate; 2006)

Jeffrey Legro
American Grand Strategy (Undergraduate; 2005)
Foreign Policy of the United States (Graduate; 2005)
Great Powers, Grand Strategies, and International Order (Undergraduate; 2007)

Robert Lieberman
American Politics and Social Welfare Policy (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2007)

Leo Lovelace
Constitutional Rights (Undergraduate; 2003)
Introduction to American Politics (Undergraduate; 2003)

Harvey Mansfield and Ken Kersch
Constitutional Democracy in America (Undergraduate; 2008)

Cathie Jo Martin
Political Economy of Advanced Societies (Undergraduate; 2007)

David R. Mayhew
Introduction to American Politics (Graduate; 2007)
Parties and Ideologies (Undergraduate; 2006)
U.S. National Policymaking (Undergraduate; 2006)

Nicole Mellow
The American Presidency (Undergraduate; 2005)
Interpretations of American Politics (Undergraduate; 2005)
Political Parties in America (Undergraduate; 2006)
The Politics of Place - Red and Blue America (Undergraduate; 2006)
Tutorial in American Political Development (Undergraduate; 2005)

Sidney Milkis
American Political Development (Graduate; 2003)

Will Morrisey
American Foreign Policy (Undergraduate; 2007)
Comparative Politics: Twentieth-Century Founders (Undergraduate; 2005)
German Political Philosophy (Undergraduate; 2004)
International Politics: The Geopolitics of the Twenty-First Century (Undergraduate; 2005)
Introduction to Politics (Undergraduate; 2007)
Islamism and American Foreign Policy (Undergraduate; 2003)
Tutorial on Hegel's "The Philosophy of Right" (Undergraduate; 2003)
The United States Constitution (Undergraduate; 2005)
World Politics (Undergraduate; 2007)

David M. O'Brien
Constitutional Interpretation: Separation of Powers and Federalism (Undergraduate; 2007)
Seminar on Civil Rights and Liberties (Graduate; 2006)
Seminar on Constitutional Law and Theory (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2007)

Margaret O'Mara
Building Silicon Valley: An Urban and Political History (Undergraduate; 2003)
California and the West in National Politics (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2004)
Cities in the North American West, 1840-1940 (Undergraduate; 2003)
Core in American History, Part IV (Graduate; 2005)
Left, Right, and Center: Party Politics in Modern America (Undergraduate; 2008)
The State and Social Policy (Graduate; 2008)
The Suburban West (Undergraduate; 2003)

Eric Patashnik
The American Congress (Graduate; 2004)
American Political Institutions and Processes (Undergraduate; 2007)
American Public Policy (Graduate; 2006)
Social Security Reform (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2004)

Richard Pious
The American Presidency (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2007)
The Constitutional Law of Presidential-Congressional Relations (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2008)

Andrew J. Polsky
American Government: A Historical Introduction (Undergraduate; 2006)
American Political Development (Graduate; 2005)
American Political Development (Undergraduate; 2006)
The American Presidency at War (Undergraduate; 2008)

Patrick Reagan
American History, 1607-1877 (Undergraduate; 2008)
American History, 1877-Present (Undergraduate; 2007)
American Military History (Undergraduate; 2008)
Introduction to Historical Method (Undergraduate; 2008)
Postwar America, 1945-Present (Undergraduate; 2006)
Senior Seminar: Going to War in American History (Undergraduate; 2006)
Topics in U.S. Economic History: Business and Labor History (Undergraduate; 2004)
The Transformation of Modern America, 1912-1945 (Undergraduate; 2007)

Howard Reiter
Proseminar in American Politics (Graduate; 2005)

Russell Riley
The American Presidency (Undergraduate; 2007)

Dave Robertson
The American Presidency (Undergraduate; 2008)
The Constitution in American Political Development (Undergraduate; 2003)
Environmental Politics (Undergraduate; 2007)
Introduction to American Politics (Undergraduate; 2007)
Introduction to Labor Studies (Undergraduate; 2005)
The Politics of Business Regulation (Undergraduate; 2003)
Seminar in American Political Development (Graduate; 2007)
Seminar in Political Economy (Graduate; 2008)

Beth Rosenson
American Political Development (Graduate; 2006)
Honors Media and Politics (Undergraduate; 2007)

Doug Rossinow
Religion and Politics in America (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2007)
The Sixties Experience (Undergraduate; 2006)
The Vietnam War (Undergraduate; 2007)

Elizabeth Sanders
American Political Development in the Twentieth Century (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2007)
American Politics Field Seminar (Graduate; 2007)
The American Presidency (Undergraduate; 2007)
Causes and Consequences of US Foreign Policy (Undergraduate; 2005)
Social Movements in American Politics (Undergraduate; 2005)
Freshman Writing Seminar: Southern Politics (Undergraduate; 2007)

Eric Schickler
American Political Development (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2006)

Richard Schragger
Local Government Law (Graduate; 2005)
Urban Law and Policy (Graduate; 2007)

Bruce Schulman
The Birth of Modern America, 1896-1929 (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2006)
Recent American History: Politics and Popular Culture in Twentieth Century America (Graduate; 2007)
The United States Since 1968 (Undergraduate; 2008)

Michael Seidman and Michael Klarman
Constitutional Theory (Graduate; 2007)

Christopher Sellers
Environmental History of North America (Undergraduate; 2007)
International Perspectives on the History of Work and Environment (Graduate; 2007)
Suburbanism in International Perspective (Undergraduate; 2007)
Wealth and Inequality in the Modern Corporate Age (Undergraduate; 2006)

Marc Selverstone
United States Diplomatic History Since 1914 (Undergraduate; 2006)

Marc Selverstone and David Coleman
The Cold War (Undergraduate; 2007)

Byron E. Shafer
Cultural Issues and Cultural Conflict in American Politics (Graduate; 2006)
Engines of Change in American Politics (Graduate; 2005)
Policy Conflict in American Politics (Graduate; 2006)
The Politics of Presidential Selection (Graduate; 2004)

R. Drew Smith
African-American Churches and Social Activism (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2004)
Religion and Public Leadership in Contemporary America (Undergraduate; 2007)

Randall Strahan
American Political Development (Undergraduate; 2003)

Steven Teles
American Political Development (Graduate; 2003)

Kenneth Thompson
Seminar: American Foreign Policy in the Cold War and After: Presidents Understanding Conflict (Undergraduate; 2008)

Vesla Weaver
American Political Development (Graduate; 2007)
Race and Ethnic Politics in the United States (Undergraduate; 2007)

Dale Whittington and Richard Andrews
Environmental Policy Instruments (Graduate; 2007)

Daniel Wirls
Congress, President, and the Court in American Politics (Undergraduate; 2007)
The Policies and Politics of American Defense (Undergraduate; 2007)

Amy Zegart
Crisis Decision Making in U.S. Foreign Policy (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2003)

Philip Zelikow
The Cold War in World History (Undergraduate; 2003)
Shaping the Modern World, 1893-1943 (Undergraduate; 2007)
Turning Points in US History: Micro-Analytic Methods (Undergraduate/Graduate; 2007)

Jonathan Zimmerman
Americans Abroad (Undergraduate; 2008)
History of American Education (Graduate; 2007)
History of American Education and Society: Education and the Culture Wars (Graduate; 2007)
Schooling in Diverse Societies (Undergraduate; 2008)

Jonathan Zimmerman and Richard Arum
Educational Research in the United States: Problems and Possibilities (Graduate; 2007)