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American Credibility and the Fall of South Vietnam - As the White House recordings show, behind closed doors Nixon negotiated with the Soviets and the Chinese--sacrificing South Vietnam--to avoid taking responsibility for the loss of the war in front of the American public. Ken Hughes argues that Nixon sacrificed American credibility to preserve his own political reputation.

Nixon’s Reelection and the End of the Vietnam War - Ken Hughes argues that Nixon timed American military withdrawl from Vietnam with his 1972 reelection campaign, thus raising questions about the ethics of American withdrawl. 

Were there Alternative Endings to the Vietnam War? - According to Ken Hughes, an alternative proposal for ending the Vietnam War was put forth by the North Vietnamese and included a plan for power-sharing between the two sides. However, as Hughes explains, Nixon rejected this, seeing it as a "surrender on installment" plan.

What Do the Tapes Reveal About Nixon? - Ken Hughes discusses the private side of Nixon revealed through the tapes.   Hughes notes that in private Nixon demonstrated a deep understanding of domestic and international affairs, yet was also characterized by prejudices and biases. 

Why Is It So Difficult to End a War? - The increasingly ambiguous parameters of warfare make it hard to see a "way out" of many conflicts. In this clip, Ken Hughes discusses the implications from the prolongement of the Vietnam War to contemporary military campaigns in Afghanistan and elsewhere.