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Was the White House Misled by the CIA? - Richard Immerman discusses the shortcomings of the Senate’s report on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program.  While the report states that the White House was misled by the CIA, Immerman argues that this is a mischaracterization and that the Executive was probably briefed on the program more than reported. 

Has the Enhanced Interrogation Program Ruined the American Image Abroad? - Richard Immerman discusses the consequences of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report outlining the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques for US standing abroad. The contents of the report are incredibly damaging to the U.S. image and have erroded American power internationally, especially among America’s allies. The costs of being associated with the enhanced interrogation program, according to Immerman, far outweigh any potential benefits for the United States.

The CIA’s Place in the Post-9/11 World - Richard Immerman argues that, ultimately, historians will view the CIA’s role in the post-September 11 world in a mixed light. While some criticisms of the CIA’s culpability for September 11th are exaggerated, Immerman argues that the militarization of the CIA has underminded its fundamental mission of intelligence analysis. 

Assessing the Congressional Oversight of the CIA - Richard Immerman discusses the emergence and effectiveness of Congressional oversight of the CIA. 

Reforming the CIA - Richard Immerman outlines the reforms that he believes would be beneficial to the CIA and the intelligence community more broadly. According to Immerman, there should be more collaboration and cooperation between the agencies that make up the national intelligence community. Accordingly, he argues that the CIA should concentrate on intelligence analysis instead of paramilitary missions.