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How to Stop Wasteful Spending in Afghanistan - In order to put an end to wasteful spending in Afghanistan, there must be a willingness on the part of Congress to take money back. We need to reverse the logic that spending more money is necessarily better for reconstruction.

Is Continued U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan Inevitable? - Elizabeth Field notes that as fears grew that Afghanistan would revert back to its pre-2003 state, the United States has became increasingly involved in the country. While it is not inevitable, the path towards disengagement is not immediately clear.

Is It Possible to Secure and Reconstruct at the Same Time? - Addressing the question of whether it is advisable to simultaneously secure and reconstruct Afghanistan, Elizabeth Field explains how decades of war, repression, and severe humanitarian challenges have created a situation where it is necessary, if not ideal, to rebuild and secure at the same time.

The Problems of Reconstruction in Afghanistan - Although the nature of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan has changed since SIGAR's creation in 2008, Elizabeth Field notes that many of the challenges in the reconstruction of Afghanistan are recurring, from inadequate planning to limited sustainability.

Using Contractors for Reconstruction in Afghanistan - Elizabeth Field explains that the use of contractors allows the United States to accomplish many reconstruction goals in Afghanistan, but presents some challenges as well. SIGAR has discovered large problems with contract oversight and management in Afghanistan.