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Presidential Studies

Presidential Studies is comprised of the Miller Center Presidential Oral History Program and the Presidential Recordings Program.

Presidential Oral History

The Miller Center's Oral History scholars conduct the sole program in the country which has assiduously collected the oral histories of each presidential administration since Jimmy Carter's, interviewing scores of officials in each administration. Notably, administrations in office commit far less to writing today than in days past, in part because of phones, in part because of subpoenas. Carefully conducted oral history accordingly is a truly essential resource for capturing in first hand impressions what has transpired at the highest levels of government. In addition to presidential oral histories, the Center has also begun to conduct senatorial oral histories.

Presidential Recordings

The Miller Center’s Presidential Recordings scholars conduct the sole program in the country which is transcribing and annotating the secret White House recordings made by Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon during the critical "hinge years" in the life of the nation between 1961 and 1974. These tapes provide a stunning window into the humanity and dynamic tensions, as well as the day-in-and-day-out routine, of the modern presidency.

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