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American Forum is the Miller Center’s 30-minute public-affairs television program taped before a live audience at the nation’s pre-eminent center for the study of the presidency, and broadcast weekly on almost 80% of all PBS stations around the U.S.

Our guests come from across the political spectrum and include the great minds in history, politics and public policy of American life.

The format of American Forum is a free-flowing “conversation” between our guests and host—Douglas Blackmon, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former editor and correspondent at The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. These interviews are substantive and lively—but a stark break from the verbal swordplay of most news and public affairs programs today.  The objective is to hear from the country’s most insightful voices on critical issues, to demonstrate that there can still be civility in American public life, and to do so with no policy agenda.

American Forum is broadcast by our television affiliates across the country, streamed live on the web, made available as podcasts on iTunes, distributed in an audio-only version for public radio stations, and posted online, along with extensive other relevant materials and Miller Center research.

Our host and executive producer, Douglas Blackmon, brings the benefit of 30 years of reporting from across the U.S. and around the world, primarily for The Wall Street Journal. His book, Slavery By Another Name, was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2009, and other assignments through the years have included multiple presidential campaigns, the rise of the Tea Party, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the civil war in Yugoslavia, the 9/11 hijackers, Hurricane Katrina, and the BP oil spill—for which he was a finalist for another Pulitzer Prize in 2011. 

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Douglas Blackmon, Chair of the Forum Program, Executive Producer and Host, American Forum
Tel: (434) 906-3838 

Cristina Lopez-Gottardi Chao, PhD, Research Director for Public Programs
Tel: (434) 924-4561