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Miller Center Papers

The Miller Center Papers is a remarkable historical collection of reminiscences and analyses of American public life made by leading figures in policy-making and politics spanning the half-century. The Papers is one of the finest documentary collections in the world on U.S. government and politics. The Miller Center has systematically prepared, organized, edited, and recorded the papers in scores of slim books.

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20th Anniversary Series

A New World Order

A World in Change

American Presidency: Perspectives from Abroad

American Presidency: Principles and Problems

American Values Projected Abroad

Arms Control

Asian Political Leadership

Budget Deficit and the National Debt


Credibility of Institutions, Policies and Leadership


Great American Presidents

Portraits of American Presidents

Presidency and Arms Control

Presidency and Education

Presidency and Science Advising

Presidency and the Press

Presidential Disability and the 25th Amendment

Presidential Nominating Process

Presidential Transitions and Foreign Policy

Problems and Prospects of Presidential Leadership in the 1980s

Reagan Oral History

Rhetoric and Political Discourse

Statesmen Defeated for President

The President, The Attorney General, and The Department of Justice

Virginia Papers on the Presidency

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