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Miller Center National Fellowship Conference: Spring 2012

The University of Virginia's Miller Center will host the 2012 Miller Center National Fellowship Conference on Thursday, May 10 and Friday, May 11 in Charlottesville, Va.

The Miller Center Spring Fellowship Conference is open to the public. Below, we have included links to the fellows' papers they will present and on which their mentors will comment. There is no need to RSVP.

Download the full agenda or read about the Miller Center National Fellowship.

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International States in Transition: The Dynamics of Authoritarianism and Militant Insurgencies

Fellow: Sheena Chestnut Greitens, Harvard University
Mentor: Jacob Shapiro, Princeton University

Fellow: Aila Matanock, Stanford University
Mentor: Susan Hyde, Yale University

Moderator: Marc Selverstone, University of Virginia

Sheena Chestnut Greitens

Jacob Shapiro

Aila Matanock

Susan Hyde

Marc Selverstone

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Interest Groups, State Formation and American Politics

Fellow: Emily Charnock, University of Virginia
Mentor: Elisabeth Clemens, University of Chicago

Fellow: Jack Epstein, Ohio University
Mentor: Daniel Ernst, Georgetown University

Moderator: Charles McCurdy, University of Virginia

Emily Charnock

Elisabeth Clemens

Jack Epstein

Daniel Ernst

Charles McCurdy

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Defining and Contesting Power in the International System

Fellow: Michael Beckley, Columbia University
Mentor: Robert Ross, Boston College

Comment: Jeffrey Legro, University of Virginia

Fellow: Victor Nemchenok, University of Virginia
Mentor: Erez Manela, Harvard University

Moderator: Will Hitchcock, University of Virginia

Michael Beckley

Robert Ross

Jeffrey Legro

Victor Nemchenok

Erez Manela

Will Hitchcock

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Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman Manuscript Review: American Umpire: The United States and the International Order Since 1776

Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman, San Diego State University

Robert Kagan, Brookings Institution

Erez Manela, Harvard University

Michael Mastanduno, Dartmouth College

Moderator: Melvyn Leffler, University of Virginia

Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman

Robert Kagan

Erez Manela

Michael Mastanduno

Melvyn Leffler

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State Capacity, Regulation, and Expertise in American Political Development

Fellow:        Robert Henderson, University of Maryland
Mentor:       Matthew Lassiter, University of Michigan

Fellow:        Andrew Kelly, Northwestern University
Mentor:       Gerald Berk, University of Oregon

Fellow:        Rachel Moran, Penn State University
Mentor:       Margot Canaday, Princeton University

Moderator: Brian Balogh, University of Virginia

Robert Henderson

Matthew Lassiter

Andrew Kelly

Gerald Berk

Rachel Moran

Margot Canaday

Brian Balogh