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Miller Center National Fellowship Conference: Spring 2013

Conference audio & video will be available shortly.

The University of Virginia's Miller Center hosted the 2013 Miller Center National Fellowship Conference on Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10 in Charlottesville, Va.

Download the full agenda or read about the Miller Center National Fellowship.

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Panel 1: “Agribusiness and the Oil Business: Science, Development, and Resources in International History”

Victor McFarland, History, Yale University
Project: “The Oil Crisis of the 1970s: An International History”
Dream Mentor: David Painter, Georgetown University

Tore Olsson, History, University of Georgia
Recipient of the Ambrose Monell Foundation Fellowship
Project: “Agrarian Crossings: The American South, Mexico, and the Twentieth-Century Remaking of the Rural World”
Dream Mentor: Sarah Phillips, Boston University

Moderator: Christian McMillen, History, University of Virginia


Victor McFarland

David Painter

Tore Olsson

Sarah Phillips

Christian McMillen

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Panel 2 (Lunch Panel): “Political Structures: Parties, Interests, and Power”

Josie Rodberg, History, Harvard University
Recipient of the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation Fellowship
Project: “Planning the American Family: The Politics of Government Family Planning Programs from the Great Society to the New Right”
Dream Mentor: Margot Canaday, Princeton University

Katherine Krimmel, Political Science, Columbia University
Project: “Special Interest Partisanship: The Transformation of American Political Parties”
Dream Mentor: Nolan McCarty, Princeton University

Justin Peck, Politics, University of Virginia
Project: “Reclaiming Power: An Analysis of Congressional Reassertion Efforts, 1828–2002”
Dream Mentor: William G. Howell, University of Chicago

Moderator: Eric Patashnik, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, University of Virginia

Josie Rodberg

Margot Canaday

Katherine Krimmel

Nolan McCarty

Justin Peck

William G. Howell

Eric Patashnik

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Panel 3: “Understanding Belligerents: Cooperation, Bargaining, and Negotiation in Counterterrorism and War”

Oriana Mastro, Politics, Princeton University
Project: “Settling the Score: The Interactive Effect of Fighting and Bargaining on War Duration and Termination”
Dream Mentor: Dan Reiter, Emory University

Peter Henne, Government, Georgetown University
Project: “Varieties of Hesitation: Religious Politics and U.S.-Muslim Counterterrorism Cooperation”
Dream Mentor: John Owen, University of Virginia

Moderator: William Quandt, Politics, University of Virginia

Oriana Mastro

Dan Reiter

Peter Henne

John Owen

William Quandt

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Welcome Remarks from Gov. Baliles

Panel 4: “Colonialism and its Discontents: Law, the Environment, and Power in the Twentieth Century International System”

Clara Altman, History, Brandeis University
Project: “Courtroom Colonialism: Philippine Law and U.S. Rule, 1898–1935”
Dream Mentor: Mary Dudziak, Emory University

Stephen Macekura, History, University of Virginia
Project: “Of Limits and Growth: Environmentalism and the Rise of ‘Sustainable Development’ in the Twentieth Century”
Dream Mentor: John McNeill, Georgetown University

Moderator: Risa Goluboff, School of Law, University of Virginia

Clara Altman

Mary Dudziak

Stephen Macekura

John McNeill

Risa Goluboff

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Manuscript Review (Lunch Panel)

Kevin Kruse: One Nation Under God: Corporations, Christianity and the Rise of the Religious Right
Darren Dochuk, Washington University in St. Louis
Michael Lienesch, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Moderator: Brian Balogh, University of Virginia

Additional material:
One Nation Under God: Corporations, Christianity and the Roots of the Religious Right (PDF)
Chapter One, “Freedom Under God”: Corporations and Christianity (PDF)

Kevin Kruse

Darren Dochuk

Michael Lienesch

Brian Balogh