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Milstein Symposium Press Coverage

TIME (Jan. 14, 2015) Carly Fiorina Takes a Swipe at 'Big Government' in D.C. Visit

Bloomberg Politics (Jan. 14, 2015) Fiorina Says 'There'll be Time' to Scrutinize 'Other Presidential Candidates

Inc. (Jan. 14, 2015) The American Dream is Dying: How Entrepreneurs Can Change That

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (Jan. 14, 2015) Milstein Symposium: Can Startups Save the American Dream?

Geek Wire (Jan. 14, 2015) Steve Case and Carly Fiorina Have These Five Ideas to Save the American Dream Through Entrepreneurship

Washington Business Journal (Jan. 14, 2015) 5 Ways to Restart America's Entrepreneurial Engine

International Business Times (Jan. 14, 2015) Election 2016: Carly Fiorina Could Join GOP Field

Washington Post (Dec. 28, 2014) Robert Samuelson: Repairing the Middle Class in 2015

StreetsBlog (Oct. 16, 2014): Q&A With Peter Norton: History Is on the Side of Vision Zero

The Atlantic (Sept. 17, 2014): Made in America, Again

San Francisco Business Times (Aug. 29, 2014): Making the SF Case for a Second Stimulus

IndustryWeek (Aug. 12, 2014): How American Can Win the Future in Manufacturing

Forbes (July 10, 2014): There Will be No New Recovery Without the Middle Class

The Daily Progress (June 29, 2014): Focusing on the 'TE' in STEM

The Daily Press (June 28, 2014): Revive Shop Class for a New Generation

The Virginian-Pilot (June 22, 2014): Upside-Down Degrees Make Sense for Virginia

Forbes (June 16, 2014): 6 Ideas To Make America's Manufacturers More Innovative 

Virginian-Pilot (June 16, 2014): UVA Report Offers Plan for Adding Manufacturing Jobs

Politico Morning Education (June 16, 2014): Report Roll Call

Worchester Business Journal (June 16, 2014): Report Advocates Help for Smaller Manufacturers

UVa Today Daily Report (June 13, 2014): Miller Center Releases Report on Creating Manufacturing Jobs; First in Series on Restoring Middle-Class Jobs

Inc. (June 13, 2014): 6 Bold Ideas for Putting the Nation's Small Businesses Back to Work 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (June 13, 2014) Report: Manufacturing Key to Middle-Class Health 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (June 13, 2014): Two Ex-Governors Propose Rebuilding Manufacturing 

UVa Today (May 21, 2014): Miller Center Lands Big Names to Lead Panel on Entrepreneurship, Job Creation

The Daily Progress (May 12, 2014): Miller Center Announces Heads of Commission on Entrepreneurship, Job Creation

The Washington Post (Apr. 26, 2014): 'Happy Days' No More, : Middle-Class Families Squeezed as Expenses Soar, Wages Stall

Wilkes-Barr Times Leader (Mar. 6, 2014): COMMENTARY: Michael A. McDowell Admires Hispanics for Optimism

The Washington Post (Mar. 1, 2014): For More People, the American Dream Doesn't Include a Home of Their Own

The Daily Progress (Feb. 5, 2014): Commission: Skilled Manufacturing Key to Bolstering Middle Class

IndustryWeek (Feb. 5, 2014): Barbour, Bayh Offer "Practical Ideas" to Help Manufacturing SMEs

Dayton Times (Dec. 5, 2013): The American Dream Lives! But...

Atlanta Daily World (Dec. 4, 2013): The American Dream Lives! But…

Live Trading News (Nov. 29, 2013): Americans Unhappy About Economy, Fear Losing Jobs

Moneynews (Nov. 29, 2013): Washington Post Poll: Fear of Job Loss at Record Levels

Deseret News (Nov. 27, 2013): Anxiety of Job Loss Plagues 6 of 10, New Survey Finds

Sunshine State News (Nov. 27, 2013): 62% Fear Job Loss Due to Economy (Nov. 26, 2013): Poll: Unprecedented Anxiety over Jobs

Washington Business Journal (Nov. 26, 2013): Poll Finds Unprecedented Job, Economic Anxieties Among Americans

The Washington Post (Nov. 25, 2013): Among American Workers, Poll Finds Unprecedented Anxiety About Jobs, Economy

Lynchburg News & Advance (Oct. 25, 2013): New Commission Will Focus on Manufacturing Jobs

The Daily Progress (Oct. 24, 2013): Miller Center Commission to Include Former Governors of Mississippi, Michigan Blog (Oct. 21, 2013): A Lifetime of Hard Work is the New American Dream

The Richmond Times Dispatch (Oct. 19, 2013): For Many, American Dream Fades As Certainty

The Daily Progress (Oct. 6, 2013): Who is Trusted? Poll Says Not D.C.

The Cavalier Daily (Oct. 6, 2013): Only in Dreams: The Idea of an “American Dream” Has Lost Its Relevance to Most Americans

The Washington Post (Oct. 5, 2013): In Battle for Middle Class, All of Washington is Losing

The Cavalier Daily (Oct.2, 2013): Miller Center, Washington Post Discuss American Dream

The Washington Post (Oct. 1, 2013): Fewer People View Higher Education as Part of the "American Dream"

The Washington Post (Oct. 1, 2013): Post-Miller Center Poll: American Dream and Economic Struggles

Cavalier Daily (Sept. 30, 2013): Miller Center, Washington Post Investigate American Dream

WJLA (Sept. 29, 2013): American Dream Becoming More Elusive, Reports Washington Post

The Washington Post (Sept. 28, 2013): American Dream Poll: Methodology of Washington Post-Miller Center survey

The Washington Post (Sept. 28, 2013): More People Express Uncertainty in Chance to Achieve American Dream

The Daily Progress (Sept. 25, 2013): Miller Center to Hold Town Hall on Shrinking Middle Class


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