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The Illinois State Archives was established in 1921. Margaret Cross Norton, its first director, gained an international reputation for her work in its administration and in the development of professional archival practice in the United States. The Archives Building in Springfield was rededicated in Norton's honor in 1995.

The State Archives serves as the depository of public records of Illinois state and local governmental agencies which possess permanent administrative, legal, or historical research values. Its collections do not include manuscript, newspaper, or other nonofficial sources. These records are available to the public, officials, and scholars at the Norton Building and at seven regional depositories located on state university campuses throughout Illinois. The Archives provides access through a series of printed and electronic guides, and by in-person, mail, telephone, fax, and Internet database reference services.


Extradition petitions to the President Cleveland, 1887-1895

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Extradition petitions to the President Cleveland, 1887-1895

Illinois. Office of Secretary of State. Index Department. Executive Section. Time periods covered: 1887 ; 1895. Two petitions from the Governor to the U.S. President requesting that he apply to foreign governments for the extradition of fugitives. Documents accompanying the petitions include certified copies of depositions, indictments, court proceedings, and warrants.

The Executive Section of the Index Division has held unique responsibilities in the Secretary of State's office, which was required by the Constitution of 1818 to maintain official papers and registers of the acts of the Governor. A separate statutory appropriation for an executive clerk to perform these duties was first enacted in 1895. The Executive Section affixes the Great Seal of Illinois to official acts of the Governor (e.g., extradition writs petitions, requisitions, pardons, and citizenship rights restoration). It also files commissions (e.g., notaries public); oaths; state and county officers bonds; gubernatorial appointments (e.g., public administrators; deputies of county offices) and their Senate confirmations; proclamations of the Governor; executive orders; sentence commutations; and executive clemency denials.

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Presidential content includes:

- Grover Cleveland

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