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National McKinley Birthplace Memorial

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40 North Main Street

Niles, OH 44446


The National McKinley Birthplace Memorial Library and Museum is the national memorial to President William McKinley located in Niles, Ohio. Also known as the McKinley Memorial Library, Museum & Birthplace Home, the Memorial is a 232 foot by 136 foot by 38 foot marble monument with two wings. One houses the McKinley Memorial Library, which is a public library. The second wing features the McKinley Museum with exhibits about President McKinley, and an auditorium.


The McKinley Birthplace Museum is located in Niles, Ohio in the balcony of the right wing of the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial. The museum is operated by the National McKinley Birthplace  Memorial Association. The museum’s collections feature memorabilia from the Civil and Spanish American wars, objects from McKinley’s campaigns and presidencies and from the building of the memorial. Other objects on display include mannequins of  President and Mrs. McKinley in a sleigh, a spinning wheel owned by the McKinley family, a piano owned by the President’s mother, and a law desk belonging to the late president. The  museum acquired its newest collection, the  Bechtel collection, in 2010. This collection features a variety of William McKinley items that will become incorporated into the permanent exhibit.


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