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Categories: John Tyler, James K. Polk, James A. Garfield,

Papers of Robert J. Walker, 1833-1848

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Papers of Robert J. Walker, 1833-1848

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This collection is comprised of a letter book presumably created by Robert J. Walker containing copies of correspondence between Walker and several prominent nineteenth century figures. Among the correspondents are Andrew Jackson, Franklin Pierce, John Tyler, William H. Gwin, Samuel Stuart Foote, Jefferson Davis, James Buchanan, and Edward Everett. The letter book contains a table of contents that is organized alphabetically by correspondent, accompanied by page numbers. The collection also contains a set of typed transcriptions of the letters. The letters document the many activities of Robert J. Walker during his years as a senator and as the Secretary of the Treasury. The "LB" indicates the page in the letter book where the items mentioned are located.


Letters such as a March 22, 1834 copy (LB 2) describes debt obligations through land sales and related lawsuits. Other letters document his opinions on various government issues such as a June 2, 1843 letter (LB 27) in which Walker refuses to endorse the removal of Commissioner Graves or President John Tyler. A letter to John Tyler dated February 8, 1844 (LB 35) states Walker's endorsement of Judge Upshur for a vacancy on the Bench of the Supreme Court, and a letter dated June 18, 1844 to James Polk (LB 46) reflects Walker's opposition to high tariffs. Some of the correspondence relates to Walker's support of the Annexation of Texas in 1845 and his activities during the Mexican War of 1848. In a June 29, 1844 letter (LB 47), Walker supports Texas' independence from Mexico by relating their desire for independence to the principles of the Declaration of Independence. An open statement to the Democratic Party of Mississippi dated May 4, 1844 (LB 43) documents Walker's arguments for the Annexation of Texas (LB 40 and LB 340) . The correspondence between Walker and the notable political figures provides good insight about the federal government in the mid nineteenth century. Several other letters during his tenure as Secretary of the Treasury document suggestions given to Walker regarding military and political appointments.
Papers of Robert J. Walker, 1833-1848, DAR 1937:42, Darlington Memorial Library, University of Pittsburgh.
Robert J. Walker was a Mississippi senator between 1835 and 1845, and later served as the Secretary of the Treasury under the James Polk Administration between 1845 and 1849.

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Presidential content includes:

- James A. Garfield

- John Tyler

- James K. Polk

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