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University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-4000


The James K. Polk Project devotes itself to publishing the letters of the Tennessee native who served as the United States’ eleventh president from 1845 to 1849. History faculty from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, comprise the project’s staff, and select, transcribe, edit, and annotate the letters. The most important or interesting letters, they publish in full; the rest they summarize in detailed briefs or shorter calendar entries. The resulting volumes serve as essential resources for scholars and students researching America before the Civil War.


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The Correspondence of James K. Polk

Note that this is an incomplete collections list. Please contact the organization directly for the most current information about their holdings.

The Correspondence of James K. Polk

The Correspondence of James K. Polk constitutes the only published volumes devoted to letters to and from one of Tennessee’s and America’s most important nineteenth-century politicians. Twelve volumes in the series have already been published. The Project is in the process of completing the series by producing two more volumes. The twelve completed volumes feature Polk’s incoming and outgoing letters from July 1817, when he was a college student, to July 1847, halfway through his presidency. Published in hardcover by Vanderbilt University Press (Volumes 1–7) and the University of Tennessee Press (Volumes 8–12), all are now available online, at no charge, through Newfound Press. Volume 13, covering August 1847 to March 1848, is due out in hardcover in spring 2017.

12 volumes out of a projected 14 volumes have been published.

Presidential content includes:

- James K. Polk

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