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7031 Founders Hill Road
Whittier, CA


Wardman Library curates a wide assortment of historical materials. Special collections are tied to the Quakers and the College's history, and the Library also hosts on its main floor the Whittier Area Genealogical Society's (WAGS) extensive collection of research materials. Researchers can access these special collections by appointment. The Special Collections includes 100 years of The Quaker Campus, historical materials related to the town of Whittier, photographs and autograph letters by John Greenleaf Whittier, papers of and about Jessamyn West, Quaker autobiographies, and a large collection of Richard M. Nixon historical materials.


Richard M. Nixon Collection
As Richard Nixon was an alumnus of Whittier College, the bulk of our materials in this collection reflect his time as a student and public figure. This portion of our collection includes oral histories, early photographs, yearbooks, and other materials relating to his time at Whittier College. A second part of our Nixon collection is the Byram Peck Collection of Campaign Ephemera. This collection contains consumer and promotional products created for his many elections and those which relate to the Watergate Scandal. Included are bumper stickers, campaign buttons, signs, paintings, audiovisual materials, and posters. Our collection also includes an extensive research collection dedicated to work written by Nixon and scholarly works written about Nixon. The final portion of our Nixon collection includes state gifts given to Nixon while he was a Vice President and after his presidency.


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