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How much money is involved?

This recording is presented as part of the Watergate Collection.
Date: Tuesday, August 1, 1972 - 10:33am - 11:50am
Participants: Richard Nixon, Bob Haldeman
Location: Oval Office


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President Nixon: It's just [Jeb] Magruder's a guy who [unclear]. He's a decent fellow. [John] Connally apparently asked Magruder . . . just couldn't possibly be . . 1

He [Magruder] thinks [Hugh] Sloan pocketed the money? 

Bob Haldeman: He can't understand where it all went. There's something confusing apparently to Jeb.

President Nixon: How much money is involved? Is it a lot?

Haldeman: A couple hundred thousand [dollars]. It's two or three hundred thousand.

President Nixon: Well, then [unclear] I think somebody stole it, too.

Haldeman: Well, it wasn't just for this operation. It was for other stuff.

President Nixon: Oh, I see, that whole . . . oh, I see. [Unclear] it would take him to get information from other sources, I suppose.

Haldeman: For some. Some.

President Nixon: Not much. That was a very bad place to have it, Bob.

Haldeman: [Unclear.]

President: To have that sort of an operation in the Committee.

Haldeman: It was absurd. Except this was something John was after, apparently.

President Nixon: Mitchell? That's what I think.

Haldeman: On the finance thing.

President Nixon: Yeah, the idea of getting their contributors.

Haldeman: Well, he had some [unclear] on who it was or where it was coming from or something. He thought he had something. There probably is something on the [unclear] money sources business or something.

President Nixon: Yeah.

  1. Jeb Magruder was deputy to John Mitchell on the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP). John Connally was former governor of Texas and a Nixon supporter. Hugh Sloan was treasurer of CREEP.