Miller Center

Howard Hunt

This recording is presented as part of the Watergate Collection.
Date: Wednesday, November 3, 1971 - 3:01pm - 4:25pm
Participants: Richard Nixon, Charles Colson
Location: Executive Office Building


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Charles Colson: There are little things that we have going that one by one, I think, will nibble away at [unclear] Kennedy's statement about recognizing Cuba was, just, God, if he never thought he was going to carry Florida, that's--”

President Nixon: We're going to get that around, aren't we?

Colson: Oh, that's [unclear]. Our former CIA operative, Howard Hunt, who's been working on the Pentagon Papers, he ran the Cuban government in exile during . . . through the end of the Bay of Pigs.

President Nixon: Yeah.

Colson: All of his friends are down there. That's--”that's been widely distributed.1 He's also [unclear] available to create a little hell when the Democrats have their convention down there.

  1. During a speech on October 12, 1971, to the Chicago chapter of the Council on Foreign Relations, Senator Edward Kennedy [D-MA] had criticized the Nixon administration's Latin America policies and had urged the administration to explore re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba.