Miller Center

Howard Hunt (2)

This recording is presented as part of the Watergate Collection.
Date: Thursday, July 1, 1971 - 1:38pm - 2:05pm
Participants: Richard Nixon, Bob Haldeman


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Editors' Note: An earlier version of this transcript was published as: Stanley Kutler, Abuse of Power, pp.14-15.

Bob Haldeman: --”I explored back with [Charles] Colson, the guy he mentioned, this former CIA guy [Howard Hunt]. And I talked--”I raised him with [Richard] Allen. Allen doesn't know him, he doesn't think, but he's not sure, he [unclear] he might. And he said that kind of guy might be better, a guy with the CIA experience. The problem there would be he is known in the intelligence establishment and you'd send out some waves. I said, -- What the hell difference does that make? As soon as this guy gets started, he's going to send out waves no matter what.-- And he said, -- Yeah, that's right.--

President Nixon: But we haven't . . . I would still put down for consideration the possible pattern here of really putting the damn job--”and I just wonder if we should put Colson in charge of it, and then putting in with him--”and put him in charge of a team. And, for example, [Tom Charles] Huston--”taking--”I realize Huston is no good unless it's something that he really believes in, but put him--”couldn't you bring him in to put him in [unclear] he did believe in, you know, and say, -- All right, this is yours, Tom.--

Haldeman: He'd have to be in as a lone operator.

President Nixon: Yeah. Right.

Haldeman: You say, -- You bore in and don't come up for air until you've produced so and so.--

President Nixon: And let him go out and just [unclear] you want to get both things. You've got to do the declassification thing, bore in on something. [Unclear] of course, you've got to do the conspiracy thing. [Unclear.]

Haldeman: In any event, Huston [unclear] ought to be ordered back, just--”