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Lesson Plans

These lesson plans provide teachers with useful classroom activities and syllabi to help bring history alive for their students.

Classroom Activities


"American-Soviet Space Race as a Product of the Cold War"

by David Bisset, Tallwood High School (Virginia Beach, VA); Joan Murray, Tallwood High School (Virginia Beach, VA); Meghan Van Horne, Independence Middle School (Virginia Beach, VA).

"John F. Kennedy and the Space Race"

by Holly Forman and Lisa Kopacz, Landstown H.S (Virginia Beach, VA).


"The Tonkin Gulf"

by Molly Gunsalus, Landstown M.S. (Virginia Beach, VA); Tom Gunsalus, Salem H.S. (Virginia Beach, VA); Gerald Lombardi, Brandon M.S. (Virginia Beach, VA); and Greg Smith, Brandon M.S. (Virginia Beach, VA).

"The Vietnam War"

by Sonja Dickerson, Salem M.S. (Virginia Beach, VA)and Beverly Weddle, Independence M.S. (Virginia Beach, VA).


"John F. Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis"

by Jaime Brookes, Larkspur M.S. (Virginia Beach, VA); Ann Cain, Tallwood H.S. (Virginia Beach, VA); Shelly Norris, Corporate Landing, M.S. (Virginia Beach, VA).

"European Reaction to the Cuban Missile Crisis"

by Martha Wheeless, First Colonial H.S. (Virginia Beach, VA).

President Lyndon B. Johnson

"The Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson"

by Linda I. Francis, Princess Anne High School (Virginia Beach, VA); Leon Proffitt, Princess Anne High School (Virginia Beach, VA); Bruce Rowan, Kellam High School (Virginia Beach, VA); Michelle Sturgis, Princess Anne High School (Virginia Beach, VA); Amy Tomasulo, Corporate Landing Middle School (Virginia Beach, VA).

The Presidency

"The Roles of the President"

by Sandra Carter, Independence M.S. (Virginia Beach, VA); Barbara Kennedy, Kemps Landing Magnet School (Virginia Beach, VA).


KC Johnson, Brooklyn College

U.S. History Since 1950

Professor Johnson incorporates materials from the presidential tapes in his Brookly College colloquium on American history since 1950.

Chester Pach, Ohio University

The United States in the 1960s

Associate Professor Chester Pach includes an assignment on the White House tapes in his course on America during the 1960s.

Kent Germany, University of South Carolina

The Sixties in Stereo: The Johnson Years

Assistant Professor Kent Germany, who directed the Lyndon B. Johnson Project for the Presidential Recordings Program at the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs, offered a seminar at Virginia on the Johnson tapes.

Jeff Woods, Arkansas Tech University

The White House Tapes

Assistant Professor Jeff Woods offers a one semester directed seminar on the secret recordings and phone calls of Presidents Roosevelt through Reagan in which students explore the everday events of those administrations and the critical decisions made.