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The 1989 Education Summit

The 1989 Education Summit: A Reevaluation

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Gerald L Baliles
November 4, 2004
12:00AM (EST)

Gerald L Baliles
Gerald L Baliles

In 1989 President George H. W. Bush assembled the nation?s governors in Charlottesville for a domestic summit on education. Policies growing out of that summit caused a massive shift in power over education from local to the federal government. The Miller Center and the Curry School of Education will host a re-evaluation of those changes. Principal speakers will include Senator Lamar Alexander (Secretary of Education in President George H. W. Bush?s Cabinet), Governor Richard Riley (Secretary of Education for the Clinton Administration), and Governor Mark Warner, Chairman of the National Governors Association. The conference will be chaired by former Virginia governor Gerald L. Baliles, who was the host governor for the 1989 Summit.

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