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4/18/2017 Richard Nixon: The Life - American Forum
John A. Farrell

4/3/2017 Donald Trump and the Future of the GOP - American Forum
William Kristol

2/21/2017 First Year 2017: Race, the Presidency, and the Limits of the Bully Pulpit - American Forum
Douglas Blackmon, Russell Riley

2/1/2017 The Executive Power to Amend the Constitution - Historical Presidency
Saikrishna Prakash

1/31/2017 First Year 2017: Building a Wall, Foreign Workers, and What’s Really Possible - American Forum
Gary Freeman, Tamar Jacoby

1/17/2017 First Year 2017: Donald Trump and the American Dream - American Forum
Melody Barnes, Peter Wehner

1/17/2017 First Year 2017: The Worst First Year and What it Might Teach the Trump Administration - American Forum
Gary W. Gallagher, Brian Balogh

1/11/2017 First Year 2017: National Security in a Trump Presidency - American Forum
Eliot A. Cohen, Jeremi Suri

11/16/2016 Where do “Classic” Conservatives Go after Election 2016? - American Forum
Sam Tanenhaus

11/14/2016 Barack Obama and the 2008 Election - Historical Presidency
Thomas Sugrue

11/14/2016 The First Days of a Great Presidency - American Forum
Thomas J. Sugrue

11/9/2016 What’s the Future of the Tea Party after 2016 - American Forum
Matt Kibbe

11/9/2016 Post-Election Breakfast
Wyatt Andrews, Sid Milkis, Mary Kate Cary

11/1/2016 To Be Muslim in America
Khizr Khan

10/18/2016 The ‘War Room’ Comes to Washington: Clinton’s First Year - Historical Presidency
Margaret O'Mara

10/17/2016 Is the Libertarian Party a Viable Alternative? - American Forum
Gary Johnson

10/12/2016 Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror - American Forum
General Michael V.Hayden

10/10/2016 Is There a War on Cops? - American Forum
Heather Mac Donald

10/5/2016 The Intimidation Game: How the Left is Silencing Free Speech - American Forum
Kimberley Strassel

9/30/2016 Was 2016 a Rerun of 1968? - American Forum
Timothy Naftali

9/28/2016 Trump Revealed? - American Forum
Michael Kranish, Marc Fisher

9/21/2016 Inside the Clinton White House - American Forum
Russell L. Riley

9/16/2016 What Can the Next President Learn from History? Domestic Policymaking in the First Year
Melody Barnes, Dr. Ken Yale, John Bridgeland, Ed Meese, Barbara Perry, Elaine C. Kamarck

9/16/2016 Can the Next President Break the Gridlock? - American Forum
Melody Barnes, John Bridgeland

9/15/2016 Views from the White House: How Presidents Use the Humanities to Govern
Edward Ayers, Annette Gordon-Reed, Sidney Milkis, Brian Balogh

9/14/2016 “Doubting Democracy?” featuring BackStory with the American History Guys
Edward Ayers, Peter Onuf, Brian Balogh

9/14/2016 Thomas Jefferson — Man of Profound Contradictions - American Forum
Annette Gordon-Reed, Peter Onuf

8/30/2016 Democracy or Disaster? Clinton, Trump and the Health of American Politics - American Forum
Jonathan Rauch, Ryan Lizza

6/16/2016 Jim Lehrer on Today’s Politics and the Media - American Forum
Jim Lehrer

5/26/2016 American Cauldron: Race and the First Year of the Next Presidency - American Forum
Michael E. Dyson, Elizabeth Hinton

5/19/2016 “American Amnesia” — Have We Forgotten what Made America Prosper? - American Forum
Jacob Hacker, Paul Pierson

5/13/2016 Policing Mobility

5/12/2016 Michael Flamm Manuscript Review: “In the Heat of the Summer”
Michael Flamm, Garnette Cadogan, Michael Fortner, Claudrena Harold

4/13/2016 The European Refugee Crisis: Consequences and Solutions
David Martin, Charles Benjamin, Hannah Winnick, Victoria Rietig, Fern Hauck

4/13/2016 Bridging the World’s Most Dangerous Religious Divide - American Forum
Carla Power

4/12/2016 America’s War For the Greater Middle East - American Forum
Andrew J. Bacevich

4/5/2016 From Rhetoric to Reality: JFK’s First Year on the New Frontier - Historical Presidency
Barbara Perry

4/5/2016 Ike and His World: Two Scholars of Eisenhower Discuss A Legendary President - American Forum
Jeffrey Frank, Will Hitchcock

4/5/2016 The 2016 Caplin Conference: Lessons From History
Mitch Daniels, Alice Rivlin, Ann Compton

4/5/2016 America’s Fiscal and Financial Future: The 2016 Caplin Conference
Mitch Daniels, Alice Rivlin, Ann Compton

3/30/2016 The Rise of ISIS—The New Enemy - American Forum
Joby Warrick

3/29/2016 The Worst First Year of a Presidency - American Forum
Gary Gallagher

3/22/2016 U.S. Foreign Policy in the Evolving Era of Terror - American Forum
Eric S. Edelman

3/19/2016 Equal Justice? Part 2 - American Forum
Bryan Stevenson

3/19/2016 Equal Justice? - American Forum
Bryan Stevenson

3/9/2016 Why Leaders Fight - American Forum
Allan C. Stam

3/8/2016 The Battle for the Supreme Court - American Forum
Barbara Perry

3/3/2016 Kissinger 1923-1968: The Idealist - American Forum
Niall Ferguson

2/22/2016 A Conversation with John Kasich - American Forum
Governor John Kasich

2/17/2016 The Digital Revolution and American Opportunity - American Forum
Senator Mark Warner, Philip Zelikow

2/3/2016 Power Wars: Inside Obama’s Post-9/11 Presidency - American Forum
Charlie Savage

1/27/2016 Is Public Education Doomed? - American Forum
Dale Russakoff, Robert Pianta

1/21/2016 Thomas Jefferson’s Electoral Revolution of 1800 - Historical Presidency
Alan Taylor

1/20/2016 The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America - American Forum
Michael Eric Dyson

1/13/2016 The International Migrant Crisis and How the World Can Respond - American Forum
Kathleen Newland, David Leblang

12/16/2015 By the People: Rebuilding Liberty without Permission - American Forum
Charles Murray

12/10/2015 The Dysfunction of American Justice - American Forum
Brandon L. Garrett

12/2/2015 The Reagan Paradox: How the 40th President Baffles His Biographers - Historical Presidency
Thomas Blanton

11/10/2015 Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice - American Forum
Adam Benforado

10/28/2015 Will Syria Be Barack Obama’s Vietnam? - American Forum
Frederik Logevall

10/27/2015 ‘What’s it worth to this country’: LBJ and the Agony of Vietnam - Historical Presidency
Fredrik Logevall

10/26/2015 The View from the White House - American Forum
Peter Baker

10/21/2015 Capital Dames: The Civil War and the Women of Washington 1848-1868 - American Forum
Cokie Roberts

10/14/2015 SPECTACLE: The Astonishing Life of Ota Benga - American Forum
Pamela Newkirk

10/7/2015 FRACTURE: Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide - American Forum
Joy-Ann Reid

10/2/2015 Media, Technology, and Partisanship
Doug Blackmon, Jamelle Bouie, Nicole Hemmer, Brian Balogh

10/2/2015 An Update on National Affairs and the Race for the Presidency - American Forum
Jamelle Bouie

9/30/2015 Where Does the U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal Go Now? - American Forum
Karim Sadjadpour, Michael Singh

9/18/2015 Franklin D. Roosevelt: An American Life in the ‘American Century’ - Historical Presidency
David M. Kennedy

9/14/2015 A Conversation with Bernie Sanders - American Forum
Senator Bernie Sanders

9/3/2015 Greece and the Eurozone: Crisis Averted or Crash Test Dummies?
William Antholis, Yiorgos Allayannis, David Leblang

8/28/2015 Inside the Iran Nuclear Deal with the Lead U.S. Negotiator - American Forum
Wendy Sherman

8/26/2015 Democracy or Disaster? The 2016 Presidential Contest - American Forum
Ryan Lizza

5/18/2015 Whose Fault is Ferguson? The Roots of Our National Discord - American Forum
Orlando Patterson

5/11/2015 Neither Left nor Right:  A Different Approach on Race - American Forum
Fredrick C. Harris, Robert C. Lieberman

5/6/2015 ISIS - Muslim Jihadists or Just Terrorists - American Forum
Peter Bergen

4/21/2015 Commander in Chief: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Leadership in World War II - Historical Presidency
Mark Stoler

4/15/2015 Mercenaries or Patriots: Privatizing American Security - American Forum
Ann Hagedorn, Erik Prince

4/10/2015 The Politics of High Tech Societies
Lily Geismer

4/3/2015 Vietnam: Getting In, Getting Out, Getting Back
Marc Selverstone, Ken Hughes, Brantly Womack

3/30/2015 The Greek Debt Crisis: A Conversation with Ambassador Christos Panagopoulos - American Forum
Christos Panagopoulos

3/20/2015 The Nixon Tapes and What We’ve Learned From Them
Ken Hughes, Luke Nichter, John Prados

3/3/2015 Herbert Hoover versus the Great Depression - Historical Presidency
George H. Nash

2/25/2015 United States and India: A Defining 21st Century Partnership? - American Forum
William J. Antholis, Jeffrey W. Legro

2/18/2015 “The Invisible Front”: Suicide in the American Military - American Forum
Yochi Dreazen

2/11/2015 Black Leaders on Leadership - American Forum
Julian Bond, Phyllis Leffler

2/4/2015 Confronting Political Islam - American Forum
John Owen, Ahmed H. Al-Rahim

1/30/2015 The History of Capitalism
Louis Hyman, Julia Ott

1/27/2015 The U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan: Why We Lost—and What Did We Learn? - American Forum
Daniel Bolger, John Nagl

1/23/2015 Immigration Crisis and Reform
Adam Goodman

1/15/2015 Woodrow Wilson in War and Peace: 1917-1920 - Historical Presidency
Margaret MacMillan

12/12/2014 What Makes a President a Great Leader?
Doris Kearns Goodwin

12/3/2014 Peril, Private Security and What Really Happened in Benghazi - American Forum
Mitchell Zuckoff

12/2/2014 Thomas Jefferson and the Problem of Union - Historical Presidency
Gary W. Gallagher, Peter Onuf

11/24/2014 Ambassador to the World - American Forum
Thomas Pickering

11/17/2014 The Grand Strategy of Ronald Reagan
Hal Brands, Malcolm Byrne, James Graham Wilson

11/12/2014 Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War - American Forum
James Risen

10/28/2014 Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment and the Legacy of the Civil War - Historical Presidency
Elizabeth R. Varon

10/24/2014 Politics of Disaster
Andrew Morris, Scott Knowles

10/21/2014 The 2014 Ambassador William C. Battle Symposium on American Diplomacy: “Barack Obama’s New Middle” - American Forum
Ryan Crocker, Aaron David Miller, Trudy Rubin

10/8/2014 Germany, Russia and U.S., 25 Years After Fall of the Berlin Wall - American Forum
Angela E. Stent

10/2/2014 Big Oil and the Environment - American Forum
Paul Barrett

9/24/2014 Arresting Citizenship: Consequences of American Crime Control - American Forum
Vesla M. Weaver

9/17/2014 The Great Historians: With 2014 Pulitzer, Bancroft Winners - American Forum
Ari Kelman, Alan Taylor

6/8/2014 “Stronger than all the armies” - American Forum
Bob Moses, Thomas F. Jackson, Robert S. Smith, Risa L. Goluboff, Phil Tiemeyer

6/3/2014 Panel 4: Policy

6/2/2014 Gubernatorial Leadership in the United States
Raymond C. Scheppach, Bill Leighty

5/27/2014 Politics in 2014 - American Forum

5/9/2014 Manuscript Review - When the World Seemed New: George H.W. Bush and the End of the Cold War
Jeff Engel, Andrew Card, David Farber, Melani McAlister

5/9/2014 Panel 4: Cross-Border Transformations: War and Revolution in International History
Douglas O’Reagan, Jim Hershberg, J. Luis Ramos, Frank Ninkovich, Tico Braun

5/8/2014 Panel 3: Bucking the System? Determinants of International Politics
Adam Liff, Rebecca Brubaker, William Hitchcock, Alastair Iain Johnston, Susan Hyde

5/8/2014 Panel 2 (lunch panel): Methods and Modes of Resisting the State
Laura Blessing, Andrea Campbell, Sean Beienburg, John Dinan, Risa Goluboff

5/8/2014 Panel 1: Metropolitan Histories of the 20th Century
Brent Cebul, Anthony Ross, Kelly Richter, Kim Phillips-Fein, Jim Sparrow, Meg Jacobs, Claudrena Harold

5/7/2014 Stokely Carmichael, Freedom Summer and the Rise of Black Militancy - American Forum
Peniel E. Joseph

4/30/2014 Fifty Years after Passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act - American Forum
Todd Purdum

4/25/2014 Polarization in Historical Perspective - Polarization in Historical Perspective
William A. Galston, William Kristol

4/23/2014 Hillary Clinton, Midterm Elections, and the 2016 Presidential Campaign - American Forum
Jonathan Allen, Amie Parnes

4/16/2014 James Madison and the Brink of National Ruin - Historical Presidency
Alan Taylor

4/16/2014 The Limits of Espionage - American Forum
John Rizzo, Genevieve Lester

4/8/2014 41: Inside the Presidency of George H. W. Bush - American Forum
Michael Nelson, Barbara Perry

4/3/2014 Germany, Russia

4/3/2014 Comparative Strategy in the Emerging World Order - William and Carol Stevenson Conference

4/3/2014 Israel, Turkey

3/28/2014 Inventing the Military-Industrial Complex
Jamie Morin, Douglas O'Reagan, Kate Epstein

3/26/2014 The Mind of Vladimir Putin - American Forum
Clifford Gaddy, Yuri Urbanovich

3/20/2014 The Breakdown of Representation in American Politics: A Synopsis - Polarization in Historical Perspective
Morris P. Fiorina

3/19/2014 U.S. Grant and the Crisis of Reconstruction - Historical Presidency
Joan Waugh

3/19/2014 Glock and Gun Culture in America - American Forum
Paul M. Barrett

3/5/2014 Origins of World War I: Dance of the Furies - American Forum
Michael S. Neiberg

2/28/2014 Latino Conservatives: Right Wing Aesthetics and Representative Claims - Polarization in Historical Perspective
Cristina Beltran

2/19/2014 Why Remember the Civil War/150th Anniversary Series - American Forum
Gary W. Gallagher

2/17/2014 50 Years of the Great Society: Legacies of Lyndon Johnson’s Ann Arbor Address
Sidney M. Milkis, Harry Harding, Guian McKee

2/12/2014 America: Empire of Influence not Arms - American Forum
Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman

2/5/2014 Milstein Symposium: Commission on America’s Manufacturing Future - American Forum
Haley Barbour, Evan Bayh

1/29/2014 The Greatest Generation? America’s Uncertain Entry in WWII - American Forum
Lynne Olson, Richard Moe

1/23/2014 A Conversation with Attorney General Eric Holder - American Forum
Eric Holder

1/8/2014 Double-Down: Inside the 2012 Election - American Forum
John Heilemann, Mark Halperin

12/6/2013 The Future of U.S. Health Care
Rick Mayes, Raymond C Scheppach

12/4/2013 Fear Itself: The Grand Bargain that Created Social Security - American Forum
Professor Ira Katznelson

11/16/2013 Concluding Roundtable: Inclusiveness as Reality and Strategy
Chas W Freeman, Da Wei, Dr Harry Harding, Wang Jenn-Hwan

11/16/2013 Panel Six: Other Triangles
Leonard J Schoppa, Robert Stolz, Ren Xiao

11/16/2013 Panel Five: Security Beyond the Security Triangle: Can Security be Inclusive?
Da Wei, Allen C. Lynch, Robert Sutter, Yuan-Kang Wang

11/16/2013 Panel Four: Using the Triangle
Chuang Yi-Chyi, Dennis Yang, Shirley Lin, Shu-Heng Chen

11/16/2013 Inclusive Triangularity
Chas W Freeman

11/15/2013 Concluding Observations
Dr Harry Harding

11/15/2013 Panel Three: The Shared Future of East Asia
John Echeverri-Gent, Lyle Goldstein, Tang Ching-Ping, Yong Cai

11/15/2013 Panel Two: Challenges of Inclusive Integration
Ekaterina Makarova, Hao Yufan, Leng Tse-Kang, Wang Jenn-Hwan

11/15/2013 Panel One: Taiwan, China, and Asia: Inclusive Identities?
Fred Damon, John Fuh-Sheng Hsieh, John Shepherd

11/15/2013 Dynamics of Inclusiveness
Gerald L Baliles, Brantly Womack, Dr Harry Harding

11/13/2013 Surrender at Appomattox: What did it really mean? - American Forum
Elizabeth R. Varon

11/11/2013 Lessons Learned: State-Building in Afghanistan
Hilda Arellano, Ryan Crocker, Elizabeth Field, Robin Lynn Raphel

11/11/2013 Lessons Learned: State-Building in Iraq
Stuart W. Bowen, Seth Center, Ryan Crocker, James Savage

11/8/2013 Andrew Jackson and the Troubled Birth of Democracy - Historical Presidency
Henry William Brands

10/25/2013 There’s No Place Like Home
Jennifer Klein

10/16/2013 James Knox Polk and the War with Mexico - Historical Presidency
Daniel Walker Howe

10/16/2013 JFK and the Vietnam Escalation - American Forum
Marc Selverstone

10/7/2013 Escape from the Quagmire? The Way Ahead in Syria, Egypt and the Middle East - American Forum
Ryan Crocker, David Rohde, Shibley Telhami

10/4/2013 Lead Wars, Panel 2: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America’s Children
James Childress, Merlin Chowkwanyun, Patricia King, Guian McKee, Jack Schwartz

10/2/2013 A Town Hall Meeting on the Middle Class and State of the American Dream - American Forum
Martin Baron, Jennifer Marsico, Thomas A. Hirschl

9/27/2013 Explaining the Iraq War: Counterfactual Theory, Logic, and Evidence
Frank Harvey, Melvyn P. Leffler, John M. Owen, William B Quandt, Philip Zelikow

9/25/2013 JFK and the Anger of the 1960s - American Forum
Steven L. Davis, Bill Minutaglio

9/18/2013 Lincoln and Davis: War Presidents - Historical Presidency
Gary W. Gallagher, James M. McPherson

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