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Aftermath of the Endless War

This series of American Forum episodes examined the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and features conversations with several military, political, and diplomatic experts.

4/12/2016 America’s War For the Greater Middle East - American Forum
Andrew J. Bacevich

3/30/2016 The Rise of ISIS—The New Enemy - American Forum
Joby Warrick

3/9/2016 Why Leaders Fight - American Forum
Allan C. Stam

5/6/2015 ISIS - Muslim Jihadists or Just Terrorists - American Forum
Peter Bergen

2/18/2015 “The Invisible Front”: Suicide in the American Military - American Forum
Yochi Dreazen

2/4/2015 Confronting Political Islam - American Forum
John Owen, Ahmed H. Al-Rahim

1/27/2015 The U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan: Why We Lost—and What Did We Learn? - American Forum
Daniel Bolger, John Nagl

11/24/2014 Ambassador to the World - American Forum
Thomas Pickering