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David Reinecke

Sociology, Princeton University

"Network Struggles: Re-wiring American Network Industries for Competition, 1970-2005"

Reinecke photo

David Reinecke has been selected as the Ambrose Monell Foundation Funded Fellowship in Technology and Democracy.

David Reinecke is currently a PhD candidate in sociology at Princeton University.  With a background in the history of science and technology from the University of Pennsylvania, his work takes a comparative-historical approach to the study of market formation.  His dissertation compares the deregulation of four network industries in the United States (electricity, natural gas, railroads, and telecom) from 1970 to the present with a focus upon struggles in each industry to define the appropriate form of networked competition.  How the physical networks of each industry were politically reconfigured differently, the dissertation argues, sent these industries down divergent market trajectories. 

His past work has examined entrepreneurial middle class formation during the industrial revolution, the emergence of genre science fiction in the pages of lowbrow pulp fiction magazines, and the legal problem of classifying the nationality of ships captured at sea by privateers—all published or forthcoming in different academic journals.  With Janet Vertesi at Princeton, he is currently engaged in studying how NASA spaceflight missions get funded (short answer: they don’t) and is helping to advise future missions on questions of socio-technical organization.  For more information, visit or tweet @davimre

Fellowship year: 2015

Mentor: Richard John, Columbia University

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