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Andrew Rudalevige, Fellowship Mentor

Professor, Government, Bowdoin College


Advisee(s): Patrick O'Brien   

He studies American political institutions, with an emphasis on the modern presidency and interbranch relations.  Rudalevige received his B.A. in 1989 from the University of Chicago and his M.A. and Ph.D. in 1997 and 2000, respectively, from Harvard University's Department of Government . 

Rudalevige’s first book, Managing the President's Program: Presidential Leadership and Legislative Policy Formulation, (Princeton University Press, 2002), examines the formulation and success of presidents' legislative programs in the postwar era from an informational transaction costs vantage. It was awarded the American Political Science Association's Neustadt Prize as best book on the presidency published in 2002. Rudalevige edited two volumes for CQ Press on contemporary presidential politics, and is a regular contributor on ongoing political events and their relation to political science research on The Monkey Cage blog.

Selected Recent Publications

Executive Branch Management and Presidential Unilateralism: Centralization and the Formulation of Executive Orders.Congress and the Presidency 42 (Winter 2015): 342-65.

The Letter of the Law: Administrative Discretion and Obama’s Domestic Unilateralism.The Forum 12 (April 2014): 29-59.

Narrowcasting the Obama Presidency.Perspectives on Politics 11 (December 2013): 1126-34. 

The Obama Presidency: Appraisals and Prospects, ed. with Bert A. Rockman and Colin Campbell (Washington: Sage/CQ Press, 2012). 


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