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Dan Carpenter, Fellowship Mentor

Allie S. Freed Professor of Government, Government, Harvard University


Advisee(s): Quinn Mulroy Joanna Grisinger Dominique Tobbell Charles Halvorson   

Daniel Carpenter graduated from Georgetown University in 1989 with distinction in Honors Government and received his doctorate in political science from the University of Chicago in 1996. He taught previously at Princeton University (1995-1998) and the University of Michigan (1998-2002). He joined the Harvard University faculty in 2002. Dr. Carpenter's primary interest is in the theoretical, historical and quantitative analysis of American political development, public bureaucracies and government regulation, particularly regulation of health products.


His dissertation received the 1998 Harold D. Lasswell Award from the American Political Science Association and as a book—The Forging of Bureaucratic Autonomy: Reputations, Networks and Policy Innovation in Executive Agencies, 1862-1928 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2001)—was awarded the APSA's Gladys Kammerer Prize as well as the Charles Levine Prize of the International Political Science Association. His newly published book on pharmaceutical regulation in the United States is entitled Reputation and Power: Organizational Image and Pharmaceutical Regulation at the FDA (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010).

Selected Recent Publications

He is most recently the author of Preventing Regulatory Capture, with David Moss (Cambridge University Press, 2013).


Dan Carpenter's website.

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