Miller Center

Daniel Ernst, Fellowship Mentor

Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center


Advisee(s): Jefferson Decker Jack Epstein   

Daniel Ernst specializes in American legal history. He co-edited Total War and the Law: The American Home Front in World War II (Praeger, 2002) as well as the American Society for Legal History's book series, "Studies in Legal History." His book, Lawyers Against Labor (University of Illinois Press, 1995), received the Littleton Griswold Award of the American Historical Association.  His other publications include "The Politics of Administrative Law: New York's Anti-Bureaucracy Clause and the O'Brian-Wagner Campaign of 1938," Law & History Review (2009), "Dicey's Disciple on the D.C. Circuit: Judge Harold Stephens and Administrative Reform, 1933–1940" in Georgetown Law Journal (March 2002); "State, Party, and Harold M. Stephens: The Utahn Origins of an Anti-New Dealer" in Western Legal History (Summer/Fall 2001); and "Willard Hurst and the Administrative State: From Williams to Wisconsin" in Law and History Review (Spring 2000).


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