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Martha Biondi, Fellowship Mentor

Martha Biondi is Chair of the Department of African American Studies and Professor of African American Studies and History, Northwestern University


Advisee(s): Heather Lewis   

Biondi's research focuses on 20th-century African-American history with an emphasis on social movements, politics, labor, gender, cities, and international affairs.  She is the author of The Black Revolution on Campus (University of California Press, 2012).  Her book describes an extraordinary but forgotten chapter of the black freedom struggle, detailing the efforts of black students in the late 1960s and early 1970s to organizee hundreds of protests that in turned sparked a period of crackdown, negotiation, and reform that profoundly transformed college life. Vividly demonstrating the critical linkage between the student movement and changes in university culture, the book illustrates how victories in establishing black studies ultimately produced important intellectual innovations and had a lasting impact on academic research and university curricula over the past 40 years. Biondi has also written To Stand and Fight: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Postwar New York City, for which she received the Myers Outstanding Book Award (2004) from the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights in North America, and the Thomas J. Wilson Prize, awarded by the Board of Syndics of Harvard University Press for the best first book of the year, in 2003.

Selected Recent Publications

The Black Revolution on Campus (University of California Press, 2012).


Martha Biondi's website.

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