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Michael Barnett, Fellowship Mentor

Professor of International Affairs and Political Science, Political Science, George Washington University


Advisee(s): Amanda Rothschild   

Mentor:  Michael Barnett is Professor of International Affairs and Political Science at George Washington University.  His research interests include the Middle East, humanitarian action, global governance, global ethics, and the United Nations. Among his many books are, Eyewitness to a Genocide: The United Nations and Rwanda; Dialogues in Arab Politics: Negotiations in Regional Order; Empire of Humanity: A History of Humanitarianism; and Rules for the World: International Organizations in World Politics (with Martha Finnemore).
 His current research projects range from international paternalism, the changing architecture of global governance, to the relationship between human rights and humanitarianism. His most recent book is, The Star and the Stripes: A History of the Foreign Policies of the American Jews (Princeton University Press).  Professor Barnett is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the recipient of many grants and awards for his research.


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