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Saul Dubow, Fellowship Mentor

Professor, History, Queen Mary University


Advisee(s): Simon Stevens   

Saul Dubow grew up in South Africa and studied at the universities of Cape Town and Oxford before joining Sussex University and then Queen Mary University in 2013.  His teaching and research concentrates on the history of modern South Africa from the early-nineteenth century to the present. He has published widely on the development of racial segregation and apartheid in all its aspects: political, ideological, intellectual and institutional. His South African-based research relates to special interests with broader horizons and comparative dimensions, including: Racial segregation and apartheid; The history of race, eugenics, and ethnicity; Imperialism and national identity; Colonial science and knowledge; Prehistory, paleontology; Human rights and international institutions; Modern Africa history; and Global intellectual history. He is currently completing a New History of Apartheid for Oxford University Press and a reader on Colonial Knowledges for Ashgate. He recently published a short history of Human Rights in South Africa.


Saul Dubow's website.

Categories: Human RightsSolidarity MovementsAfricaInternational HistoryMentors

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