Miller Center

Life Insurance

Giving a life insurance policy you no longer need, or funding a new policy to support the Miller Center, is an excellent way to make a substantial gift.

Three Ways to Give Life Insurance

  • Designate the Miller Center a as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy; or
  • Give the Miller Center a fully paid life insurance policy that you no longer need; or
  • Purchase a new policy and name the Miller Center as the owner and beneficiary. You will then be asked to contribute the equivalent of the annual premium payment to the Miller Center. This premium contribution is tax deductible and is used by the Miller Center to pay the insurance premium.

For more information on making a life insurance gift, please contact us.

Burkett Miller Society

The Miller Center Foundation does not provide legal, tax or financial advice. We strongly recommend that you consult professional advisors on all legal, tax or financial matters, including gift planning considerations.