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The Miller Center is home to the Scripps Library, which consists of a physical collection as well as a large digital one. The Library opened its doors in the spring of 2002 and serves as a research facility for Miller Center personnel. The Library's collection is a specialized one focused on American politics and history with a particular emphasis on the American presidency.

The Scripps Library’s reading room is open to the public during normal business hours (9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday) except during special events. However, the Scripps book collection can only be used in-house as it does not circulate. All the digital resources are freely available through the Miller Center website.

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The Scripps Librarian will assist with reference questions. Please call or email for questions regarding Miller Center resources, the presidency, politics, or history.

The Library makes available a breadth of research material on the American presidency, both in print and digital form. The core of the Library's print collection is made up of standard works on the American presidency. Our collection includes complete collections of presidential papers; memoirs of presidential administrations; biographies and secondary scholarship on the presidency; and standard reference sources.

The Library's digital collection is a truly unique collection of material on the U.S. presidency, politics, policy, and history. It includes more than 2,500 hours of secret White House recordings, hundreds of presidential oral history interviews, audio and video recordings of Miller Center Forums, and documents related to the executive branch of American government.

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The Miller Center Papers: The Miller Center Papers is a remarkable historical collection of reminiscences and analyses of American public life made by leading figures in policy-making and politics spanning the half-century.