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The Miller Center is a nonpartisan institute that seeks to expand understanding of the presidency, policy, and political history, providing critical insights for the nation’s governance challenges. Based at the University of Virginia, the Miller Center is committed to work grounded in rigorous scholarship and advanced through civil discourse. more →

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The Miller Center is home to more than fifty scholars and staff, with expertise on the modern American presidency and major public and policy issues key to the governing of the United States. View the complete list of scholars and experts

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A collection of news coverage featuring Miller Center scholars, programs, initiatives and events. Center scholars are experts on a wide array of topics in American public affairs.

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News releases about Miller Center conferences, special events, and initiatives which inform public debate and national decision-making on issues related to the presidency, policy and political history.

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An online “press kit” including Annual Reports, quarterly Miller Center Reports, and Miller Center publications.

In addition, the Miller Center Papers are online.

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