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New Miller Center website coming soon

 In just a few days, the Miller Center will launch a brand new look for our website. Brighter, cleaner, and much easier to navigate, our new site will ensure that you can quickly find our many resources and features related to the American presidency.




Here’s a preview of what you can expect:


Bolder, yet simpler, home page


There are five core areas of the site to get you where you want to go: 

  • The Presidency (where you’ll find our popular American President biographies)
  • Issues & Policy (background and reports on America’s governance challenges)
  • Experts (all of the Miller Center’s experts, all in one place)
  • American Forum (the home for our weekly public affairs TV program broadcast on PBS stations nationwide)
  • News & Events (all the latest news from the Miller Center, plus full details on our upcoming and past events)




Better integration of all our presidential assets


  • American President is the nation’s premier source for deep background on America’s 44 presidents, visited by more than 5 million students and educators each year. Now, on each president’s page, you’ll find biographical information, speeches, essays, related videos, interviews, and other resources pulled from across the Miller Center’s offerings.
  • Six presidents, from FDR through Nixon, kept a tape recorder running inside the Oval Office. The Miller Center has all the Secret White House Tapes, and our experts are continuing work on transcribing, interpreting, and making them available to the public. 
  • Miller Center scholars have conducted the official oral histories for the Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43 Administrations. In our Interviews with the Administration section, we have transcripts and recordings of in-depth interviews with hundreds of top officials from each of these administrations.
  • At a moment when political partisanship and rancor is most acute, the Miller Center is showing a better way with our First Year Project: Republicans and Democrats pulling together to help the new president lead the most effective first year possible.


Emphasizing our experts

  • The Miller Center is home to 30 experts in the American presidency, history, policy, and government practice.
  • On our new Experts page, you can learn more about each of them; view their recent books, writing, and interviews; and contact them with questions.


Exciting new video content


  • The new website will feature our new video initiatives, including Miller Center short documentaries and Facebook Live broadcasts of American Forum episodes and many of our events