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Below is a collection of news coverage featuring Miller Center scholars, programs, initiatives and events. Miller Center scholars are experts on a wide array of topics in American public affairs.

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2015 News Coverage:

Oct. 1: "An establishment under seige looks back wistfully at the Ted Kennedy era" (Yahoo Politics)

Oct. 1: "Kennedy voiced frustrations with immigration reform delays, failtures" (Associated Press)

Oct. 1: "Kennedy shows frustrations in recordings newly released by UVa center" (Daily Progress)

Sept. 30: "Ted Kennedy Thought Harry Reid Didn't Do Enough on Immigration Reform in 2007" (Huffington Post) 

Sept. 30: "Fresh light shed on Edward Kennedy's role in Northern Irish peace process" (Irish Times)

Sept. 30: "Ted Kennedy voices frustrations in newly released recordings" (WSB Atlanta)

Sept. 30: "New cache of interviews offers view into Edward Kennedy's long career" (Reuters)

Sept. 30: "Edward M. Kennedy Institute Releases Oral Histories of Late Sen. Kennedy" (WBUR)

Sept. 30: "U.Va. Miller Center releases Ted Kennedy oral history project" (Cavalier Daily)

Sept. 30: "Ted Kennedy Oral History Project Offers Five Decades of Insight to Listeners" (UVA Today)

Sept. 30: "Ted Kennedy's first plum assignments, nailed down over drinks" (Boston Globe)

Sept. 30: "Four things we learned in Edward Kennedy's new oral history" (Boston Globe)

Sept. 30: "New Kennedy tape shows frustration with Clintons, health bid" (Boston Globe)

Sept. 30: "Edward Kennedy's Scotch-Infused Job Interview" (New York Times)

Sept. 30: "Reflections of a 'Master Legislator" (New York Times)

Sept. 29: "Part of Ted Kennedy's Oral History Project To Be Released" (WAMU 88.5)

Sept. 27: "Oral history project focuses on late Sen. Edward Kennedy's legacy" (Associated Press)

Sept. 26: "UVA Miller Center Releases Sen. Ted Kennedy Oral History" (WVTF)

Sept. 23: "UVa center to release Ted Kennedy oral history on Wednesday" (Daily Progress)

June 25: “Abigail Fillmore: The Causes That Defined President Millard Fillmore’s First Lady” (Newsmax) 

June 24: “Rachel Donelson Jackson: The Causes That Defined President Andrew Jackson’s First Lady” (Newsmax) 

June 24: “Through presidents’ wives, insights into U.S. history” ( 

June 23: “Brian Balogh” (Chair of the Miller Center’s National Fellowship Program) (Inside Charlottesville with Coy Barefoot) 

June 15: “Six ways Jeb Bush is different from his brother and father” (The Globe and Mail) 

June 15: “Political Dynasties And The 2016 Presidential Race” (The Diane Rehm Show) 

June 15: “Barbara Perry on Jeb Bush” (C-SPAN Radio) 

June 14: “Bookmarks: Miller Center voice authors new work” (Daily Progress) 

June 11: “Caroline Harrison: The Causes That Defined President Benjamin Harrison’s First Lady” (Newsmax) 

June 11: “Batten Student Receives Miller Center Fellowship” (U.Va.’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy) 

June 10: “Two Days in June” (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio) 

June 8: “Baliles correct to praise Sullivan” (Daily Progress) 

June 7: “Fix it rather than forget it” (Waynesboro News Virginian) 

June 3: “What history says about the prospects for Islamic democracy” (Washington Post) 

June 1: “The time George H.W. Bush got bored at a conference and made up dirty limericks about world leaders” (Washington Post) 

May 29: “The 1988 Bush campaign’s secret weapon for victory? License plates” (Washington Post) 

May 24: “Opinion/Column: Sullivan the survivor” (Daily Progress) 

May 22: “Kaine’s quest for war legitimacy” (Washington Post) 

May 22: “Warren Harding Wartime Address Highlights: 7 Quotes from Speech” (Newsmax) 

May 22: “Biography of Theodore Roosevelt: How Author Depictions Have Changed Through the Years” (Newsmax) 

May 21: “Florence Kling Harding: The Causes That Defined President Warren Harding’s First Lady” (Newsmax) 

May 21: “Louisa Adams: The Causes That Defined President John Quincy Adams’ First Lady” (Newsmax)

May 16: “Tony Lucadamo” (About the Miller Center's report, Can Startups Save the American Dream?(WINA 1070 AM) 

May 13: “Command and Control: Tested Under Fire” (Dallas Morning News) 

May 10: “Opinion/Column: Obama must have ‘fast track’ for trade deals” (Daily Progress) 

May 7: “Red Tape Is Killing Startups – Here’s How To Fix It” (Forbes) 

April 30: “Fatal Politics and the Fall of Saigon with Ken Hughes” (WTJU 91.1 FM) 

April 30: “Beyond Silicon Valley” (Project Syndicate) 

April 27: “Ted Cruz says half of presidents were previously governors, half were senators” (PolitiFact Texas) 

April 24: “Marco Rubio’s finances an opportunity – and a curse” (Tampa Bay Times) 

April 24: “Rory Kennedy’s Vietnam Documentary Says the US Congress Abandoned Our Vietnamese Allies at War’s End. Don’t Believe It.” (History News Network) 

April 24: “Again: Missing target on Medicaid” (Virginian-Pilot) 

April 24: “How Richard Nixon Stabbed America in the Back” (Salon) 

April 23: “State budget projections for higher education look bleak thanks to Medicaid costs” (Inside Higher Ed) 

April 21: “Will further state higher-ed funding cuts hinder economic innovation?” (eCampus News) 

April 21: “Study cites Medicaid squeeze on higher-ed funding” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

April 21: “Miller Center hosts lecture on FDR’s legacy” (Cavalier Daily) 

April 17: “Former USTRs: President must have ‘fast track’ to complete TPP, TTIP” (The Hill) 

April 16: “Rubio’s Father: Gone But Very Much a Campaign Presence” (Real Clear Politics) 

April 14: “Abraham Lincoln’s contested legacy: emancipator or tyrant?” (The Week – UK) 

April 14: “Bravo! University accomplishments” (Orange County Register) 

April 14: “Andrew Johnson’s Presidency Highlighted Issues With Vice Presidential Selection” (NPR) 

April 10: “New York City Fund Would Pay Bail for Some Accused of Misdemeanors” (Wall Street Journal) 

April 10: “Miller Center launches financial non-partisan education initiative” (Cavalier Daily) 

April 10: “Miller Center Event Discusses ‘The Politics of High Tech Societies’” (NBC 29) 

April 8: “Stanley Kutler, Watergate historian who helped obtain Nixon tapes, dies” (Washington Post) 

April 8: “Inaugural McCurdy Fellow Finds Research on Cars, Fourth Amendment Her Vehicle to UVA Law Mentoring Opportunity” (University of Virginia School of Law) 

April 7: “The Secret Lives of Hillary and Bill in the White House” (Politico) 

April 4: “UVa’s Miller Center is Developing Higher Ed Financing Proposals” (DC Inno) 

April 2: “CSUF’s Garcia on National Panel” (Orange County Business Journal) 

April 1: “Garcia Named to National Commission on Higher Education” (California State University Fullerton) 

April 1: “Why Is Obama Keeping Secret Four Seconds of a Nixon-Era Tape?” (Bloomberg Politics) 

April 1: “UVa Miller Center to study higher ed financing” (Education Dive) 

March 31: “New commission will explore higher-ed finance models” (eCampus News) 

March 31: “New UVA center commission to examine future of higher education financing” (Daily Progress) 

March 28: “Is amnesty really that bad for GOP voting base?” (The Hill) 

March 20: “Miller Center Hosts Nixon Panel Discussion” (NBC 29) 

March 19: “How America's Education Model Kills Creativity and Entrepreneurship” (Forbes) 

March 11: “Controversy Over VA. Parade Creates Political and Religious Analysis” (NBC 29) 

March 6: “Ex-Cabinet official Donna Shalala to lead Clinton Foundation” (Associated Press) 

March 6: “UVa Opened an Office in Shanghai to Strengthen Its Global Research Institute Status” (DC Inno) 

March 5: “What LBJ Really Said About Selma” (The Atlantic) 

March 5: “University opens new Shanghai office” (Cavalier Daily) 

March 5: “LBJ Linked Latinos, Civil Rights In ‘Selma’ Speech” (Associated Press) 

March 3: “A History of U.S.-Israel Breakups and Makeups” (Daily Beast) 

February 28: “Boehner’s defeat was actually really unusual. Here’s why.” (Washington Post) 

February 25: “Miller Center hosts experts, discuss U.S.-India relations” (Cavalier Daily) 

February 25: “When History Is Not Good Enough for Hollywood: Selma, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Martin Luther King Jr.” (AHA Today: A Blog for the American Historical Association) 

February 24: “Obama’s Keystone XL Veto is a Harbinger of Vetoes to Come” (Breitbart News) 

February 24: “Keystone veto will be first of many for President Obama” (Politico) 

February 24: “Impact Investing: Time to Unleash PRIs” (Stanford Social Interaction Review) 

February 23: “Bill Antholis” (Inside Charlottesville) 

February 23: “Miller Center panel addresses CIA torture practices” (Cavalier Daily) 

February 22: “Setting the record straight on Selma and ‘Selma’” (Washington Post) 

February 20: “UVA Miller Center Panel Discusses CIA Interrogation Practices” (NBC 29) 

February 18: “UVA Miller Center Discusses Military Suicides” (NBC 29) 

February 17: “War Powers, the Constitution and Bipartisanship” (Politico) 

February 16: “Historical Challenges of Past Administrations” (KQV 1040 AM – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) 

February 15: “The transportation moment” (The Hill) 

February 12: “University history professors release African American leadership compilation” (Cavalier Daily) 

February 11: “Bond, U.Va. historian team up to explore black leadership” (Associated Press) 

February 11: “Bond, UVA Historian Team up to Explore Black Leadership” (NBC 29) 

February 11: “Julian Bond Discusses Black Leadership Project” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

February 9: “UVa’s Miller Center hosting discussion with Julian Bond, Phyllis Leffler” (Daily Progress) 

February 4: “Greek Financial Crisis Tests EU Stability” (Voice of America) 

February 4: “Miller Center launches website tying together historical, modern issues” (Cavalier Daily) 

February 4: “Pay more at the pump? Support for hike in federal gas tax grows” (Washington Post) 

February 3: “DOT Traffic Study Paints Bleak Picture in 30 Years” (Newsmax) 

February 3: “Miller Center Launches Website Offering Lessons from History for Today’s Issues” (UVA Today) 

February 2: “Miller Center launches new history website” (Daily Progress) 

January 29: “William McKinley: An under-rated President?” (Constitution Daily) 

January 29: “Don’t Forget Angels In The Equation For Saving the American Dream” (Forbes) 

January 28: “MLK’s right-hand man: Director Ava DuVernay got ‘Selma’ right” (Fortune) 

January 27: “Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure” (Washington Post) 

January 26: “ ‘Selma’ Vs. ‘Selma’” (New Yorker) 

January 23: Podcast discussion about Selma and LBJ White House tapes (starts at 35:30) (Slate) 

January 21: “Steve Case, Carly Fiorina offers 5-point plan for spurring US entrepreneurship” ( DC) 

January 21: “Clark: U.S. needs to shift foreign policy toward economic influence” (Daily Progress) 

January 21: “Businesspeople, Educators Seek Ways to Teach Students Entrepreneurship” (Wall Street Journal) 

January 21: “My Civil Rights Year – Selma, Louisiana and Mrs. Caulfield’s Butterbeans” (The Chronicle – Charleston, South Carolina) 

January 20: “Miller Center’s War Powers Consultation increasingly relevant due to ISIL conflict” (Cavalier Daily) 

January 19: “ ‘Selma’ and the particles of memory” (Saporta Report – Atlanta, Georgia) 

January 19: “Bill Press: ‘Selma’s’ MLK  - and LBJ” (The Hill) 

January 15: “Here’s How Steve Case Thinks Startups Can Save The American Dream” (DCInno) 

January 15: “Miller Center releases report, says entrepreneurship creates jobs” (Cavalier Daily) 

January 14: Politico Playbook, Including Miller Center’s Entrepreneurship Report (Politico) 

January 14: Kent Germany on the LBJ White House Tapes (The Bill Press Show) 

January 14: “Carly Fiorina Takes A Swipe At ‘Big Government’ in D.C. Visit” (TIME Magazine) 

January 14: “5 ways to restart America’s entrepreneurial engine” (Washington Business Journal) 

January 14: “Steve Case and Carly Fiorina have these 5 ideas to save the American Dream through entrepreneurship” (GeekWire) 

January 14: “Fiorina Says ‘There’ll Be Time’ to Scrutinize ‘Other Presidential Candidates’” (Bloomberg Politics) 

January 14: “Election 2016: Carly Fiorina Could Join GOP Field” (International Business Times) 

January 14: “AOL’s Case: Raleigh area reflects a ‘glass half full, not half empty’ relating to funding ecosystem” (Triangle Business Journal) 

January 14: “The American Dream is Dying: How Entrepreneurship Can Change That” ( 

January 14: “Miller Center Report Seeks to Unleash Job-Creating Power of Entrepreneurship” (UVA Today) 

January 14: “How True is Selma – And How Much Does it Matter?” (Free Times – Columbia, South Carolina) 

January 14: “Selma” (Associated Press) 

January 12: "Obama administration outlines 30-year transportation plan" (Washington Post) 

January 12: “Is ‘Selma’s’ portrayal of LBJ historically accurate?” (CBS Evening News) 

January 11: “William Antholis takes over as new Miller Center director” (Cavalier Daily) 

January 11: “David Edelstein: ‘Selma’ gets it mostly right” (CBS Sunday Morning) 

January 10: “Baliles: Emphasis on civility at U.Va.’s Miller Center” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

January 9: “MLK Drama Selma Shows the Grunt Work That Went Into Making History” (Vulture) 

January 9: “Putting civil liberties in the pork barrel” (The Hill) 

January 8: “Gen. Wesley Clark scheduled to speak at Miller Center” (Daily Progress) 

January 6: “Biography of FDR: The 5 Books All Presidential Historians Should Read About Franklin Roosevelt” (Newsmax) 

January 5: “Cuomo and Clinton: A complicated, but mutually beneficial, relationship” ( 

January 5: “ ‘Twas the Year 2014 in Faculty Books” (UVA Today) 

January 5: “Taking Lyndon seriously” (Esquire’s “Politics Blog”) 

January 3: “Fact-checking the film: ‘Selma’” (Entertainment Weekly) 

January 2015: “Did Civil War Soldiers Have PTSD?” (Smithsonian Magazine) 

2014 News Coverage:

December 29: “Cepeda: The American Dream might be down, but it’s not out” (The Columbian – Vancouver, Washington) 

December 26: “The movie ‘Selma’ has a glaring flaw” (Washington Post) 

December 23: “Ex-U.N. diplomat named professor” (Daily Progress) 

December 23: “FBI investigated White House aide for giving secret documents to Adams” (IrishCentral) 

December 22: “Former Under Secretary of State, U.N. Ambassador Takes Miller Center Post” (UVA Today) 

December 16: “Crocker: U.S. Wingtips and Pumps, Not Boots, Might Have Helped Syria” (Government Executive) 

December 16: “No Violence Against US After Release of Torture Report: Former Diplomat” (Sputnik International) 

December 15: “What Exactly Is the American Dream?” (Independent Women’s Forum) 

December 15: “‘It was always there:’ How presidents cope with hostage crises” (Washington Post) 

December 10: “The Secret History of the Clinton White House” (The Atlantic) 

December 10: “Delays plague Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. files” (Associated Press) 

December 9: “College Alum William Antholis Named New Executive Director of the Miller Center” (U.Va. College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences) 

December 9: “William Antholis emails friends” (Politico) 

December 9: “Inside the Clinton White House: An Oral History of the Administration” (New York Times) 

December 9: “Baliles Stepping Down from Miller Center” (NBC 29) 

December 8: “William Antholis Named New Executive Director of U.Va. Miller Center” (UVA Today) 

December 8: “Brookings Institution managing director named head of UVa’s Miller Center” (Daily Progress) 

December 8: “UVa Miller Center Names New Executive Director” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

December 8: “William Antholis named new executive director of UVA Miller Center” (Augusta Free Press) 

December 8: “Miller Center Will Get New Director” (WINA 1070 AM) 

December 8: “Hillary Clinton’s History as First Lady: Powerful, but Not Always Deft” (New York Times) 

December 5: “Baliles celebrates Miller Center work” (Daily Progress) 

December 1: “Glynn Key, alumna, Seven and former BOV member dies suddenly” (Cavalier Daily) 

November 28: “Former UVa Board of Visitors member Glynn Key dies” (Daily Progress) 

November 25: “TTIP tipping point” (The Hill) 

November 25: “Hillary Clinton Struggled to Find ’92 Role, Confidante Recounts” (Wall Street Journal) 

November 25: “Spielberg Deals Bill Clinton Into a Beloved Card Game” (New York Times) 

November 20: “The next Mexican Revolution?” (Al Jazeera America) 

November 19: “A First-Person History Lesson From Robert Rubin” (New York Times) 

November 19: “Miller Center welcomes long-time White House correspondent Compton” (Cavalier Daily) 

November 18: “Making History” (Washington & Lee University) 

November 18: “Miller Center releases Clinton Project interviews” (Cavalier Daily) 

November 17: “Voices: For the Clintons, the past is not even past” (USA Today) 

November 15: “At Clinton center, the past and the future collide” (Associated Press) 

November 15: “Newly released interviews detail highs, lows of Clinton White House” ( 

November 15: “Hillary Clinton’s ‘Confrontational’ Side Illustrated in New Transcripts” (Bloomberg) 

November 15: “When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 4” (New York Times) 

November 14: “Clinton Administration Domestic Policy” (C-SPAN) 

November 14: “UVa center releases first batch of interviews for Clinton Presidential History Project” (Daily Progress) 

November 14: “Bill Clinton, in Little Rock, Defends His Record With an Eye to Other Chapters” (New York Times) 

November 14: “At library celebration, Bill Clinton and others talk up the past, but not the future” (Washington Post) 

November 14: “ ‘The president always had an eye for attractive women’” (Politico) 

November 14: “Clinton symposium underway: interview release planned later in the day” (Arkansas Blog) 

November 13: “U.Va. Miller Center to Begin Releasing Clinton Presidential History Project Friday” (UVA Today) 

November 13: “Little Rock Celebration Draws Clinton Supporters, Faithful and Hopeful” (New York Times) 

November 12: “Panel Discussion Honors Pulitzer-Winning Williams College Professor” (WAMC – Northeast Public Radio) 

November 9: “UVa marks anniversary of fall of the Berlin Wall” (Daily Progress) 

November 9: “ ‘Dr. Strangelove’ helps close out Virginia Film Festival” (Daily Progress) 

November 7: “The Free Market Did Not Bring Down the Berlin Wall” (Foreign Policy) 

November 7: “Berlin Wall 25 – VFF Presents ‘41on41’” (“Joe Thomas” on WCHV) 

November 7: “Scheppach, Warburg, Skelley discuss election fallout” (Cavalier Daily) 

November 5: “Fall Convocation Celebrates University’s Top Faculty, Students” (UVA Today) 

November 5: “ ‘Tear down this wall’” (The Battalion – Texas A&M) 

November 5: “Go stargazing at the Virginia Film Festival” (Daily Progress) 

November 4: “The single most depressing number in the national exit poll” (Washington Post) 

November 3: “Melvyn Leffler, Alexander Horniman given Thomas Jefferson Awards” (Cavalier Daily) 

November 3: “The Root of Government Meddling in Mortgages” (Wall Street Journal) 

November 2: “Neighbors” (Daily Progress) 

November 1: “Public Square: Tim Kaine and America’s war powers” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

October 31: “Faculty, students honored at UVa’s Fall Convocation” (Daily Progress) 

October 30: “UVa events to focus of anniversary of Berlin Wall’s fall” (Daily Progress) 

October 27: “Cozart discusses the origins and workings of University secret societies” (Cavalier Daily) 

October 25: “Post-Benghazi Precautions for Diplomats Have US ‘Caged Up’: Career Ambassador” (Ria Novosti - Russia) 

October 24: “Week’s End Wrap-up” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

October 24: “Berlin Wall Symposium to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Historic Fall Nov. 3-9” (UVA Today) 

October 23: “Opinion/Editorial: Terror fight a long-term obligation” (Daily Progress) 

October 22: “Former Secretary of State Adviser Speaks on ‘The End of Greatness’” (NBC 29) 

October 21: “Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Discusses ISIS” (NBC 29) 

October 21: “Jimmy Carter and Israel: 5 Times President Made News Over Views” (Newsmax) 

October 16: “Independent Senate candidate Larry Pressler claims Mount Rushmore presidents were independents, too” (PolitiFact – Tampa Bay Times) 

October 16: “Q&A With Peter Norton: History Is on the Side of Vision Zero” (Streetsblog USA) 

October 12: “What does it take to create a holiday? It’s all politics. (But Stevie Wonder can help.)” (Washington Post) 

October 9: “Not-So-Empty Talk” by Alumni Miller Center Fellow Adam P. Liff (Foreign Affairs) 

October 7: “Hal Holbrook, Barry Levinson Headline 2014 Virginia Film Festival Schedule” (UVA Today) 

October 7: “Holbrook, Roundtree among participants at November’s film festival” (Daily Progress) 

October 7: “Va. Film Festival to feature politicians from Goldwater & LBJ to Nixon & Bush” (Examiner) 

October 6: “An Obama Ally Parts With Him on War Powers” (New York Times) 

October 6: “LaHood, Villaraigosa to Lead Panel on Infrastructure, Middle-Class Job Creation” (UVA Today) 

October 3: “Why business experience isn’t always a political asset, in 12 David Perdue quotes” (Washington Post) 

October 1: “ObamaCare power moves to states” (The Hill) 

September 29: “IU School of Global and International Studies helps found International Policy Scholars Consortium” (Indiana University Bloomington Newsroom) 

September 28: “Q&A: Ryan Crocker on Iraq’s Role in the Long War Against ISIL” (Defense One) 

September 27: “Facing tough races, incumbent governors feel the heat from the voters” (Washington Post) 

September 25: “A Better Approach to War Powers” (Prism) 

September 25: “Panelists tackle topic of Islamic State” (The Battalion – Texas A&M) 

September 19: “The death of an American president on the Jersey Shore” (Asbury Park Press – New Jersey) 

September 18: “Former US Envoy To Kuwait Major Offensive Against Kurds Crocker In Testimony On IS” (Arab Times) 

September 17: “Petraeus, Crocker Support Plan to Arm and Train Syrian Rebels” (Defense One) 

September 17: “Civil Rights Exhibition Has Been Put On Display” (Hudson Valley Press – New York) 

September 17: “Made in America, Again” (The Atlantic) 

Fall 2014: “New & Notable” (The University of Virginia Magazine) 

September 13: “Baliles: A War Powers Act for the 21st century” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

September 11: “Gov. holds ‘virtual town hall’ at UVa” (Daily Progress) 

September 9: “Ex-Ambassador Ryan Crocker: ISIS Greater Threat Than Al-Qaeda” (Newsmax) 

September 8: “Fleshing Out Nixon’s Vietnam ‘Treason’” ( 

September 8: “UVa professor, Civil War historian Gallagher to speak at Fall Convocation” (Daily Progress) 

September 8: “Renowned History Professor Gallagher Will Speak at Fall Convocation” (UVA Today) 

September 8: “Islamic State is Getting Stronger, and It’s Targeting America” (Wall Street Journal) 

September 8: “7 Summers From History Worse Than This One” (New York Magazine) 

September 7: “Should we fear the Ameristocracy?” (Daily Progress) 

September 3: “Roosevelt: Theodore and Franklin Share Name, Distantly Related” (Newsmax) 

September 2: “Thomas Woodrow Wilson: 28th President’s Life Before Politics” (Newsmax) 

September 1: “Taking a page out of pre-presidential playbook, Christie to visit Mexico” (The Herald – New Jersey) 

August 27: “Theodore Roosevelt Timeline: How 26th President Reached White House” (Newsmax) 

August 27: “Ex-U.S. ambassador Ryan Crocker outlines ISIS threats in Syria, Iraq” (The Eagle – Texas) 

August 23: “Book review (nonfiction): Chasing Shadows” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

August 22: “Exploring the Virginia Film Festival” (Cavalier Daily) 

August 17: “Bookmarks” Featuring Ken Hughes’ Chasing Shadows (Daily Progress) 

August 15: “A darker cloud falls over Nixon” (Baltimore Sun) 

August 13: “Harry S. Truman’s Signature Style Has Him Among America’s Top Presidents, Polls Say” (Newsmax) 

August 12: “How America Can Win the Future in Manufacturing” (IndustryWeek) 

August 11: “Capturing and sustaining public interest in transportation” (The Hill) 

August 11: “Why America Fought” by Alumni Miller Center Fellow David Adesnik (The Weekly Standard) 

August 8: “Shadow of Watergate Hangs Over U.S. Politics” (U.S. News & World Report) 

August 8: “Ken Hughes” (Inside Charlottesville With Coy Barefoot) 

August 7: “Richard Nixon’s resignation, 40 years later” (MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports)

August 7: “Going Public With the Nixon Tapes” (Daily Beast) 

August 6: “Richard Nixon’s long shadow” (Washington Post) 

August 5: “Nixon resigned 40 years ago” (News-Press, Florida) 

August 4: “Nixon tapes, 40 years later” (MSNBC’s Hardball With Chris Matthews)
August 4: “Worse than Watergate: New revelations from Nixon tapes 40 years after resignation” (Yahoo! News) 

August 3: “Obama only the most recent president to face impeachment calls” (Washington Times) 

August 3: “40 Years Later, Still Trying to Define Presidential Power” (New York Times) 

August 2: “40 years later, Nixon’s misconduct in Watergate ‘remains unequaled’” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

August 1: “Book Excerpt: ‘Chasing Shadows’ by Ken Hughes” (ABC News) 

August 1: “Learning from Richard Nixon” (Washington Post) 

August 2014: “Nixon Unbound” (Vanity Fair) 

July 31: “ICYMI: Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward panel discussion on the 40th anniversary of Nixon’s resignation” (Washington Post) 

July 31: “Forty years past Watergate, authors add to Nixon-era literature” (Philadelphia Inquirer) 

July 31: “Book Review: ‘Chasing Shadows’ and ‘The Nixon Tapes’” (Washington Post) 

July 31: “Twitter recap: #WhenNixonResigned” (Washington Post) 

July 31: “WATCH: Nixon Event at the Post” (University of Virginia Press) 

July 29: “Why ISIS Makes ‘Al-Qaeda Look Like the Boy Scouts’” (The Wrap) 

July 29: “Chasing Shadows” (History Book Club) 

July 29: “New Book Examines Nixon’s Illegal Actions Before Watergate” (UVA Today) 

July 29: “Chasing Shadows” (Kirkus Reviews) 

July 29: “The Untapped Secrets of the Nixon Tapes” (The Atlantic) 

July 28: “Young African leaders head to Washington” (CBS News) 

July 27: “ 'You could blackmail LBJ': The other Nixon scandal behind the Watergate scandal" (Salon) 

July 26: “Let’s not forget that people are still out of work” (Delaware News Journal) 

July 25: “The United States must extend its visa program for Afghan and Iraqi refugees” (Washington Post) 

July 25: “40 Years After Watergate, New Film Lets Nixon Speak in His Own Words” (The Takeaway, WNYC) 

July 20: “Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?” with Miller Center scholar Ken Hughes (PBS’ History Detectives) 

July 19: “Library of Virginia announces awards finalists” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

July 18: Review of Miller Center Alumni Fellow’s Book: “ ‘The Triumph of Improvisation’, by James Graham Wilson” (Financial Times) 

July 16: “Live Wire: President Taylor was a career Army man” (Fayetteville Observer – North Carolina) 

July 10: “There Will Be No Real Recovery Without the Middle Class” (Forbes) 

July 8: “Yes, Arresting Subway Dancers Is Still a Way of Criminalizing Black Youth” (The Nation) 

July 7: “Morning Bits” (Washington Post

July 5: “Former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, urges action against ISIS” (The Eagle – Texas) 

July 5: “Ryan Crocker: ISIL is better funded, better equipped version of al-Qaeda” (PressTV) 

July 4: “Here’s Why Americans Feel Less Free” (Wall St. Cheat Sheet) 

July 3: “9 Presidents and the jobs that got them started” (CNN Money) 

July 2: “Remembering the Civil Rights Act 50 Years Later” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

July 1: “Civil Rights Act Part of Complicated History, Mixed Legacy, U.Va. Scholars Say” (UVA Today) 

June 30: “Crocker: America Must Hold Steadfast To Spread Democracy In Middle East” (Texas A&M University Times) 

June 29: “Bill Clinton: 'I had the lowest net worth of any American president in the 20th century'” (Tampa Bay Times) 

June 29: “Focusing on the ‘TE’ in STEM” (Daily Progress) 

June 28: "Revive shop class for a new generation" (Daily Press – Hampton Roads, Virginia) 

June 26: "Baker aspired to White House—and left his mark on it in round-about way" (Independent Herald – Oneida, Tennessee) 

June 26: “Howard Baker, the ‘Eloquent Listener’” (National Journal) 

June 23: “An ‘eyeball to eyeball’ moment that never happened” (Washington Post) 

June 22: “Lucadamo: Upside-down degrees make sense for Virginia” (Virginian Pilot) 

June 22: “Cynthia M. Allen: Foreign policy has to be blamed” (Gulf Today) 

June 19: “It’s not too late to reengage with Iraq” (Washington Post) 

June 19: “Ryan Crocker: ISIS ‘More Formidable Force Than Osama Bin Laden’s Group That Brought Us 9/11” (Daily Caller) 

June 18: “For Vietnam and China, No Easing of Tensions” (New York Times) 

June 17: “Former Ambassador Ryan Crocker: Sec. Kerry should be on a plane to Baghdad” (CBS News) 

June 16: “Restoring Middle-class Jobs and the American Dream” (PCB Design 007) 

June 16: “U.Va. report offers plans for adding manufacturing jobs” (Virginian-Pilot) 

June 16: “Report advocates help for smaller manufacturers” (Worcester Business Journal Online - Massachusetts) 

June 16: “Former U.S. Ambassador To Iraq Ryan Crocker Weighs In On Current Crisis” (KBTX-TV – College Station, Texas) 

June 16: “6 Ideas To Make America’s Manufacturers More Innovative” (Forbes) 

June 16: “Report Roll Call” (Politico Morning Edition) 

June 13: “Report: Manufacturing key to middle-class health” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) 

June 13: “Six Ideas to Boost Manufacturing SME’s Competitiveness” (IndustryWeek) 

June 13: “Two ex-governors propose rebuilding manufacturing” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) 

June 13: “6 Bold Ideas for Putting the Nation’s Small Businesses Back to Work” ( 

June 13: “Miller Center Releases Report on Creating Manufacturing Jobs; First in Series on Restoring Middle-Class Jobs” (UVA Today) 

Summer 2014: “News Briefs: Baliles to Leave Miller Center” (The University of Virginia Magazine) 

Summer 2014: “Psst… Mr. President, you need a plan” (The University of Virginia Magazine) 

June 12: “The End of the Movie?” (National Review Online) 

June 12: “Feds Warn Casinos to Turn Away Gamblers With Medical Marijuana Ties” (KQED – San Francisco, California) 

June 11: “How Eisenhower Handled McCarthy's Threat to a 'Middle-of-the-Road' GOP” (Slate) 

June 11: “Is the American Dream Lost?” (Wall St. Cheat Sheet) 

June 6: “Young Leaders: Partnership builds bridges to Africa” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

June 4: “Scholars Grapple with the Role of Leadership in U.S. Politics” (UVA Today) 

June 3: “America’s nonintervention is a vote for Syria’s Assad” (Reuters) 

May 30: “Colleges Should Stand Up, Not Down” (Huffington Post) 

May 29: “U.Va. Darden’s Batten Institute Partners With U.Va. Miller Center to Explore Whether Entrepreneurship Can Create Jobs for the Middle Class” (Newswise) 

May 23: “Aylor’s return to faculty prompts major replacement search” (Cavalier Daily) 

May 21: “Miller Center Lands Big Names to Lead Panel on Entrepreneurship, Job Creation” (UVA Today) 

May 19: “University Rolls Out Red Carpet for Award-Winning Employees” (UVA Today) 

May 13: “Year in Review: 2013-2014” (Cavalier Daily) 

May 12: “Miller Center announces heads of commission on entrepreneurship, job creation” (Daily Progress) 

May 6: “Newsflash: Slavery didn’t die with the civil war” (Chicago Sun-Times’ “Voices” blog) 

May 2: “On war powers, the case for a consistent process” (The Hill) 

May 1: “Former US diplomat warns of possible ‘grave mistake’ in Syria” (Al-Monitor) 

April 30: “50 Years after the Civil Rights Act: Author Speaks on Challenges in the White House” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

April 30: “U.Va. Miller Center Newest Fellows Aim to Influence National Discourse” (UVA Today) 

April 28: “What We Left Behind” (New Yorker) 

April 27: “Godwin officially installed at PHCC” (Martinsville Bulletin) 

April 26: “ ‘Happy Days’ no more: Middle-class families squeezed as expenses soar, wages stall” (Washington Post) 

April 25: “Kristol, Galston talk political polarization at Miller Center event” (Daily Progress) 

April 24: “U.S. Grant was the great hero of the Civil War but lost favor with historians” (Washington Post) 

April 14: “Sen. Tim Kaine lecture concludes decades of Sabato’s intro class political speakers” (Cavalier Daily) 

April 10: “U.Va. professors debate U.S. economy, debt” (Cavalier Daily) 

April 9: “Obama to pay homage to – and dodge comparisons with – LBJ’s legacy” (McClatchy) 

April 9: “Legacy Evolving at a Presidential Library” (New York Times) 

April 5: “Tim Kaine: War powers must be clarified” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

April 4: “Former deputy national security adviser: Cooperative approach needed with emerging global powers” (Daily Progress) 

April 4: “Gerald Baliles to retire from U.Va. Miller Center” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

April 3: “Baliles to Step Down as Director of the UVa. Miller Center” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

April 3: “Gerald L. Baliles to Step Down as Director of the Miller Center of Public Affairs” (UVA Today) 

April 3: “Baliles stepping down as Miller Center CEO” (Daily Progress) 

March 31: “At 89, ex-President Carter still advocating for human rights” (Cincinnati Enquirer) 

March 26: “At UVa talk, experts say Putin’s next move will be revealing” (Daily Progress) 

March 26: “Why Gun Policy Is So Important to Georgia Politics” (Bloomberg TV) 

March 25: “Does New Look At Documents Reveal Nixon’s Hand In My Lai Cover-Up?” (Mint Press News) 

March 24: “Nixon may have tried to discredit witnesses in My Lai massacre to quell growing public relations fiasco” (Daily Mail) 

March 23: “Document Points to Nixon in My Lai Cover-Up Attempt” (60 Minutes Overtime) 

March 20: “Miller Center guest Paul Barrett addresses American gun culture” (Cavalier Daily) 

March 16: “Wake Up Call: Virginia Festival of the Book” (WNRN) 

March 15: “Rose Kennedy: The Life and Times of a Political Matriarch” (Irish Times) 

March 15: “Nixon and the My Lai massacre coverup” (New York Post) 

March 13: “Museum of the Confederacy archives move to Virginia Historical Society” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

March 6: “COMMENTARY: MICHAEL A. MACDOWELL: Admire Hispanics for optimism” (Wilkes Barre Times-Leader) 

March 5: “Full Steam Ahead: China’s Every-Increasing Military Budget” (Wall Street Journal) 

February 26: “UVa Welcomes Civil Rights Activist Bob Moses” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

February 19: “Miller Center to investigate future of higher education finance” (Cavalier Daily) 

February 19: “Miller Center’s Next Target: Finance Options for U.S. Higher Education” (UVA Today) 

February 19: “Banks cleared to accept marijuana business” ( 

February 18: “Feds Announce Guidance For Banks To Work With Marijuana Businesses” (Benzinga) 

February 17: “Insurance brokers are looking to the marijuana ‘green rush’” (Live Insurance News) 

February 17: “Nothing to Stop Kentucky Now” (State Journal–Kentucky) 

February 15: “The US Is Encouraging Banks To Do Business With Licensed Pot Dealers” (Reuters) 

February 14: “Banks get guidance on legalized marijuana business” (USA Today) 

February 14: “Your Bank Can Now Breathe Easy as it Takes Your (Legal) Pot Money” (National Journal) 

February 14: “Feds To Let Pot Shops Use Banks” ( 

February 14: “Feds announce guidelines to allow banks to work with marijuana businesses” (Pacific Northwest Inlander) 

February 14: “Banks get OK to work with marijuana businesses” (Statesman Journal–Oregon ) 

February 14: “US issues guidelines to banks on marijuana firms” (Associated Press) 

February 14: “Banks Can Now Process Marijuana Transactions Without Penalty” (Bustle) 

February 14: “Feds won’t enforce money-laundering laws against banks doing business with pot stores” (McClatchy) 

February 14: “Feds Ease Up on Banks Dealing With Pot Businesses” (Newser) 

February 11: “Feds set to unveil solution to pot banking problem” (Seattle Times) 

February 11: “U.Va.’s Miller Center Memo Offers Advice to Lawmakers on Immigration Reform” (UVA Today) 

February 5: “Barbour, Bayh Offer ‘Practical Ideas’ to Help Manufacturing SMEs” (IndustryWeek) 

January 30: “Hispanics often lead the way in their faith in the American Dream, poll finds” (Washington Post) 

January 29: “Banks still wary about marijuana business” (Politico) 

January 26: “AG Holder discusses federal marijuana policy enforcement” (Cavalier Daily) 

January 24: “At U.Va., Attorney General Holder Talks Marijuana Banking and Snowden” (UVA Today) 

January 24: “Snowden Says He’s Like to Come Home, But Has ‘No Chance’ of a Fair Trial” (New York Magazine) 

January 24: “Guidelines to help banks deal with marijuana businesses” (USA Today) 

January 24: “Banks don’t want to hold marijuana industry’s stash” (NPR’s Marketplace) 

January 24: “Holder: Clemency for Snowden ‘too far,’ but open to resolution” ( 

January 24: “US ‘open to conversation’ if Snowden returns, enters plea bargain – AG Holder” (Russia Today) 

January 24: “Russian lawmaker says Snowden asylum period to be extended” (UPI) 

January 24: “Edward Snowden won’t be pressured to end asylum, Russia says” ( 

January 24: “Next Big Step for Pot Business: Banks?” (Newser) 

January 24: “Holder talks marijuana, national security, race relations in Miller Center interview” (Daily Progress) 

January 23: “U.S. Willing to Hold Talks if Snowden Pleads Guilty” (New York Times) 

January 23: “Snowden calls for whistle-blower protections, NSA reform” (Al Jazeera America) 

January 23: “Eric Holder Just Announced A Major Shift On U.S. Marijuana Policy” (Reuters) 

January 23: “Eric Holder: Could talk deal with NSA-leaker Edward Snowden, but no clemency” (New York Daily News) 

January 23: “Legal Marijuana Businesses Should Have Access to Banks, Holder Says” (New York Times) 

January 23: “U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks at UVA Forum” (NBC 29) 

January 23: “U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Visit UVa” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

January 23: “Edward Snowden responds to CNN's Jake Tapper's question: Under what conditions would you agree to return to the U.S.?” ( 

January 23: “Marijuana Banking Regulations On The Way” (Associated Press) 

January 23: “Holder chides Gates for timing of memoir” (Washington Post) 

January 23: “Clemency deal not on the table for Snowden, Holder says” ( 

January 23: “Holder says open to resolution in Snowden case if leaker faces charges” ( 

January 23: “Holder: Feds to set rules for banks and pot money” (Politico) 

January 23: “Eric Holder: Timing of Robert Gates book release a ‘mistake’” (Politico) 

January 23: “Eric Holder: If Edward Snowden were open to plea, we’d talk” (Politico) 

January 23: “At U.Va., Kaine Makes Case for New War Powers Act Based on Miller Center Work” (UVA Today) 

January 22: “Kaine speaks at University” (Cavalier Daily) 

January 22: “Kaine talks war powers legislation with UVa students” (Daily Progress) 

January 17: “Kaine wants more say for Congress in War Powers Act” (Virginian-Pilot) 

January 16: “Senate bill amends War Powers Act” (The Hill) 

January 16: “Miller Center Report Forms Basis for New War Powers Act in U.S. Senate” (UVA Today) 

January 13: “States must lead the way on containing health care costs” (Dallas Morning News) 

January 12: “McCain: US Should Have Kept Residual Forces in Iraq” (Newsmax) 

January 12: “GET US MOVING!” (Daily Progress) 

January 10: “Ritter: States have power to reduce health care costs” (Denver Post) 

January 9: “Ray Scheppach” (1070 WINA)

January 9: “Can States Take Over Health Care?” (National Journal) 

January 9: “Report: Effort to Curb Health Care Costs Should be ‘Led By States’” (Washington Post) 

January 9: “Report: Effort to Curb Health Care Costs Should Be ‘Led By States’” (Kaiser Health News) 

January 9: “States should experiment with Cost Control Strategies” (Politico) 

January 9: “9 Drivers of High Healthcare Costs in the U.S.” (Becker’s  Hospital Review) 

January 9: “Report finds states need to lead health care cost reduction” (Work It, Lynchburg) 

January 8: States and Health Care Costs, News Conference (C-SPAN) 

January 9: “How States Can Take the Lead on Containing Health Care Costs” (Governing) 

January 8: States and Health Care Costs, Panel Discussion (C-SPAN) 

January 8: “Eliminating fee-for-service models would significantly reduce healthcare costs, report says” (Modern Health Care) 

January 8: “Report: states can transform health care system” (Medical Xpress) 

January 8: “America’s longest war” ( 

January 8: “UVa Report: States need to lead health care cost reduction” (Daily Progress) 

January 8: “Miller Center Report: States Can Transform Health Care System” (UVA Today) 

January 7: “National Commission Looks to States to Contain Health Care Costs” (NJ Spotlight) 

January 7: “Cracking The Code On Health Care Costs: What The State Can Do" (Health Affairs Blog) 

January 6: 2014: “The Year that state can lead in clinching value based healthcare” (MEDCITY News) 

January 3: “Ryan C. Crocker in First Person” (Inside Business) 

January 3: “Is latest sectarian fighting in Iraq a strategic misstep for al-Qaeda?” (PBS NewsHour) 

2013 News Coverage:

December 24: “Crocker: Assad Is ‘Brutal Beyond Belief’ But Better Than Rebels” (NPR) 

December 18: “ ‘Have You Read…?’: 2013 Books by U.Va. Faculty” (UVA Today) 

Winter 2013: “New & Notable" (The University of Virginia Magazine) 

Winter 2013: “In Memoriam” (The University of Virginia Magazine) 

December 12: “INSIGHT: Syria – Talk to Assad?” (Middle East Voices) 

December 10: “Before the Battles and the Protests, the Chains” (New York Times) 

December 8: “US, region pivot to confront terrorist threat in Syria” (Al-Monitor) 

December 5: Miller Center Alumni Fellow Oriana Mastro at the Wilson Center 

December 5: “U.Va. Miller Center Calls on President to Lead Transportation Reform” (UVA Today) 

December 5: “Stop Air Tax Now: GOP member interested in gas tax hike-Airlines against fee in budget deal” (Politico Morning Transportation blog) 

December 4: “The American Dream Lives! But…” (Atlanta Daily World) 

December 2: “Ron Kirk defends slow start on trade, says Obama was bold” (Dallas Morning News) 

December 2: Live Coverage of Mortimer Caplin Conference on the World Economy (C-SPAN) 

December 1: "James K. Polk and the War with Mexico" (C-SPAN) 

November 29: “Americans Unhappy About Economy, Fear Losing Jobs” (Live Trading News) 

November 29: “Washington Post Poll: Fear of Job Loss at Record Levels” (Moneynews) 

November 27: “Anxiety of job loss plagues 6 of 10, new survey finds” (Deseret News) 

November 26: “Secondary Sources: Economic Anxiety, Corporate Taxes, Pensioners’ Income”(Wall Street Journal) 

November 26: “Poll: Unprecedented anxiety over jobs” ( 

November 26: “Poll finds unprecedented job, economic anxieties among Americans” (Washington Business Journal) 

November 25: “Among American workers, poll finds unprecedented anxiety about jobs, economy” (Washington Post) 

November 22: “Review of Barbara Perry’s Rose Kennedy: The Life and Times of a Political Matriarch” (Iris Magazine Blog) 

November 22: “JFK’s Legacy of Personality, Politics and the Media” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

November 20: “Nixon tapes: JFK assassination cast shadows” (Washington Post) 

November 20: “Oprah gets another award: The Presidential Medal of Freedom” (Washington Post) 

November 19: “Gettysburg Address 150 years on: Abraham Lincoln’s way with words” (Metro – U.K.) 

November 18: Marc Selverstone on JFK’s Vietnam War legacy (CBS Radio) 

November 17: “John F. Kennedy: A president frozen in time” (Omaha World-Herald) 

November 17: “Jackie Kennedy: America’s first lady” (CBS Sunday Morning) 

November 17: “Commentary: How does the ‘high court of history’ rule? / Kennedy’s Record Was Mixed, But Americans Remember Him Fondly” (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star) 

November 16: “Second-term woes: Obamacare, Katrina, Iran-Contra” ( 

November 13: “War Powers Resolution: America's Most Misunderstood Law” (Huffington Post) 

November 11: “Miller Center panelists discuss Iraq, Afghanistan” (Cavalier Daily) 

November 8: “Q&A: Ryan Crocker on whether Iran is for real this time” (Dallas Morning News) 

November 7: “Longwood president to be installed” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

November 3: “Talk to Iran, It Works” (New York Times) 

November 1: “An investment worth making” (Politico) 

October 31: “Crocker: Send More U.S. Counterterrorism Troops to Iraq” (Defense One) 

October 31: “Beyond Glamour and Glitz: 10 Reasons to Attend This Year’s Virginia Film Festival” (UVA Today) 

October 31: “Miller Center to host panels featuring former ambassador to Iraq, Afghanistan” (Daily Progress) 

October 25: “Bush School Dean Ryan Crocker Elected To Mercy Corps Board Of Directors” (Texas A&M Times) 

October 24: “Miller Center commission to include former governors of Mississippi, Michigan” (Daily Progress) 

October 23: “The Beirut Bombing, 30 Years Later” (The American Conservative) 

October 23: “Miller Center Commission, Symposium to Focus on Creating New Manufacturing Jobs” (UVA Today) 

October 21: “City’s Civil War days revealed – to the letter” (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star) 

October 20: “CBJ: Briefcase" (Daily Progress) 

October 16: "Kennedy Vietnam Tapes" (C-SPAN)

October 16: “Educating a Fragile Culture” (Call & Post) 

October 14: “Lou Hoover” with Miller Center Alumni Fellow Emily Charnock (C-SPAN) 

October 10: “UVa Miller Center Awarded Grant For Centralized Website of Presidential Materials” (UVA Today) 

October 9: “UVa Miller Center awarded grant for centralized website of presidential materials” (History News Network) 

October 7: “Panelists: U.S. should move toward non-military role in Middle East” (Daily Progress) 

October 6: “Who is trusted? Poll says no D.C.” (Daily Progress) 

October 5: “In battle for middle class, all of Washington is losing” (Washington Post) 

October 3: “War and women: 10 things we didn’t know about former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson” (The Independent–U.K.) 

October 2: “Miller Center, Washington Post discuss American Dream” (Cavalier Daily) 

October 1: “Local health care providers in wait-and-see mode as law takes effect” (Daily Progress) 

October 1: “October marks 25th anniversary of Virginia Wine Month” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

October 1: “U.Va. plans for government shutdown” (Cavalier Daily) 

September 30: “The Shadow Commander” (The New Yorker) 

September 30: “The American Dream is Dead: New Poll Shows Americans Think They Have Less Opportunity” (In the Capital) 

September 30: “Miller Center Series to Provide Historical Perspectives, Insights on Obamacare” (UVA Today) 

September 30: “Miller Center, Washington Post investigate American Dream” (Cavalier Daily) 

September 30: “Interview: Ex-Ambassador Crocker Says U.S. Needs Action From Iran” (Radio Free Europe) 

September 28: “More people express uncertainty in chance to achieve American Dream” (Washington Post) 

September 27: “How Would JFK Handle Rouhani?” by Miller Center Fellow Alumnus Robert Rakove (The National Interest) 

September 26: “Ex-Ambassador Crocker Assesses Comments By Iran’s President” (NPR) 

September 25: “Miller Center to hold town hall on the shrinking middle class” (Daily Progress) 

September 22: “Return to Camelot” ( 

September 22: “Rose Kennedy, the matriarch who truly founded a dynasty” (London Express) 

Fall 2013: “Serious Cinema” (University of Virginia Magazine) 

September 20: “Cracking the Code on Health Care Costs” (U.S. News & World Report) 

September 14: “Tim Kaine’s Bold New War Proposal for Obama” (Huffington Post) 

September 12: “Historian, author speaks at UVa on Kennedy’s relationship with civil rights” (Daily Progress) 

September 11: “Syria can only be contained, not extinguished, top former U.S. diplomat Ryan Crocker tells CNN’s Amanpour” ( 

September 6: “Today’s top opinions: Anticipation” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

September 1: “For Longwood president, higher ed runs in family” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

August 29: “Syria and U.S. ‘red lines’: When America attacks” (CBC) 

August 29: “Father of girl killed in 1963 Birmingham church bombing could gain early release from prison” (Washington Post) 

August 29: “50 Years After the March, New Enemies of Racial Equality Have Mobilized Against the Dream” (Huffington Post) 

August 28: “Rigell, Kaine want congressional approval of military action” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

August 27: “President Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal” (C-SPAN) 

August 25: “Analise: ‘Temos feito progressos, mas nao estamos emu ma era pos-racial” (Correio Braziliense) 

August 23: “Former Ambassador: Syria Will Fight No Matter What U.S. Does” (NPR) 

August 23: “Miller Center Fall Forum to Examine John F. Kennedy’s Legacy” (UVA Today) 

August 22: “Civil Rights 50 Years On?” (Inside Charlottesville with Coy Barefoot) 

August 22: “Secret Tapes Listen in on Nixon Presidency Under Grips of Watergate Scandal” (PBS NewsHour) 

August 21: “Bush 41, Reagan Consoled Nixon During Watergate Scandal” ( 

August 21: “UVA’s Miller Center Has More Nixon Tapes to Study” (WINA 1070AM) 

August 21: “Nixon tapes span Watergate, Soviet summit” (Associated Press) 

August 21: “The Civil War Sesquicentennial: Summer Reading” (First Things’ “On the Square” blog) 

August 21: “Last 340 Hours of President Nixon’s Recordings Released” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

August 21: “Final Nixon tapes to be released” ( 

August 20: “James Sterling Young, Oral Historian, Dies at 85” (New York Times) 

August 16: “In Memoriam: James Sterling Young” (UVA Today) 

August 15: “James Sterling Young, 85, directed oral histories of Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton” (Chicago Sun-Times) 

August 14: “Leading Figure in Miller Center’s History Has Died” (WINA 1070AM) 

August 14: “Young, Founder of UVA Oral History Program, Dies” (NBC 29) 

August 13: “Founder of UVa Oral History Program Dies” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

August 13: “Founder of UVa oral history program Young dies” (Daily Progress) 

August 13: “Nixon understood August” (The Washington Post) 

August 8: “Deep Dive: Inside the Life of Rose Kennedy” (MSNBC)

August 7: “Texas A&M dean Crocker named to Broadcasting Board of Governors” (The Eagle – Texas) 

August 6: “How Do You Close an Embassy? Ambassador Ryan Crocker Explains” (National Geographic) 

August 6: “Ryan Crocker Assesses the Turmoil in the Middle East” (Washington Post) 

August 5: “Plenty of Challenges for Afghanistan But a Rise of Student Militancy on College Campuses Is Not One of Them” (Huffington Post) 

August 4: “Books: Virginia Book Notes” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

August 2: “Another Presidential Appointment for Bush School’s Ryan Crocker” (WTAW 1260 Talk Radio)

July 25: “Crocker Pans the ‘Zero Option’” (Commentary) 

July 25: “Vietnamese President in Washington Seeking New Relationship” (Voice of America) 

July 24: “Former secretaries to Foxx: Reach out to DOT staffers” (The Hill’s Congress Blog) 

July 24: “Book reveals the real Rose Kennedy” (FOX News) 

July 23: “Containing the Fire in Syria” (Yale Global Online) 

July 21: “Today’s top opinion: War powers” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

July 18: “Kaine War Powers” (C-SPAN) 

July 16: “What to Read This Summer” (

July 16: “Rose Kennedy: The Life and Times of a Political Matriarch” (Huffington Post) 

July 13: “ ‘Rose Kennedy’ by Barbara A. Perry” (The Boston Globe) 

July 8: “Rose Kennedy: The ‘Courageous’ Mother of Camelot” (WBUR) 

July 3: “Gettysburg then and now: James Varney” (The Times Picayune – New Orleans) 

July 2: “Gettysburg 150 Years Later” (NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook) 

June 29: “Gallagher joins Miller Center faculty, begins lecture series” (Daily Progress) 

June 28: “Book Talk: Scholar unearths Rose Kennedy’s less public side” (Reuters) 

June 26: “Civil War Historian Gary Gallagher Joins U.Va. Miller Center, to Lead Lecture Series on Presidency” (UVA Today) 

June 25: “Civil War historian to lead UVa lecture series on presidency” (Daily Progress) 

June 13: “The Fourteenth Day: JFK and the Aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis” (

June 10: “Off the Shelf: Barbara Perry” (UVA Today) 

June 9: “A timeline of U.Va.’s crisis” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

June 2: “Florida, Massachusetts and Nebraska’s Lieutenant Governors Resigned in 2013” (Governing) 

May 29: “Summer sizzles with these hot titles” includes Barbara Perry's new Rose Kennedy book (USA Today) 

May 22: “Oklahoma needs help, not ideology, after tornado” (Washington Post) 

May 18: “W. Taylor Reveley IV, next Longwood president, follows in family tradition” (Washington Post) 

May 7: “UVa’s Miller Center announces fellows for 2013-14” (History News Network) 

May 6: “How Washington D.C.’s Law Were Set Free by Web Viewing” (PBS’s “Idea Lab” blog)

May 6: “The Role of Presidential Leadership Examined” (InfrastructureUSA) 

May 2: “As Tensions Boil Over, How Might Iraq Prevent Return to Chronic Violence?” (PBS NewsHour) 

May 1: “A Golden Opportunity for Congress to Avoid the Transportation ‘Fiscal Cliff’” (Streetsblog) 

April 30: “A Dear Abby for Transportation Secretaries: Advice from Foxx’s Predecessors” (Streetsblog) 

April 30: “Does President Obama Have the Power to Influence Transportation Policy?” (Streetsblog)

April 30: “Foxx gets advice from six former secretaries” (Politico Morning Transportation) 

April 29: “Non-stop campaigns disruptive” (Daily Progress) 

April 28: “Airport delays provide lesson on infrastructure, operations costs” (Washington Post)

April 25: “What George W. Bush meant for politics” (Washington Post’s “The Fix” blog) 

April 25: “Most former presidents look better through history’s eyes” (CNN) 

April 24: “Push To Boost George W. Bush’s Legacy Faces Resistance From the Right” (The Huffington Post) 

April 23: “Six Former U.S. Transportation Secretaries to Take Part in Miller Center Conference on Monday” (UVA Today) 

April 22: “ ‘The campaigns never stop,’ former governor says” (Danville Register & Bee)

April 16: “The False Alarm Over U.S. Fertility” by Miller Center Fellow Alumnus Derek S. Hoff (New York Times)

April 12: “Atty. Gen. Eric Holder to Speak at Miller Center” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

April 11: “Israeli Ambassador visits Miller Center” (Cavalier Daily) 

April 11: “Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Visits UVA” (NBC29) 

April 8: “Memorial Service for Ken Thompson Set for April 12” (UVA Today) 

April 2: “How did the social safety net get its name?” (NPR) 

April 2: “How Obama is Like Nixon” (Washington Post’s “In the Loop” blog)

March 28: “Miller Center panelists discuss east-Asian politics” (Cavalier Daily) 

March 24: “Longwood University Gets Its Own Taylor Reveley” (Williamsburg Yorktown Daily) 

March 24: “New Longwood President Has UVA Ties” (NBC29) 

March 24: “W. Taylor Reveley IV named president of Longwood” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

March 23: “Longwood names UVa official president” (Associated Press) 

March 23: “Miller Center director to lead Longwood University” (Daily Progress)

March 19: “A Decade Later, Leffler Looks Back at Iraq Invasion” (UVA Today News Blog) 

March 10: “Did Watergate scandal halt Nixon from banning handguns across America?” (Daily Mail)

February 27: “First Lady’s Media Tour” (HuffPost Live)

February 26: “America’s 21st Century Slavery” (Huffington Post) 

February 26: “What Mali Tells Us About Ideology and al-Qaeda” (Huffington Post)

February 26: “Pulitzer Prize winning author speaks about slavery at LC” (Lynchburg News & Advance) 

February 26: “First Lady’s Oscar Night Role: Prelude to a Bigger One?” (Real Clear Politics)

February 26: “Obama’s national security policy resembles Eisenhower’s" ( 

February 21: “Court panel overturns dismissal of Charlottesville panhandling suit” (Daily Progress) 

February 18: “UVa professor lectures on US foreign policy” (The Daily Tar Heel) 

February 18: “Lessons in Persuasion From the Most Celebrated American Presidents” (Entrepreneur) 

February 18: “Miller Center Honors Presidents Day with Scholarly Discussion” (NBC29) 

February 15: “U.Va. Miller Center to Host Presidents’ Day Event Analyzing 2012 Elections” (UVA Today) 

February 14: “Rethinking the US-China-Taiwan triangle” (Asia Times Online) 

February 13: “Miller Center Names Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq as Schlesinger Professor” (UVA Today) 

February 13: “Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author: Remember All History” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

February 12: “Kenneth W. Thompson, director of University of Virginia’s Miller Center, dies” (Washington Post) 

February 11: “Kenneth Thompson, longtime Miller Center director, dies at age 91” (Cavalier Daily)

February 10: “UVA Remembering Former Miller Center Director” (NBC 29)

February 8: “Obama speech to highlight liberal agenda, but obstacles loom” (Reuters) 

February 8: “U.Va.’s Miller Center Remembers Former Director Kenneth W. Thompson” (UVA Today) 

February 7: “Kenneth Thompson, former director of the Miller Center, dies” (Daily Progress)

February 5: “Albright visits University” (Cavalier Daily) 

February 5: “Interview: Madeleine Albright Visits U.Va.” (WUVA Online) 

February 3: “U.Va. Faculty Goes to the Movies: Douglas Blackmon on Django Unchained” (Cavalier Daily) 

February 1: “Miller Center Lands Former Secretary of State” (UVA Today News Blog) 

February 1: “Albright to speak at Miller Center on Monday” (Daily Progress) 

January/February: “America’s Twentieth-Century Slavery” (Washington Monthly) 

January 30: “Government needs checks” (The Columbus Dispatch) 

January 29: “The Perils of Bypassing Congress” (National Journal) 

January 29: “Will Michelle Obama get political in U.S. president’s 2nd term?” (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 

January 29: “Madeleine Albright to Speak at UVa Miller Center” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

January 28: “Students’ ‘Up to Us’ Campaign on Federal Debt Launches; Will Feature Mark Warner” (UVA Today)

January 23: “Study shows medical certification standards inhibit international physicians” (Cavalier Daily) 

January 22: “A more confident Obama emerges from second term” (NBC News’ First Read blog) 

January 21: “Resolute Rhetoric: Obama’s Confident Case For Government” (NPR) 

January 21: “Obama’s ringing defense of liberalism” ( 

January 20: “Obama takes oath of office, but this time inauguration crowds aren’t ecstatic” (The Independent - London) 

January 18: “The Ultimate Inaugural Mash-up: Five Decades of Inaugural Addresses” (USA Today) 

January 18: “Presidential inauguration coincides with Martin Luther King Jr. Day” (Daily Progress)

January 18: “6 memorable U.S. inaugural addresses” (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 

January 17: “Roberts Roils Obama as Hughes Stymied Roosevelt in Supreme Times” (Bloomberg News) 

January 17: “Milstein donates $2.26 million to Miller Center for symposium” (Cavalier Daily) 

January 15: “For many presidential inaugurations, the second time is not the charm” (Washington Post) 

January 15: “Milstein Donates $2.26 Million to U.Va.’s Miller Center for Programs to Address National Challenges” (UVA Today) 

January 15: “Miller Center Receiving Donation” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

January 15: “Immigration director talks deportation reforms” (Cavalier Daily) 

January 11: “Memories of inaugurations past” (Washington Post) 

January 10: "Obama-Congress U.S. Budget Battle Benefits From No Grand Bargain" (Bloomberg News)

January 9: “New state-focused healthcare commission formed” (Healthcare Finance News) 

January 8: “New Commission at UVA Hoping to Curb Health Care Spending” (NBC29) 

January 7: “New Miller Center Health Care Commission to Focus on Developing State Policies to Contain Costs” (UVA Today) 

January 4: “Health care cost commission getting to work” (Sacramento Business Journal) 

January 4: “National Commission Looks to States to Contain Healthcare Costs” (NJ Spotlight) 

2012 News Coverage:

December 31: "Decaying D.C. bridge reflects state of thousands of such structures nationwide" (Washington Post) 

December 21: “2013 King Celebration Will Explore Civil Rights Struggles on Many Fronts” (UVA Today)

December 13: “High-skilled Immigrants Wanted, but Congress Can’t Agree on Rules” (InfoZine) 

December 10: “More Foreign Workers=More Patents Argument is Disputed at DC Sessions” (Center for Immigration Studies) 

December 9: “Scholars Explore Reforms Aimed at Highly-skilled Immigrants” (Diverse Issues in Higher Education) 

November 30: “History professor named Kissinger Chair at Library of Congress” (Cavalier Daily) 

November 29: “U.Va. Miller Center Awards ‘Exemplary Leaders’ David and Linda Gibson” (UVA Today) 

November 27: “U.Va. History Professor Named to Chair at Library of Congress” (UVA Today)

November 20: “Sullivan to Participate in Miller Center Conference on Economic Impact of Highly Skilled Immigrants” (UVA Today)

November 14: “UVa: International Education Week” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

November 9: “Virginia Film Festival a box office hit” (Daily Progress) 

November 4: “Virginia Book Notes for Nov. 4” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

November 3: “ ‘The crime was worse’: Woodward and Bernstein on Watergate and a changed world” (C-Ville Weekly) 

November 3: “All the president’s men: Woodward and Bernstein tell all” (The Hook) 

November 1: “Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville Nov. 1-4” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

October 30: “Festival origins: Founder Patricia Kluge tells how it all began” (The Hook)

October 30: “Virginia Film Festival celebrates 25 years of changing with the times” (C-Ville Weekly) 

October 27: “Foreign Policy Lessons from JFK’s Secret Cuban Missile Crisis Tapes” (National Journal) 

October 26: “The optics of politics: Seeing campaigns through a multicultural kaleidoscope” ( 

October 23: "Candidates' last showdown focuses on foreign policy" (Cavalier Daily)

October 22: “President Obama’s Executive Power Grab” (The Daily Beast)

October 17: “Which President Would Make The Best Babysitter?” (NPR) 

October 16: “Miller Center Conference Oct. 26-27 to Examine Presidential History” (UVA Today) 

October 10: “U.Va. Miller Center, ABC ‘This Week’ Team to Air Discussion of Presidential Debates” (UVA Today) 

October 8: “Nixon tapes show regrets over 1960 debate with Kennedy” (CBS This Morning)

October 3: “7 Defining Moments from Presidential Debate History” (BuzzFeed Politics)

October 3: “Nixon Admits 1960 Debate Prep Was ‘Totally Wrong’” ( 

October 3: “Virginia Film Festival Releases Schedule” (NBC 29) 

October 2: “25th Virginia Film Festival Announces Highlights” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

October 2: “Film Festival announces partial lineup” (Daily Progress) 

October 2: “Virginia Film Festival Announces Silver Anniversary Program” (UVA Today) 

September 28: “The Fourteenth Day: JFK and the Aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis” (Washington Post)

September 20: “Dramatic tension: Kielbasa counts down to opening night” (The Hook) 

September 13: “Sullivan: Higher education under attack” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

September 12: “UVa. President Teresa Sullivan Speaks Out about the University’s Future” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

September 12: “NBC29 Exclusive: One-on-One Interview with UVA President Teresa Sullivan” (NBC29) 

September 12: “Sullivan moves on from ‘philosophical difference’” (Daily Progress) 

September 12: “U.S. Should Commit to Sustaining Public Higher Education, Sullivan Says” (UVA Today) 

September 10: “Chatting with History Prof. Brian Balogh” (Cavalier Daily) 

September 10: “Analysis: The politics of believing in America” (Associated Press) 

September 9: “State News for Sunday, Sept. 9” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

September 7: “President Sullivan to Address ‘The Way Forward’ at Miller Center” (UVA Today) 

September 7: “U.Va. sessions explore crisis” (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

September 5: “Former secretary of state to speak at UVa” (Daily Progress) 

September 5: “Events to highlight UVa’s future” (Daily Progress) 

September 5: “The Hard-Luck Candidate” (Slate) 

August 27: “Film Festival, Miller Center Launch ‘Presidency in Film Series’; 25th Anniversary Challenge Created” (UVA Today) 

August 24: “Virginia Film Festival to launch ‘Presidency in Film’ series” (Daily Progress) 

August 22: “Selling transportation: Travel in their shoes, and make it local” (Talking Transportation) 

August 21: “Virginia Film Festival Gets Ready for its 25th Anniversary” (Charlottesville Newsplex) 

August 20: “White House, Hollywood Ties Date Back Decades” ( 

August 17: “A few political convention tips (from people who learned the hard way)” (Washington Post) 

August 16: “Sunday on ‘This Week’: Is the U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy?” ( 

August 16: “Special Edition of ABC’s ‘This Week,’ Produced with U.Va. Miller Center, To Air Sunday” (UVA Today) 

August 9: “Listening to Lyndon Johnson” (The Atlantic) 

August 4: “ ‘Elusive Victories: The American Presidency at War’ by Andrew J. Polsky” (The Washington Post) 

July 30: “Governors Can Keep Health Care Costs Down” (U.S. World & News Report) 

July 30: “Tea party retools as network of field operatives, keeps pushing GOP rightward” (The Washington Post)

July 23: “Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call: Improvements in Politics” (Charlottesville Podcasting Network) 

July 18: “Expert: Christie’s ‘Larger-Than-Life’ Personality Problem for Romney” (CBS DC Local) 

July 13: “How Obama Factors In States Voting on Gay Marriage” (NPR) 

June 26: “The Supreme Court’s unusual moment in the spotlight” (The Washington Post) 

June 11: “American History Guys on Civil War, home ownership” (Minnesota Public Radio) 

June 5: “William Lee Miller, Scholar on Abraham Lincoln, Is Dead at 86” (New York Times) 

June 4: “Does a businessman make a good president?” (Minnesota Public Radio) 

May 31: “William Lee Miller, University of Virginia political historian, dies at 86” (Washington Post)

May 30: “William Lee Miller, Historian of Ethics in Politics, Dies” (UVA Today)

May 29: “ ‘Ethical historian’ William Lee Miller has Died” (Los Angeles Times’ “Jacket Copy” blog)

May 29: “10 Things Presidential Candidates Won’t Say” (

May 29: “One nation, under God” (Washington Post)

May 17: “ ‘Rare Trait’ – Mulligan Shapes Academic Programs She Administers” (UVA Today)

May 16: “UVA Honors Outstanding Contributors, Longtime Employees” (NBC 29)

May 15: “Outstanding Contributors, Longtime Employees Honored at Reception” (UVA Today)

May 15: “Risky Business (The Note)” (ABC News’s “The Note” blog)

May 14: “Romney Runs Against History in Touting CEO Credentials” (Bloomberg)

May 11: “ ‘BackStory with the American History Guys’ Goes Weekly Today” (UVA Today)

May 11: “WCVE-FM to air ‘BackStory with The History Guys’ every Saturday” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

May 7: “The Health Reform Battle Will Go On” (The American Prospect)

May 2: “American History: Hurricane Katrina, Iraq and the Great Recession” (Voice of America)

May 1: “ ‘History Guys’ Going to Weekly Radio Syndication”(Daily Progress)

April 29: “Is America’s Economic Recovery Built to Last?” (ABC News blog)

April 29: “Are we there yet?” (Daily Progress)

April 27: “A Dinner Date That Presidents Wish They Could Skip” (New York Times’ “The Caucus” blog)

April 27: “Air apparent: ‘History Guys’ prep for weekly launch” (The Hook)

April 26: “Economic Recovery Is Focus of ABC ‘This Week’/Miller Center Special on Sunday” (UVA Today)

April 26: “High Court Skeptical of Obama’s Use of Power as Campaign Starts” (Bloomberg Businessweek)

April 25: “Are We There Yet? Selling America on Transportation” (Infrastructure USA)

April 25: “Transport Experts say Public Must Push Congress to Act on Highways” (Heavy Duty Trucking)

April 24: “Failing to Communicate the Promise of Transportation Investments” (The Energy Collective)

April 24: “Failing to Communicate the Promise of Transportation Investments” (National Resources Defense Council Blog)

April 24: “Five Ex-Secretaries Map Out a Communications Strategy For Transportation” (DC Streets Blog)

April 24: “Transportation’s Messaging Solution” (Governing)

April 24: “Conference talk swirls around Capitol – Five T&I members in Pa. primary today – Cravaack brings home the bacon – A look at 1Q lobbying” (Politico’s “Morning Transportation” blog)

April 24: “Center gives report in D.C.” (Cavalier Daily)

April 23: “Reports Calls for More Transportation Funds” (

April 23: “Infrastructure projects need public support, transportation experts say” (Washington Post)

April 22: “Transportation policy needs a push” (Politico)

April 22: “Miller Center to release report on U.S. infrastructure Monday” (Daily Progress)

April 21: “How To Be a Smart Campaign Consumer” (The Daily Beast)

April 19: “Folks who had real jobs make bad presidents” (The Columbus Dispatch)

April 16: “All in the family” (The Hill)

April 16: “Judge to Miller Center audience: Courts in need of restraint” (Daily Progress)

April 16: “The Driving Tax” (National Journal)

April 14: “Young, Black, Male, and Stalked by Bias” (New York Times)

April 11: “Miller Center’s Baliles Named 2012 Hunter B. Andrews Distinguished Fellow” (UVA Today)

April 11: “Racial profiling topic of local NAACP forum” (Daily Progress)

April 6: “Miller Center, ABC team up on new program” (Daily Progress)

April 4: “America’s Racial Order Is in Midst of Transformation, Says U.Va. Professor” (UVA Today)

April 3: “Gov. Gerald Baliles named 2012 Hunter B. Andrews Fellows” (William & Mary News)

April 2: “Obama ‘confident’ Supreme Court will uphold health care law” (Washington Post)

March 25: “Author of Romney Biography to Speak on Grounds” (NBC 29)

March 21: “View from abroad: US facing woes, but still No. 1” (Associated Press)

March 19: “Author talks personal politics” (Cavalier Daily)

March 16: “Haidt Returns to Grounds to Talk Psychology, Politics and the Culture Wars” (UVA Today)

March 16: “Jaquith launches Virginia law website” (Daily Progress)

March 14: “Supreme Court Seen Influenced  by Politics in Health-Care Ruling” (Bloomberg News)

March 12: “Candidates weigh family’s privacy vs. political gain in campaigns” (The Hill)

March 8: “Multi-alignment the way forward: Legro” (The Hindu)

March 2: “A North Korean Corleone” (New York Times)

March 2: “UVa Center’s Blog Puts Presidential Race in Historical Context” (The Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Wired Campus” blog)

February 29: “New Blog Aims to Add Context to Presidential Race” (UVA Today News Blog)

February 28: “UVa Center starts presidential election history blog” (Daily Progress)

February 20: “Presidents Day 2012: Carter’s raging rabbit, Reagan’s bean trick” (Los Angeles Times)

February 20: “Author notes omission of blacks from history” (Cavalier Daily)

February 17: “Miller Center Launches ‘Presidential Classroom’ to Educate About U.S. Presidency and Government” (UVA Today)

February 17: “UVa's Miller Center, ex-Gov. Baliles bring presidential recordings to Crozet” (Daily Progress)

February 17 “Miller Center launches site” (Cavalier Daily)

February 16: “UVa Miller Center Launches Presidential Classroom” (Charlottesville Newsplex)

February 14: “Jackie Kennedy devotion to White House revealed” (CBS This Morning)

February 13: “'Slavery by Another Name' Relays the Forgotten Stories of Post-Civil War Slaves” (PBS NewsHour)

February 8: “Presidents and Their Mistresses: Who Cares?” (Discovery News)

February 6: “Health-Care Case Tests Supreme Court’s Ban on Live Broadcasts” (Bloomberg News)

February 3: “Going weekly: ‘History Guys’ hit the radio big time” (Hook)

February 2: “Poverty and Politics: How Strong Is Safety Net for Poor Americans?” (PBS NewsHour)

January 31: “Gaddis Mind Meld” (The National Interest’s “The Buzz” blog)

Janurary 27: “Miller Center Forum Discusses the Tea Party and the GOP” (NBC 29)

Janurary 25: “How ‘Small Business’ and ‘Entrepreneur’ Fare in State of the Union Addresses” (Entrepreneur’s “The Daily Dose” blog)

Janurary 25: “Peek Into Romney Taxes Puts Him in Ranks of Richest Presidential Bidders” (Bloomberg News)

Janurary 21: “TPT-produced ‘Slavery by Another Name’ at Sundance” (Salt Lake Tribune)

Janurary 18: “Douglas Blackmon to chair Miller Center Forum” (Cavalier Daily)

Janurary 17: “Miller Center Forum Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” (Charlottesville Newsplex)

Janurary 17: “A chance to right an old wrong” (Baltimore Sun)

January 16: “Speaker looks to future obstacles” (Daily Progress)

January 9: “The Journal’s Blackmon Departs for The Washington Post and University of Virginia” (New York Times’ “Media Decoder” blog)

January 9: “WSJ reporter to head Miller Center forum program” (Daily Progress)

January 9: “WSJ’s Blackmon to Hit Campaign Trail for WaPo” (Media Bistro’s “FishbowlDC” blog)

January 6: “Time to reassess our national transportation program” (The Hill’s “Congress” blog)

January 3: “Presidential Election of 1912 Saw Viable Third Party” (NPR)

2011 News Coverage:

December 24: “From Washington to Obama, Judging Presidential Greatness” (International Business Times)

December 21: “Scholar’s Opinion: Opposing the Resolution ‘There’s Too Much Government In My Life’” (

December 17: “Sincere: Why does Obama channel racist TR?” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

December 13: “Miller Center, ABC News’ ‘This Week with Christiane Amanpour’ Partnering on Debate Series on 2012 Issues” (UVA Today)

December 13: “Miller Center Partners with ABC News for national debates” (Daily Progress)

December 13: “UVa Miller Center, ABC News Partnering on Campaign 2012 Debates” (Charlottesville Newsplex)

December 13: “Prospects unclear as U.S. hobbles away from 2 wars” (Xinhua)

December 13: “SCARBOROUGH: ROMNEY LOOKING MORE LIKABLE -- Michael Duffy promoted - Perry Bacon leaves WashPost - What Peter Watkins is up to - ABC's 'This Week' unveils debate series” (

December 11: “Overhauling Congress: Taking It Back To Formula” (

December 6: “Stress of U.S. Presidency Doesn’t Lead to Shorter Lifespan, Study Finds” (Bloomberg News)

December 6: “Experts struggle to express direness of infrastructure problem to a wary public” (Washington Post)

December 6: “Candidate, Inc.: How Persuading Voters Doubles As Selling Books” (

Winter 2011: "Standing Guard" (The University of Virginia Magazine)

December 1: “House delays long-term transportation plan over funding, timing” (Washington Post)

December 1: “Transportation Heavyweights at Miller Center Summit Make Case for Infrastructure” (UVA Today)

November 29: “Highway Transportation Trust Fund” (C-SPAN)

November 29: “Transportation Infrastructure and Economic Growth” (C-SPAN)

November 28: “Miller Center to host forum in D.C.” (Daily Progress)

November 10: “’Dirty Harry’ for VP?” (UVA Today News Blog)

November 9: “Clint Eastwood as George H.W. Bush’s Running Mate? No ‘Supporting Role,’ Actor Says” (Good Morning America blog)

November 9: “Eastwood would have turned down Bush veep offer” (USA Today’s “The Oval” blog)

November 1: “Herman Cain and the decline of black conservatism” (

October 28: “Friday File: Do Presidents Matter in Foreign Policy?” (Council on Foreign Relations blog)

October 17: “Vice President Clint Eastwood? George H.W. Bush Nearly Made His Day(TIME’s News Feed blog)

October 17: “Center releases oral history(Cavalier Daily)

October 14: “George H.W. Bush as Commander In Chief” (C-SPAN)

October 14: “The Statecraft of George H.W. Bush” (C-SPAN)

October 14: “UVa’s Miller Center examines history of Bush Sr.(Daily Progress)

October 14: “UVa Center Releases George H.W. Bush Oral History(Charlottesville Newsplex)

October 14: “HW Bush Ordered CIA to Review Cheney’s Iraq Targets, Tapes Show(FOX News)

October 14: “Clint Eastwood as VP? George H.W. Bush Considered It(

October 14: “Clint Eastwood for veep in 1988? An oral history of George H.W. Bush’s presidency(Washington Post)

October 14: “’Gargantuan large’ investment in infrastructure needed, experts say(Washington Post)

October 3: “CBS News Correspondent Visits UVa(Charlottesville Newsplex)

September 30: “Miller Center compiling oral history of first President Bush(Daily Progress)

September 21: “Reforming patent law necessary” (Daily Progress)

September 20: “Miller Center gives Worrell the Scott Award” (Daily Progress)

September 12: “Seven Best Books on 9/11 and the U.S. Response” (Council on Foreign Relations blog)

September 12: “A Reevaluation of President Bush” (Commentary)

September 12: “Significance of 9/11’s Impact Upon U.S. Foreign Policy Should Not Be Overestimated, Leffler Says” (UVA Today)

September 11: “9/11 and US foreign policy” (The Jamaica Gleaner)

September 11: “Manhattan rebuilds but the scars remain” (Brisbane Times)

September 9: “UVa professor analyzes Bush actions post 9/11” (Daily Progress)

August 29: “Miller Center Looks Ahead to Fall Focus on National and International Issues” (UVA Today)

August 19: “Just like Taft” (Politico)

August 17: “The Evolution of the Campaign Poster” (The Atlantic)

August 11: “Where’s Waldo? At the White House, in your computer… where *isn’t* Waldo?” (The Hook)

August 3: “Program co-hosted by UVa historians gets grant to expand” (Daily Progress)

August 2: “BackStory Expands from Monthly to Weekly” (NBC 29)

August 1: “’BackStory’ Wins NEH Grant to Become a Weekly Radio Show” (UVA Today)

July 11: “House Highway Bill Includes Miller Center’s Mineta-Skinner Transportation Report Recommendations” (UVA Today)

July 7: “New Web Site Decodes State Laws” (NBC 29)

July 7: “U.Va.’s Miller Center Will Help Put States’ Laws Online for Easy Public Use” (UVA Today)

July 5: “House GOP expected to ax transportation funds” (Washington Post)

July 3: “Exclusive Interview with Admiral Joseph Wilson Prueher, Former US Ambassador to China” (China Central Television)

July 1: “Roberts Supreme Court’s Partisan Split Shows New Justices Are Predictable” (Bloomberg News)

June 26: “American colleges must take the lead” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

June 25: “Hits and misses” (Virginian Pilot)

June 24: “House rebukes Obama on Libya, but won’t cut funds” (Los Angeles Times)

June 23: “Who Takes us to War?” (Washington Post)

June 22: “Grant to Miller Center aims to help clarify state codes” (Daily Progress)

June 22: “War Powers wrangle: Contentious act of Vietnam-era assertion by Congress needs careful tweaking” (Houston Chronicle)

June 21: “Grant to let researchers finish studying LBJ recordings, move on to Nixon” (Staunton News-Leader)

June 21: “Grant Helps Fund Research on Secret Presidential Recordings” (NBC 29)

June 17: “County man honored at White House event” (Daily Progress)

June 17: “Why don’t Americans know their history?” (Minnesota Public Radio)

June 17: “Miller Center's Presidential Recordings Program Awarded Grant for Digital LBJ Volumes” (UVA Today)

June 15: “The Sophists’ War” (The National Interest)

June 13: Ken Hughes on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

June 13: “The Power Broker’s Other Voice” (Slate)

June 9: “Breaking the war powers stalemate” (Washington Post)

June 7: “In memory of a dedicated public servant” (Daily Progress)

June 6: “Ex-Secretary of State Eagleburger dies in Charlottesville” (Daily Progress)

June 6: “Lawrence S. Eagleburger Has Died” (UVA Today)

June 1: “China Lobbies Washington for Arms” (

May 10: “Miller Center forum to focus on WikiLeaks case” (Daily Progress)

May 9: “Chronicling Kennedy’s Life” (PDF) (Roll Call)

May 4: “Governor’s decision less about economics” (Staunton News Leader)

May 1: “Education lab envisioned in Patrick schools” (Martinsville Bulletin)

April 29: “New LBJ Tapes Suggest Past is Prologue” (National Journal)

April 28: “The Johnson White House Tapes and Civil Rights” (

April 27: “Tapes Reveal a President Frustrated With the Opposition” (New York Times’ “Caucus” blog)

April 25: “Jack Kemp Rescued the American Century” (Forbes)

April 24: “Election in Turkey: Implications – domestic, regional and international” (Daily Progress)

March 23: “Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady of the New Frontier” (Barbara Perry at the U.S. Capitol Historical Society) (C-SPAN)

April 4: “Lugar Presses for Taiwan F-16 Sale to Avoid ‘Urgent’ Shortage” (Bloomberg)

April 2: “Gillard faces wary strangers in China” (Sydney Morning Herald)

March 31: “US Ties with Taiwan Questioned” (Radio Free Asia)

February 21: “Remembering the Civil War” (Gary Gallagher Forum) (C-SPAN)

April 1: “US arms sales creating ‘vicious circle’” (Taipei Times)

March 31: “’Protracted Negotiations’ Solution to U.S.-China Tensions?” (Wall Street Journal)

March 31: “U.Va. overhauls Ph.D. program” (Cavalier Daily)

March 29: “Gender and the Supreme Court’s Wal-Mart Case” (The Take Away)

March 29: “Obama laying out his case on Libya Monday night(Associated Press)

March 29: “Dictator Tour or U.S. Diplomacy? Carter’s Trip to Cuba Raises Eyebrows” (

March 27: “Wal-Mart asks Supreme Court to deny class-action suit by female workers” (Washington Post)

March 26: “UVa looks at tweaking graduate student fellowships” (Daily Progress)

March 25: “’Kennedys’ are a coup for Hubbard Broadcasting” (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

March 22: “Stanford mourns the loss of diplomat Warren Christopher, alumnus of Stanford Law School and former chair of the Board of Trustees,” (Stanford University News)

March 19: “UVA Remembers Warren Christopher” (NBC 29)

March 17: “Tea Partiers: Hypocrites on big government?” (San Francisco Chronicle)

March 16: “17th Annual Virginia Festival of the Book” (Charlottesville Newsplex)

March 11: “Expert advises ‘from the bottom up’ work in Mideast” (Daily Progress)

March 10: “U.Va.’s Miller Center Publishes New Book on the State of the U.S. Military,” (UVA Today)

March 5: “Thurgood Marshall” (New York Times)

March 2: “Ex-Gov. Baliles receives Economic Impact Award” (Daily Press)

February 28: “Best Facebook Pages for Audio & Video Learning” (

February 28: “Flash Mobs to Learn at UVA” (NBC 29)

February 24: “Johnson to Marshall: ‘I have a rather big problem…’” (

February 21: “Tapes provide record of inner workings of White House” (WTOP)

February 21: “Civil War expert: North fought to preserve Union” (Daily Progress)

February 20: “A University of Virginia student has a bright idea: ‘Flash Seminars’” (Washington Post)

February 18: “Miller Center to offer tours” (Daily Progress)

February 18: “Top Legal Analyst Shares Insight on Harrington, Love Cases” (Charlottesville Newsplex)

February 17: “The Constitution Today” (The Diane Rehm Show)

February 16: “Miller Center Looks Back at Reagan’s Foreign Policy” (UVA Today News Blog)

February 11: “Mulroney marks Reagan’s centennial with warm tribute, praises Harper ” (Toronto Star)

February 11: “Mulroney offers Harper tips on how to get security-perimeter deal with U.S.” (The Globe and Mail)

February 11: “UVa speaker: Mexico will survive drug crisis” (Daily Progress)

February 10: “Leroy R. Hassell Sr., Virginia's first black chief justice, dies at 55” (Washington Post)

February 10: “In Memoriam: Leroy R. Hassell Sr.” (UVA Today)

February 10: “Virginia Supreme Court Justice Leroy Hassell dies at 55 ” (Virginian-Pilot)

February 10: “Remembering the City of Hope” (Cavalier Daily)

February 10: “Webb: Decision to retire came after talking with family” (Washington Post’ “Virginia Politics” blog)

February 10: “Former Va. Gov. Gerald Baliles Remembers Leroy Hassell Sr.” [MP3 file] (WAMU)

February 9: “Va. Supreme Court Justice Hassell dies at 55” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

January 27: “The Making of the President in 1960” (Michael Duffy Forum) (C-SPAN)

January 27: “University of Virginia Experts Available to Comment on Reagan Centenary” (UVA Today)

January 25: “’History Behind the Headlines’ Course Features Miller Center Colloquium Series” (UVA Today)

January 25: “Roberts to Lead Delegation of Six Supreme Court Justices at Obama Address” (Bloomberg News)

January 24: “Mr. Obama, tear down this wall!” (The Hill’s Congress Blog)

January 21: “Look at King’s ‘Own Words’ Reminds Us of His Radical Moral Vision” (UVA Today)

January 20: “King’s social justice views often glossed over, experts say” (McClatchy Newspapers)

January 20: “Making history” (Cavalier Daily)

January 19: “Forum Explores ‘King in His Own Words’” (Charlottesville Newsplex)

January 18: “Notes: Presidential Recordings Series; Borders Sets Deadline” (Shelf Awareness)

January 17: “Miller Center Forum Chair to Step Down” (Charlottesville Newsplex)

January 16: "Martin Luther King Jr. Day Events Planned" (Daily Progress)

January 12: “Executive Consolation” (New York Times)

January 6: “Pelosi Makes History Again” (Politico)

2010 News Coverage:

December 26:  “A weight-distance tax: Apportion the burden fairly” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

December 18: “Public Broadcasting Too Valuable to Lose” (Staunton News Leader)

December 14: “Governors and Education Leaders Discuss Ways to Improve Higher Education in a Struggling Economy” (UVA Today

December 9: “Conference Looks at Crisis in Higher Education” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

December 6: “UVa conference aims to produce influential education report” (Daily Progress)

December 6: “Miller Center Hosts Discussion on Future of Higher Education” (Charlottesville Newsplex)

December 5: “Higher Education Summit Held at UVA” (NBC 29)

December 1: “U.Va. Miller Center Programs to Air on Delta Air Lines” (UVA Today)

December 1: “U.Va. Miller Center Programs to Air on Delta Air Lines” (Charlottesville Newsplex)

December 1: “Delta airs UVA Miller Center Programs on Flights” (NBC 29)

November: “The Walls of Jericho Must Come Down!” (Pennsylvania Legacies) [p. 24]

November 30: “Delta to carry Miller Center programming” (Daily Progress)

November 19: “Question of costs stalling energy talks” (Daily Progress)

November 17: “Bookend to a Presidency” (Wall Street Journal)

November 16: “Dominion CEO: More than 1 ‘inconvenient truth’” (Daily Progress)

November 15: “No Quick Fix for Global Fiscal Crisis” (Politico)

November 10: "Riding the Rails, Looking for Work" (Huffington Post)

October 26: "House leadership in the 112th Congress" (The Hill’s Congress Blog)

October 25: "Obama: Infrastructure a Top Priority" (National Journal)

October 20: "How do we pay for America’s roads?" (Virginian-Pilot)

October 19: "Miller Center’s Baliles Earns Chesapeake Environmental Award" (UVA Today)

October 18: "Larger Electorate May Offset Citizens United, Experts Say" (Courthouse News Service)

October 12: Live Coverage of the Caplin Conference on the World Economy: Panel 1, Panel 2 (C-SPAN)

October 12: "Global Uncertainty to keep central banks on alert" (Business with the Wall Street Journal)

October 12: "Former Obama aide urges more Fed stimulus" (Reuters)

October 12: "China’s Zhou urges patience in correcting imbalances" (Reuters)

October 12: "Countries must focus on global picture: top central bankers" (Market Watch)

October 12: "Mervyn King: Regulators can’t rely on bank models" (Market Watch)

October 12: "PBOC’s Zhou: changes Too Quick May Cause Overshooting" (Market News International)

October 12: "Volcker: ‘We’re Maybe Halfway There’ With Financial Reforms" (Bloomberg)

October 12: "Mervyn King: Regulators need courage to tackle risks" (IFFAonline, UK)

October 11: "Underfunded U.S. Transportation System Threatens U.S. Competitiveness" (The Urban Transportation Monitor) (PDF)

October 11: "Obama Briefed on U.Va. Miller Center Transportation Report" (UVA. Today)

October 11: "President Obama Briefed on UVa Miller Center Report" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

October 11: "America requires new vision" (Hampton Roads Smart Region)

October 11: "User fees down the road?" (Roanoke Times)

October 11: "Steering around the hazard of falling gas tax revenue" (The Oregonian)

October 10: "Solving America’s gas addiction problem" (Daily Progress)

October 8: "What do all of the White House resignations mean?" (BBC News)

October 7: "Tax on Vehicle Miles Traveled Gains Support, but Raises Orwellian Questions," (New York Times)

October 4: "Miller Center, Ex-DOT Secretaries Outline Fixes for U.S. Transportation System" (UVA Today)

October 4: "Failing U.S. transportation system will imperil prosperity, report finds" (Washington Post)

October 4: "Miller Center Report Suggests Transportation Fixes" (UVA Today blog)

October 3: "Supreme Court opens term with three women, potential for partisan divide" (Washington Post)

October 1: "CBS News analyst talks famous court cases" (Daily Progress)

September: "Jacqueline Kennedy: Style With Substance" (U.S. News & World Report Special Edition)

September 21: "Backers Say Warren Has Time to Make Her Mark" (Women’s E-News)

September 20: "Ronald Reagan’s Hollywood Tips for Staying Youthful" (U.S. News & World Report’s "Washington Whispers" blog)

September 17: "Politico staffers talk mid-term elections at Miller Center" (Daily Progress)

September 15: "New Oval Office Rug Points Out Lack of Inspirational Rhetoric Among Presidents" (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

September 10: "Ex-ambassador sees lessons in long war" (Daily Progress)

September 7: "First-Ever Event Shares ‘Secrets and Traditions of U.Va.’ " (UVA Today)

September 6: "University secrets" (Cavalier Daily)

September 5: "Early on, Obama was more polarizing than we knew" (Washington Post

September 3: "Digital Pick: Executive Summary" (New Yorker)

August 30: "Former 9/11 Commission head: To build nations, start local" (Daily Progress)

August 28: "Miller Center marks 35 years of enhancing the public discourse" (Daily Progress)

August 13: "Could President Obama replace Biden with Hillary in 2012?" (Daily Caller)

2009 News Coverage:

December 3: "Batten School Looks to Expand Offerings" (Cavalier Daily)

December 1: "Making the Case for War" (New York Times)

November 30: "Enron Journalist Speaks at UVA" (WVIR-TV NBC 29)

November 17: "Actor Richard Dreyfuss, Warning of Decline of America, Calls for Renewed Civics Education" (UVA Today)

November 16: "Dreyfuss Speaks at Miller Center" (NBC 29)

November 16: "Actor Richard Dreyfuss Talks Civics at the University of Virginia" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

November 12: Actor Richard Dreyfuss to Speak Twice at U.Va. on Monday" (UVA Today)

November 12: UVA's Miller Center to do Oral History of Bush Presidency (NBC 29)

November 12: "Bush selects U.Va's Miller Center to Conduct His Official Oral History" (UVA Today)

November 12: "UVA Center to do Oral History of Bush Presidency" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

November 12: "George W. Bush Chooses UVa for Oral History Project" (Talking Points Memo)

November 11: "U.Va. Partners With Local Company to Develop NowComment Software (UVA Today)

October 30: "Center opens second office" (Cavalier Daily)

October 27: "Stepping back in time with the history guys" (MPR News)

October 25: "Is it morning in America, or has hope given way to malaise?" (CNN)

October 19: "Standing Down: How Popular Should America Want to Be?" (Weekly Standard)

October 12: "Miller Center Fellow Eric Lomazoff on WINA's Charlottesville-Right Now" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

October 8: "U.Va.-Led Study Finds Global Dissatisfaction with U.S., Despite Obama's Popularity" (UVA Today)

October 5: "Think Again: America's Image" (Foreign Policy)

October 5: "Abizaid looks at the big picture" (Foreign Policy)

October 3: "Transportation Policies Have Miles to Go and Not Much Time" (Washington Post)

October 2: "Study shows opinion of U.S. policy still negative" (Cavalier Daily)

October 1: "Global Warming Toward U.S. Masks Deeper Trend" (National Journal)

September 29: "A Turning Point For Afghan War, And For Obama" (NPR News)

September 24: "Miller Center Fellow Brendan Green on WINA's Charlottesville-Right Now" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

September 15: "Road and Rail Spending Proposals Stall as Lawmakers Punt on Revenue Fix" (Greenwire via the New York Times)

September 11: "Mineta Visits Charlottesville" (NBC 29)

September 10: "Charlottesville-Right Now: Brian Balogh on Digital Politics" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

September 9: "Sidney Milkis on Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive Party, and the Transformation of American Democracy" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

August 28: "Despite Successes, Kennedy Left Unfinished Business" (New York Times)

August 27: "Charlottesville Mayor Outlines Local Housing Challenges for Batten Student Practicum" (UVA Today)

August 27: "Oral History Captures Ted Kennedy's Life, Legacy" (NewsHour Online)

August 27: "U.Va law school days showed promise of a power-to-be" (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

August 27: "Edward M. Kennedy, Senate Stalwart, is Dead at 77" (New York Times)

August 26: "Ted Kennedy, 'the Liberal Lion,' dies at 77" (Minnesota Public Radio)

August 26: "U.Va Professor, Colleague Remembers Senator Kennedy" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

August 26: "Eagleburger, Young Remember Kennedy" (NBC 29)

August 26: "U.Va Professor Reflects on Kennedy's Death" (WHSV-TV Harrisonburg)

August 19: "Bill Clinton at Age 63: Has He Regained his Mojo?" (ABC News)

August 13: "Will Obama's promises get mugged by reality?" (Christian Science Monitor)

August 3: "Charlottesville-Right Now: Taylor Reveley" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

July 20: "The Other President" (The Globe and Mail)

July 13: "Drive-Time History, With a Dry Sense of Humor" (Chronicle of Higher Education)

July 8: "Why the left misjudges GOP sex scandals" (Christian Science Monitor)

July 7: "AUDIO: Robert McNamara's phone calls with John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson" (Politico)

July 7: "Ex-Defense secretary Robert McNamara dies at 93" (USA Today)

July 7: "What Carter Got Wrong: Book Recalls 'Malaise' Talk" (Roll Call)

June 25: "Nixon: The unexpurgated words of a President close to the edge" (The Independent (UK))

June 25: "Nixon was ready to 'cut off head' of S. Vietnam leader" (The China Post)

June 25: "Offensive new tapes of Richard Nixon released"  (Radio New Zealand)

June 24: "New batch of Nixon tapes released" (Los Angeles Times)

June 23: "New Nixon Tapes are Big News at UVA's Miller Center" (UVA Today)

June 23: "Tapes Reveal Nixon's View of Abortion" (New York Times)

June 23: "New Nixon tapes released on Tuesday" (Politico)

June 23: "Long live the Democrats? Not so fast." (Christian Science Monitor)

June 22: "Obama on his own addiction; Nixon library releases more tapes" (USA Today, "The Oval" blog)

June 18: Marc Selverstone on "Charlottesville – Right Now" (WINA-1070AM/Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

June 15: "Americans Love Government – As Long as They Can't See It" (History News Network)

May 3: "Miller Center Forum: Can We Save Detroit?" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

May 28: "Beyond Abstraction: Moving The Public on Climate Action" (Yale Environment 360)

May 28: "'BackStory' History Guys to Examine Unemployment in Live Taping of Radio Show" (UVA Today)

May 14: "Expenses and Effects the Focus of Miller Center Debate on America's Energy Future" (UVA Today)

May 6: Brian Balogh on "Charlottesville – Right Now" (WINA-1070AM/Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

May 1: "Miller Center Forum: The First Hundred Days" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

April 27: "NBC's Matthews Discusses Obama in Charlottesville" (NBC 29)

April 26, 2009: How Obama's first 100 days stack up (San Francisco Chronicle)

April 24: "Handshake sent message to potential allies" (Columbus Dispatch)

April 22: "Potential Affirmative Action Policy Changes Focus of Miller Center Debate" (The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer)

April 18: "Is the world out of balance?" (Foreign Policy)

April 17: "News Coverage Of 'Tea Parties' Raises Concern" (NPR)

April 16: "Miller Center Debate: Should Inequality Be Addressed by Race- or Class-Based Affirmative Action?" (UVA Today)

April 15: "Jefferson Medal Recipients in Law, Architecture and Citizen Leadership Share Thoughts in Public Talks" (UVA Today)

April 14: "UVA Honors Former Secretary of State Christopher" (NBC 29)

April 14: "Warren Christopher in Charlottesville" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

April 13: "Obama Wins First Pirate Battle. More To Come?" (

March/April 2009 issue: "Bank Shots: How the Financial System can Isolate Rogues" (Foreign Affairs)

March 31: "Charlottesville-Right Now: George Gilliam" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

March 17: "University of Virginia's 2009 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medals Go to Artist, Diplomat and Innocence Project Co-Founders" (UVA Today)

March 16: "BackStory' Receives Major Backing from National Endowment for the Humanities" (UVA Today)

March 9: "In wartime, Congress must step up to check president" (Indianapolis Star)

March 8: "Responsibility" (Washington Post)

February 26: "Lincoln Prize Goes to McPherson and Symonds" (Washington Post's "A House Divided" blog)

February 25: "Nation's Infrastructure Needs Are Urgent, Say Miller Center Panelists Rendell, Schwarzenegger" (UVA Today)

February 21: "Arnold and Ed" (Politico)

February 20: "Public Works Projects: Do they stimulate the economy more than tax cuts?" (CQ Researcher)

February 20: "Weaver Links Punitive Policy to Race" (Virginia Law Weekly)

February 19: "All the president's books" (Minnesota Public Radio)

February 17: "Miller Center National Debate Series Launches with Infrastructure Discussion at National Governors' Meeting" (UVA Today)

February 9: "Obama's leadership and the challenges" (Minnesota Public Radio)

February 7: "Assessing Lincoln's life and influence" (Florida Times-Union)

February 6: "A Bipartisan Blow To Smoking in Va." (Washington Post)

February 5: "Lessons of Depression up for fresh discussion" (Las Vegas Sun)

February 4: "Former Virginia Governor, Miller Center Director Receives Award" (NBC 29)

February 4: "Former Governor Named Virginian of the Year" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

February 4: "Former Gov. Is 'Virginian Of The Year" (Associated Press)

February 1: "John Dean's Role at Issue in Nixon Tapes Feud" (New York Times)

January 29: "Defending a 9/11 Terrorist" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

January 27: "Political Cartoonist Oliphant Visits U.Va. to Share His Representation of the Human Folly" (UVA Today)

January 23: "Political Cartoonist Pat Oliphant Entertains During Discussion at UVa" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

January 21: "With reassurance and a call to action, speech hits its mark" (Denver Post)

January 20: "Obama Trades Soaring Oratory For Tough Talk" (

January 18: "Still Editing? A Few Words of Advice." (Washington Post)

January 17: "Obama's Management Style Will Be Key to His Success, Analysts Say" (

January 15: "Debating the Bush Legacy" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

January 8: "Practise what you preach" (Times Higher Education)

2008 News Coverage:

December 20: "Lawman's Unwavering Compass Led Him to White House Showdown" (Washington Post)

December 17: "Leffler Book tapped to win Prize" (WTJU)

December 17: "Perspective on Financial Panic" (Tulane University News blog)

December 12: "Conference Considers How to Combat Climate Change Without Direct Taxation" (UVA Today)

December 11: "UVa Climate Change Conference Begins" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

December 11: "Obama to Hear Panel on Changes to War Powers Act" (New York Times)

December 11: "Obama Talks War Powers Revision" (ABC News -- The Note)

December 4: "Leffler Tapped for Beer Prize for Tome on the End of Cold War" (UVA Today)

November 25: "Analysis: Critics Warn Obama's New 'New Deal' Is Not an Economic Silver Bullet" (

November 25: "Liberals, too, should reject the Fairness Doctrine" (Christian Science Monitor)

November 20: "Obama's Cabinet Picks Heavy on Washington Experience" (

November 17: "'BackStory' History Public Radio Show Wins National Award" (UVA Today)

November 17: "The Suburban Sunbelt and the Making and Unmaking of the Conservative Republican Majority" (History News Network)

November 2: "When There's Nothing Left to Do but Wait" (Washington Post | Video/Audio Slideshow)

November/December 2008 issue: "Review: To Lead the World" (Foreign Affairs)

October 30: "'BackStory' Election Show Gains National Broadcast Traction" (UVA Today)

October 29: "Battleground Virginia" (Reuters TVRadio (Video))

October 27: "The Candidates' Temperaments: Who's a Better Fit for the Job?" (TIME)

October 27: "What Kind of Temperament is Best?" (TIME)

October 24: "Cartoonist Daryl Cagle Sketches Obama, McCain and the Future of His Craft" (UVA Today)

October 23: "Nuclear Power May Be in Early Stages of a Revival" (New York Times; reprinted in the International Herald Tribune)

October 22: "Poll: Majority of Virginians worried about climate change" (The Virginian-Pilot)

October 22: "Virginians' Attitudes About Global Warming Hinge on Local Weather" (UVA Today)

October 22: "For McCain, father's error holds lesson" (Boston Globe)

October 21: "Miller Center Hosts Panel on Climate Change and Virginia Residents" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

October 20: "The Rise of the West Wing" (Explorations/UVA Today)

October 16: "Third presidential debate: Was there a winner?" (Minnesota Public Radio)

October 14: "Expanded Bailout Differs From Original Plan" (NPR)

October 13: "Food Price Inflation Talk at Miller Center" (NBC29)

September 30: "Dozier Fights Back to Front Lines of Journalism After Iraqi Car Bomb" (UVA Today)

September 29: "Journalist Kimberly Dozier Speaks at UVA" (NBC29)

September 29: "CBS Reporter Kimberly Dozier Visits UVa" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

September 26: "What Barack Obama and John McCain need to do tonight" (London Telegraph (blog))

September 25: "McCain, Obama Spar Over Crisis as First Debate May Be Casualty" (Bloomberg)

September 25: "New Software to Drive Discussion Post Obama-McCain Debate" (AppScout by PC Magazine)

September 24: "Lynn Sanders and Vesla Weaver on Charlottesville Right Now" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

September 22: "The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on America" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

September 21:" Hey, What Could Go Wrong?" (Washington Post)

September 20: "The Panama Canal Treaties and The Rise of the Right" (Charlottesville Podcasting Network)

September 18: "James K. Polk: Man of Manifest Destiny" (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

September 10: "Global Finance Summit Draws Lessons From Fannie, Freddie Bailout" (UVA Today)

September 9: "Former Finance Ministers Speak Their Minds at Summit" (CNBC)

September 9: "Global Nightmare: If Fannie Mae and Freddie Had Failed" (NPR)

September 9: "Rudd made big mistakes on economy: Costello" (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

September 9: "Former Finance Minster Stresses Balance Between Oil Producers and Consumers" (NBC29)

September 9: "Global Summit Wraps Up at UVa" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

September 8: "US economy not out of the woods despite Fannie-Freddie bailout" (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

September 7: "World Leaders Visit UVA for Summit" (NBC29)

September 4: "Financial Leaders Convening at U.Va. For Global Summit" (UVA Today)

August 25:" Tech-Savvy Presidential Candidates" (Slideshow) (Business Week)

August 4: "Bill Clinton Says U.S. Health System Fails at AIDS Prevention" (Bloomberg)

July 21: "'Imagine what they'd do if you didn't stay on their ass!' -- JFK on Wasteful Air Force Spending" (History News Network)

July 3: "Miller Center uploads presidents to YouTube" (The Hook)

July 2: "What Obama Can Learn From Bubba" (Huffington Post)

June 15: "Historians see little chance for McCain" (Politico)

June 14: "The Perils of Polling" (History News Network)

June 11: "5 lessons for picking a running mate" (USA Today)

June 10: "Conceiving a New Agenda for Public Higher Education" (Inside Higher Ed)

June 8: "How No. 2 got the job" (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette)

June 6: "Obama backer, 93, 'never thought I'd see it' in his life" (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

June 3: "Spiro!" (Politico)

June 1: "They're No. 2! And Here's How They Got There" (Washington Post)

May 30: "Former Treasury Secretary Helps Announce Summit at UVA" (NBC29)

May 30: "Former Treasury Secretary Speaks On Economy At Miller Center" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

May 29: "Hamilton Jordan's Message to Obama" (Washington Post)

May 29: "Historians Provide 'BackStory' and Fresh Perspective on Current Events on New Radio Program" (History News Network)

May 29: "Historians Provide 'BackStory' and Fresh Perspective on Current Events on New Radio Program" (Newswise)

May 27: "Historians Provide 'BackStory' and Fresh Perspective on Current Events on New Radio Program" (UVA Today)

May 22:" Miller Center Awards 2008-09 Fellowships to Nine Accomplished Scholars" (UVA Today)

May 22: "Hamilton Jordan: Reflections on politics" (Politico)

May 20: "Newsweek's Evan Thomas Warns Miller Center Audience of Downward Pull of American Politics" (UVA Today)

May 13: "Democrats say let the contest continue: Contenders Who Hung On" (Sidebar) (USA Today)

May 9: "McCain's Age and Past Health Problems Could Be An Issue in the Presidential Race" (U.S. News & World Report)

May 9: "Serving Others, Serving the Community: U.Va. 2008 Sullivan Award Winners" (UVA Today)

May 7: "Broadcaster Cokie Roberts Speaks at UVA Forum" (NBC29)

May 7: "Acclaimed Journalist Makes Stop In Charlottesville" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

May 5: "First Female Press Secretary Visits UVA for Women in Politics Talk" (NBC29)

April 6: "Keep your enemies closer" (Los Angeles Times)

April 6: "Our First Black President?" (New York Times Magazine)

March 27: "University of Virginia's New Digital Media 'Groups Lab' Helps Students Complete Class Projects in the Digital Age" (UVA Today)

March 23: "Biography a stirring account of Lincoln's presidency" (The Oregonian)

March 13: "Was There a 'Bush Doctrine'?" (New York Times Freakonomics blog)

March 10: "Authors Discuss Healthcare Woes at UVA" (NBC29)

March 6: "It's 3 a.m. Who do you want answering the phone?" (Salon)

February 20: "How important is oratory to Obama and other politicians?" (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

February 17: "What Experience Does This Upstart from Illinois Have? Will He be Ready from 'Day One'?" (Fredericksburg Freelance-Star)

February 17: "They Don't Make Debates Like This Anymore" (Washington Post)

February 17: "The Presidents history forgot (Standard Times" (New Bedford, Mass.)

February 12: "Virginia, la rivincita dei valori americani" (Photos) (Il Sole)

February 11: "The power of the youth vote" (MSNBC's "Hardball")

February 10: "Happy birthday, Abe: 2 worthy new books are timed for our 16th president's bicentennial" (Toledo Blade)

February 5, 2008: Racial heritage of six former presidents is questioned (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

January 29: "President Bush's agenda for his last year in office" (Minnesota Public Radio)

January 28: "The Lincoln Compulsion" (TIME)

January 23: "Mo Jones returns to City work" (The Hook)

January 23: "Trapped: Leffler examines the Cold War" (U.Va.'s Arts & Sciences magazine)

January 22: "Women Angry Over Oprah-Obama Campaign" (

January 21: "Professor Says There's 'Unfinished Business' When it Comes to Race Relations" (NBC29)

January 6: "The Cold War in Hindsight" (Washington Post)

2007 News Coverage:

December 13: "What might define the next president" (The Economist's Democracy in America podcast)

December 10: "Kaine eager to help Obama's V-P search" (The Hook)

December 10: "Governor Kaine comes to town" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

December 6: "Miller Center Awards Elizabeth Scott Award for Exemplary Leadership to Dr. Milton T. Edgerton and Patricia Jones Edgerton" (UVA Today)

December 5: "JFK's Religion Speech" (

December 5: "The Salon Gift Guide: Gifts for the political junkie" (Salon)

November/December 2007: "Book Review: For the Soul of Mankind" (Foreign Affairs)

November 27: "Kennedy Memoirs Said to Fetch $8 Million" (New York Times)

November 27: "Kennedy agrees to pen memoirs in lucrative deal" (Boston Globe)

November 15: "Nixon on Tape: Reagan Was 'Shallow' and of 'Limited Mental Capacity'" (Mother Jones)

November 9: "Marc Rotenberg: Privacy vs. Security? Privacy." (The Huffington Post)

October 2: "The Unmaking of the Cold War" (Christian Science Monitor)

September 28: "Nixon, Hoover Bashed Justices in '71 Phone Call" (Washington Post)

September 26: "Dick and J. Edgar Diss Kay Graham: Eavesdropping on a Nixon-Hoover Telephone Call" (Slate)

September 26: "Nixon's Jew Count: the Whole Story!" (Slate)

September 19: "Miller Center Debate Asks: Is Keeping Troops in Iraq in America's Best Interests?" (UVA Today)

September 13: "A history of lost opportunities" (The Economist)

September 13: "Higher Education Policy Expert Blenda Wilson Named Compton Visiting Scholar at the Miller Center" (UVA Today)

September 10: "Move to the Head of the Class: Recent Graduate Returns to Teach" (UVA Today)

July 1: "J.F.K. Turns to the C.I.A. to Plug a leak" (New York Times)

June 19: "A New Global Blueprint" (New York Times)

April 25: "A Skeptical Vietnam Voice Still Echoes in the Fog of Iraq" (New York Times)

April 23: "Miller Center Reacts to Yeltsin Death" (Charlottesville Newsplex)

April 11: "Nixon Tapes Reflect Same Tug of War Between President, Congress as Now" (The Politico)

March 13: "Joseph Metcalf III Dies at 79; Led Invasion of Grenada" (New York Times)

March 9: "A Scholarly Salesman Takes Over the Nixon Library" (Chronicle of Higher Education)

February 28: "Baker, Christopher to head war power panel" (USA Today)

February 28: "Baker, Christopher to chair war powers panel" (Salon)

February 28: "U.Va.'s Miller Center of Public Affairs Launches War Powers Commission" (UVA Today)

February 26: "Executive Outcomes" (American Prospect)

February 12: "University of Virginia, Miller Center of Public Affairs Enhance Policy Studies with Schlesinger Distinguished Professorship" (UVA Today)

February 2: "Cameras in the Courtroom Talk with Jack Ford" (WVIR-NBC29)

February 1: "'First Gentleman' Might Be Mrs. President's Better Half or Worst Enemy" (

January 30: "Clinton's Early Life: As Remembered by Others" (University of Arkansas Daily Headlines)

January 24: "Tone not as bold as a year ago" (USA Today)

January 14: "A little silence can be golden: Political speeches too often lack drama" (San Francisco Chronicle)

January 10: "U.Va.'s Miller Center Launches New Web Site" (UVA Today)

2006 News Coverage:

December 17: "Russian Roulette" (New York Times)

December 9: "Jeane Kirkpatrick, Reagan's Forceful Envoy, Dies" (New York Times)

December 8: "In Transportation Debate, a Prominent Voice" (Washington Post)

December 5: "Fly Me to the Moon Station" (New York Times)

November 17: "Role of White House Counsel Examined" (Virginia Law Weekly)

November 9: "Bush's Presidential quagmire" (Salon)

October 27: "Rice's Counselor Gives Advice Others May Not Want to Hear" (New York Times)

July 23: "Bush's Record: One Veto, Many No's" (New York Times)

April 11: "Federal Director For Nixon Library" (New York Times)

January 30: "Aide: Reagan left Marines vulnerable in 1983 Beirut" (USA Today)

January 24: "Oral History Recalls the Reagan White House" (National Public Radio, "Talk of the Nation")

2005 News Coverage:

December 20: "Congressional oversight of intelligence never easy" (USA Today)

December 9: "State official says Iran is closing in on nuke weapons" (USA Today)

October 7: "The LBJ Tapes: A Crony on the Court?" (Slate)

July 10: "'Blind Spot' and 'Preventing Surprise Attacks': It Didn't Start on 9/11" (New York Times)

May 10: "Lincoln's Humility" (New York Times)

May 9: "'The Presidential Recordings': L.B.J.'s Chat Room" (New York Times)

2004 News Coverage:

December 6: "Oral history planed for Sen. Kennedy" (Boston Globe)

May 25: "9/11 Panel Chooses Publisher for Report" (New York Times)

March 20: "Clinton Aides Plan to Tell Panel Of Warning bush Team on Qaeda" (New York Times)

January 16: "Tax Cuts in Camelot?" (Slate)

2003 News Coverage:

December 7: "Let's Go to the Tape" (New York Times)

October 10: "Is the 9/11 commission too soft?" (Salon)

July 22: "The Cuban Missile Tape Crisis" (Slate)

May 10: "American Empire, Not 'If' but 'What Kind'" (New York Times)

February 18: "Reviewing Presidential Tapes And Their Place in History" (New York Times)

January 28: "9/11 Committee Members Establish Rules On Financial Disclosures and Recusals" (New York Times)

2002 News Coverage:

October 7: "Report Calls for Plan of Sharing Date to Prevent Terror" (New York Times)

2001 News Coverage:

July 31: "Commission Urges Overhaul of Election System" (New York Times)

April 4: "Analysis of Florida Ballots Proves Favorable to Bush" (New York Times)

February 18: "A New View of Where America Fits in the World" (New York Times)

2000 News Coverage:

January 13: "For Arms Control Study, One School Rules" (New York Times)

199 News Coverage:

June 3: "Is it peace yet?" (Salon)

April 24: "Round and Round On U.S. Interests; Kosovo Rekindles a Debate, Dormant for Nearly a Decade, Of America's Global Role" (New York Times)