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In keeping with its mission as a nonpartisan institute that seeks to expand understanding of the presidency, policy and political history, the Miller Center is host to regular conferences and special events that inform public debate and national decision-making. Miller Center scholars are experts on a wide array of topics related to the American presidency, U.S. policy and political history.

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Press Releases (PDFs):

March 31, 2015: “UVa Miller Center Announces National Commission on Financing 21st Century Higher Education”

January 30, 2015: UVa Miller Center Launches Unique Website Offering Lessons from History for Today’s Issues

January 14, 2015: UVa Miller Center Milstein Commission Led by Steve Case and Carly Fiorina Releases Report on Creating Middle-Class Jobs Through Entrepreneurship

December 22, 2014: Thomas R. Pickering, Former Under Secretary of State & US Ambassador to the UN, Named UVa Miller Center Schlesinger Professor

December 8, 2014: William Antholis Named New Executive Director of U.Va. Miller Center

November 24, 2014: UVa Miller Center Releases More Clinton Presidential History Project Interviews

November 18, 2014: UVa Miller Center Report Proposes 8 Steps to Advance US-EU Free Trade Pact

November 14, 2014:  UVa Miller Center Releases Clinton Presidential History Project

October 22, 2014: Miller Center Announces 2014–15 Student Ambassadors

August 20, 2014: State Lawmakers Get Briefings on UVa Miller Center’s Health Care Cost Containment Report

August 18, 2014: U.Va. Miller Center To Offer New Fellowships in Legal and Business History

May 13, 2014: The Commission on Entrepreneurship and Middle Class Jobs has just been announced

April 29, 2014: U.Va. Miller Center Announces 2014-15 National Fellows

April 3, 2014: Gerald L. Baliles to Step Down as Director of the Miller Center of Public Affairs

February 18, 2014: UVa Miller Center to Examine Finance Options for U.S. Higher Education

February 11, 2014: UVa Miller Center Memo to President & Congress: Lawmakers Must Focus on Four Elements to Achieve Immigration Reform

January 16, 2014: Sens. Tim Kaine, John McCain Introduce Bill Based on Recommendations of UVa Miller Center’s War Powers Commission

January 8, 2014: New Report: States Can Transform Health Care System

December 5, 2013: New UVa Miller Center Report Concludes President Must Lead the Way on Transportation Reform

October 23, 2013: Haley Barbour, Evan Bayh Co-Chairing UVa Miller Center’s First Milstein Symposium

October 9, 2013: UVa Miller Center Awarded Grant For Centralized Website of Presidential Materials

September 18, 2013: Miller Center Announces 2013-2014 Student Ambassadors

July 18, 2013: Sen. Tim Kaine Commends UVa Miller Center’s War Powers Commission Report

June 26, 2013: UVa Miller Center Announces Three New Governing Council Members

June 25, 2013: Civil War Historian Gary Gallagher Joins UVa Miller Center, Will Lead Lecture Series on Presidency

May 8, 2013: U.Va. Miller Center Announces 2013–14 National Fellows

February 14, 2013: Ryan Crocker, Former US Ambassador to Afghanistan & Iraq, Named Schlesinger Professor at UVa’s Miller Center

February 7, 2013: UVa’s Miller Center Remembers Former Director Kenneth W. Thompson

January 17, 2013: UVa Miller Center Names William I. Hitchcock Director of Research and Scholarship

January 15, 2013: Philanthropist, Business & Civic Leader Howard Milstein Donates $2.26 Million To UVA’s Miller Center For Programs to Address National Challenges

January 4, 2013: New Health Care Commission to Focus on Developing State Policies to Contain Costs

December 1, 2012: New Website Provides One Place to Search Presidential Digital Collections

November 28, 2012: UVa Miller Center Awards David and Linda Gibson Elizabeth Scott Award for Exemplary Leadership

October 23, 2012: U.Va. Miller Center Partners with Virginia Film Festival to Bring Presidential Films, Woodward and Bernstein to Charlottesville

October 14, 2012: “Do Presidential Debates Change Elections?” Special Edition of ABC’s This Week, Produced with UVa Miller Center, To Air Oct. 14

September 5, 2012: Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, U.Va. President Teresa A. Sullivan Among Miller Center Forum Speakers This Fall

August 27, 2012: Miller Center to Hold Special Student Event on Sept. 7, Revealing U.Va. Secrets, Traditions and More

August 16, 2012: “Is the U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy?” Special Edition of ABC’s This Week, Produced with UVa Miller Center, To Air August 19

May 9, 2012: U.Va. Miller Center Announces 2012–13 National Fellows

April 26, 2012: Special Edition of ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos Produced with UVa Miller Center, To Air April 29 & Focus on Economic Recovery

April 23, 2012: Working with 5 Former U.S. Transportation Secs., Miller Center Releases Report on How to Sell U.S. Public on Need to Invest in Infrastructure

February 28, 2012: UVa’s Miller Center Launches Blog Looking at 2012 Election Through Lens of History

February 16, 2012: To Mark Presidents Day, UVa’s Miller Center Launches Presidential Classroom to Educate about U.S. Presidency and Government

February 6, 2012: Miller Center’s “Presidential Recordings of Lyndon B. Johnson Digital Edition” Wins American Association of Publishers’ PROSE Award

January 9, 2012: Douglas A. Blackmon, Wall Street Journal Senior National Correspondent & Pulitzer Prize Winner, Is New Chair of Miller Center Forum Program

December 13, 2011: U.Va. Miller Center and ABC News’ "This Week" Partnering on Debate Series on 2012 Issues

December 7, 2011: Five Fmr. Transportation Secs., Rep. John Mica Take Part in Miller Center Transportation Summit

November 10, 2011: Presidential Classroom Becomes Part of U.Va.’s Miller Center

October 14, 2011: Miller Center Releases George H.W. Bush Oral History

July 7, 2011: House Highway Bill Includes Miller Center’s Mineta-Skinner Transportation Report Recommendations

June 13, 2011: Miller Center’s Presidential Recordings Program Awarded Grant for Digital LBJ Volumes

May 24, 2011: The Miller Center & AGB Release Higher-Education Report

April 19, 2011: U.Va. Miller Center, Jack Kemp Foundation Host Conference on Tax Reform

April 13, 2011: U.Va. Miller Center Announces 2011-12 National Fellows

March 29, 2011: U.Va. Miller Center, Former U.S. Amb. to China Release Report on Ways to Improve U.S.-China Relations

March 8, 2011: U.Va. Miller Center Publishes New Book on the State of the U.S. Military

February 15, 2011: U.Va.’s Miller Center & Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Host Reagan Centennial Conference On Foreign Policy

February 9, 2011: U.Va.’s Miller Center Examines JFK Rhetoric & Imagery to Mark 50th Anniversary of JFK Presidency

February 9, 2011: U.Va.’s Miller Center Marks MLK Day by Examining LBJ-MLK Relationship

January 31, 2011: Miller Center's Guian McKee Awarded Grant for Research on History of U.S. Health-Care System

January 17, 2011: Gilliam to Step Down in June as Miller Center Forum Chair, Assuming Role as Senior Fellow

December 8, 2010: Governors and Education Leaders Discuss Ways to Improve Higher Education in a Struggling Economy

December 1, 2010: U.Va. Miller Center Programs to Air on Delta Air Lines

November 18, 2010: Thomas F. Farrell, Dominion Resources Chairman & CEO, Speaks on Electricity

October 12, 2010: Obama Officials Christina Romer and Paul Volcker & Central Bankers from European Union, England, China, and Japan Reflect on Role of Central Banks at U.Va. Miller Center Conference

October 11, 2010: President Obama Gets Briefing On Miller Center Transportation Report

October 4, 2010: U.Va.’s Miller Center & Former Transportation Secretaries Mineta & Skinner Release Report Outlining 10 Fixes for Nation's Overburdened Transportation System

May 3, 2010: U.Va.’s Miller Center Awards Fellowships to Eight Accomplished Scholars

March 11, 2010: "Torture Memos" Author John Yoo to Speak at U.Va.’s Miller Center

October 29, 2009: President George W. Bush Selects U.Va.’s Miller Center To Conduct His Official Oral History, Says It Will Offer Comprehensive Look at What It Was Like to Lead during Extraordinary Challenges

October 29, 2009: Miller Center of Public Affairs at U.Va. Opens Office in Washington, D.C.

August 26, 2009: U.Va.’s Miller Center Oral History Project Remembers Senator Edward M. Kennedy

June 15, 2009: U.Va.’s Governing America in a Global Era (GAGE) Program to Fund its 90th Fellow, Enters Publishing Agreement with Cornell University Press

May 26, 2009: Miller Center Names Admiral Joseph W. Prueher Its Schlesinger Distinguished Professor

May 19, 2009: At Reagan's Side, by Stephen F. Knott and Jeffrey L. Chidester, Published by Rowman & Littlefield

May 4, 2009: Debate: Must the U.S. Stop Using Carbon-Based Fuels to Secure its Energy Future?

May 1, 2009: Miller Center Fellowship Conference Highlights Work of 2008–2009 Fellows on May 7 & 8

April 22, 2009: Miller Center Releases a New Blueprint for Climate Policy

April 10, 2009: A Government Out of Sight Published by Cambridge University Press (Cambridge release)

April 7, 2009: Debate: Should Affirmative Action Focus on Class and Wealth, Rather Than Race?

March 26, 2009: Miller Center Announces Winner of First Annual Undergraduate Research Award

March 19, 2009: Debate: How Should the U.S. Curb Iran's Nuclear Ambitions?

March 12, 2009: Constructing the Monolith, by Marc J. Selverstone, Published by Harvard University Press

February 25, 2009: March 6 Symposium: Assessing America's Global Standing

February 12, 2009: Discussion: How Should Government Balance Infrastructure With Energy, Environment and Economic Priorities?

February 10, 2009: Priorities for a New President: The Miller Center National Debates, Season 2

January 26, 2009: Series: Putting China's Rise in Historical Context

January 8, 2009: Governing the Climate: Woodrow Wilson Center, Jan. 12

December 11, 2008: Survey: Americans Believe Global Warming is Real, Think Government Should Respond

December 3, 2008: Dec. 11-12: How Should Government Handle Climate Change?

November 17, 2008: The Problem of Jobs, by Guian McKee, Published by University of Chicago Press

November 10, 2008: Melvyn P. Leffler's For the Soul of Mankind Awarded 2008 George Louis Beer Prize

October 29, 2008: Report: Status Quo in Higher Education Threatens America's Global Competitiveness

October 21, 2008: Survey: Virginians Believe Climate Change is Real, Think Government Should Respond

October 20, 2008: Oct. 24: Is "Post-Partisanship" Possible?

October 17, 2008: Miller Center's Elizabeth Scott Award for Leadership Honors Charlie Smith and Nancy P. Petty

October 17, 2008: Miller Center Names Forum Room For Rosemary and John Galbraith

October 16, 2008: Oct. 21: What Do Virginians Think About Climate Change?

September 4, 2008: Financial Leaders Convening at U.Va. for Global Summit Sept. 8-9

July 17, 2008: To Lead the World, Edited by Leffler and Legro, Published by Oxford

July 8, 2008: National War Powers Commission Recommends War Powers Consultation Act of 2009

May 29, 2008: Financial Leaders to Convene at U.Va. For Global Summit

May 27, 2008: Conference: The Politics of Troop Withdrawal, June 5-6

May 22, 2008: Miller Center Awards 2008-09 Fellowships to Nine Accomplished Scholars

May 9, 2008: Serving Others, Serving the Community: U.Va. 2008 Sullivan Award Winners (UVA Today)

May 2, 2008: Miller Center Fellowship Conference Highlights Work of 2007ñ08 Fellows on May 8 & 9

April 24, 2008: Debate: Should Government Provide a Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants?

April 11, 2008: April 25 Panel: Has Polling Killed Democracy?

April 3, 2008: April 17 Panel: Are Financial Sanctions Good U.S. Foreign Policy?

March 20, 2008: Debate: Is Health Care a Right?

March 20, 2008: April 17 Panel: Are Financial Sanctions Good U.S. Foreign Policy?

February 19, 2008: Debate: Should Religion and Politics Mix?

January 16, 2008: Symposium to Explore Two Hundred Years of Russian-American Relations on Jan. 22

December 6, 2007: Miller Center Awards Elizabeth Scott Award for Exemplary Leadership to Dr. Milton T. Edgerton and Patricia Jones Edgerton

October 15, 2007: Debate to Address the Question: How Do We Balance Privacy Rights and National Security?

September 11, 2007: Higher Education Policy Expert Blenda Wilson Named Compton Visiting Scholar at the Miller Center

August 15, 2007: Former Treasury Secretary John W. Snow Named Newman Visiting Fellow at the Miller Center of Public Affairs

June 8, 2007: Miller Center, MacNeil/Lehrer Productions Team to Launch National Discussion and Debate Series

February 28, 2007: Miller Center Announces National War Powers Commission

February 12, 2007: U.Va., Miller Center of Public Affairs Enhance Policy, Security Studies with James R. Schlesinger Distinguished Professorship

January 10, 2007: Miller Center Launches New Web Site

December 1, 2006: Miller Center hosts a panel discussion: "The Future of the U.S.-China Bargain"

November 6, 2006: Miller Center and U.Va. Law School host Lloyd N. Cutler Conference on the White House Counsel

October 31, 2006: Miller Center Announces New Program: America in the World

September 1, 2006: Miller Center of Public Affairs, WVPT Partner to Broadcast "Miller Center Forums"

May 16, 2006: The Miller Center Awards Fellowships to Eight Accomplished Scholars

April 10, 2006: Timothy Naftali to Lead the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library

December 16, 2005: Gerald L. Baliles, Former Governor Of Virginia, to Lead University of Virginia's Miller Center

December 1, 2005: The American Library Association honors

November 21, 2005: National Endowment for the Humanities Honors Miller Center of Public Affairs

November 3, 2005: Miller Center of Public Affairs Awards the Elizabeth Scott Award for Exemplary Leadership to Dr. Peyton E. Weary

April 25, 2005: W.W. Norton & Company and the Miller Center release The Presidential Recordings: Lyndon B. Johnson: The Kennedy Assassination and the Transfer of Power November 1963—January 1964, Vols. 1-3; Experts to Speak at LBJ Library, First Three LBJ Volumes Released

February 25, 2005: Philip Zelikow Appointed Counselor of the U.S. Department of State

May 21, 2004: Julian Bond to Moderate Conference on Brown v. Board of Education

October 4, 2002: Former Presidents Ford and Carter Welcome the Agreement Reached By the Congress on Election Reform Legislation

September 16, 2002: President Carter and Governor Warner to Rededicate U.Va. Miller Center of Public Affairs on September 23, 2002

July 22, 2002: Making Democracy Work: A Brief History of Federal Executive Reorganization

January 04, 2002: J. Wilson Newman Gives $300,000 Toward Completion of Miller Center's Kenneth W. Thompson Pavilion

October 1, 2001: Presidential Recordings: John F. Kennedy, “The Great Crises” Released

May 30, 2001: President Gerald Ford to Preside at Public Hearing on “Election Reform: The American and International Experience”

April 12, 2001: National Commission on Federal Election Reform Names New Co-Chair, Adds Members

March 20, 2001: Former President Carter Convenes First Public Hearing of the National Commission on Federal Election Reform

January 30, 2001: Former Presidents Carter and Ford to Oversee Bipartisan National Commission on Federal Election Reform

December 6, 2000: Miller Center Announces Miller Center Presidential Cabinet

April 24, 2000: Publisher Katharine Graham Receives Miller Center Award for Public Service