Miller Center

Oral History Publications and Press Coverage

General Oral History Publications

Michael Nelson and Russell Riley, Governing at Home: The White House and Domestic Policymaking (2011)

Michael Nelson and Russell Riley, President’s Words: Speeches and Speechwriting in the Modern White House (2010)

Russell Riley, Bridging the Constitutional Divide: Inside the White House Office of Legislative Affairs (2010)

Edward M. Kennedy Project Publications

Commemorative Book (2015)

Bill Clinton Project Publications

Russell Riley and Barbara A. Perry, 42: Inside the Presidency of Bill Clinton (forthcoming)

Russell Riley, “Presidential Oral History: The Clinton Presidential History Project.” Oral History Review (Summer/Fall 2007)

George H.W. Bush Project Publications

Michael Nelson and Barbara A. Perry, 41: Inside the Presidency of George H. W. Bush (2014)

Commemorative Book (2011)

Ronald Reagan Project Publications

Jeffrey Chidester and Paul Kengor, Reagan's Legacy in a World Transformed (2015)

Stephen Knott and Jeffrey Chidester, At Reagan's Side: Insiders' Recollections from Sacramento to the White House (2009)

Commemorative Book (2006)

Stephen Knott and Jeffrey Chidester, The Reagan Years (2005)

Jimmy Carter Project Publications

Russell Riley, "Hamilton Jordan: Reflections on Politics," Politico, May 22, 2008

Robert A. Strong, Working in the World: Jimmy Carter and the Making of American Foreign Policy (2000)

Robert A. Strong, "Setting the Record Straight: Letter from Jimmy Carter," Miller Center Journal (Spring 1995)

Robert A. Strong, "Anecdote and Evidence: Jimmy Carter's Annapolis Address on U.S.-Soviet Relations," Miller Center Journal, (Spring 1994)

Erwin C. Hargrove, Jimmy Carter as President: Leadership and the Politics of the Public Good (1988)

Charles O. Jones, Trustee Presidency: Jimmy Carter and the United States Congress (1988)

Press Coverage

December 10, 2014: "The Secret History of the Clinton White House" (The Atlantic)

December 9, 2014: "Inside the Clinton White House: An Oral History of the Administration" (New York Times)

December 5, 2014: "Hillary Clinton’s History as First Lady: Powerful, but Not Always Deft" (New York Times)

November 25, 2014: “Hillary Clinton Struggled to Find ’92 Role, Confidante Recounts” (Wall Street Journal)

November 19, 2014: “A First-Person History Lesson From Robert Rubin” (New York Times

November 18, 2014: “Miller Center Releases Clinton Project Interviews” (Cavalier Daily

November 17, 2014: “Voices: For the Clintons, the Past is Not Even Past” (USA Today

November 15, 2014: “At Clinton Center, the Past and the Future Collide” (Associated Press) 

November 15, 2014: “Newly Released Interviews Detail Highs, Lows of Clinton White House” ( 

November 15, 2014: “Hillary Clinton’s ‘Confrontational’ Side Illustrated in New Transcripts” (Bloomberg

November 14, 2014: “Clinton Administration Domestic Policy” (C-SPAN) 

November 14, 2014: “UVa Center Releases First Batch of Interviews for Clinton Presidential History Project” (Daily Progress

November 14, 2014: “Bill Clinton, in Little Rock, Defends His Record With an Eye to Other Chapters” (New York Times) 

November 14, 2014: “At Library Celebration, Bill Clinton and Others Talk Up the Past, but Not the Future” (Washington Post) 

November 14, 2014: “Clinton Symposium Underway: Interview Release Planned Later in the Day” (Arkansas Blog

November 13, 2014: “Little Rock Celebration Draws Clinton Supporters, Faithful and Hopeful” (New York Times) 

August 20, 2013: "James Sterling Young, Oral Historian, Dies at 85" (New York Times)

November 10, 2011: “’Dirty Harry’ for VP?” (UVA Today News Blog)

November 9, 2011: “Clint Eastwood as George H.W. Bush’s Running Mate? No ‘Supporting Role,’ Actor Says” (Good Morning America blog)

November 9, 2011: “Eastwood Would Have Turned Down Bush Veep Offer” (USA Today’s “The Oval” blog)

October 17, 2011: “Vice President Clint Eastwood? George H.W. Bush Nearly Made His Day” (TIME’s News Feed blog)

October 17, 2011: “Center Releases Oral History” (Cavalier Daily)

October 14, 2011: “George H.W. Bush as Commander In Chief” (C-SPAN)

October 14, 2011: “The Statecraft of George H.W. Bush” (C-SPAN)

October 14, 2011: “UVa’s Miller Center examines history of Bush Sr.” (Daily Progress)

October 14, 2011: “UVa Center Releases George H.W. Bush Oral History” (Charlottesville Newsplex)

October 14, 2011: “HW Bush Ordered CIA to Review Cheney’s Iraq Targets, Tapes Show” (FOX News)

October 14, 2011: “Clint Eastwood as VP? George H.W. Bush Considered It” (

October 14, 2011: “Clint Eastwood for veep in 1988? An oral history of George H.W. Bush’s presidency” (Washington Post)

September 30, 2011: “Miller Center Compiling Oral History of First President Bush” (Daily Progress)

May 9, 2011: “Chronicling Kennedy’s Life” (PDF) (Roll Call)

November 12, 2009: "George W. Bush Chooses UVa for Oral History Project" (Talking Points Memo)

September 21, 2009: "Secret Interviews Add Insight to Clinton Presidency" (USA Today)

August 27, 2009: "Edward M. Kennedy, Senate Stalwart, is Dead at 77" (New York Times)

August 27, 2009: "Oral History Captures Ted Kennedy's Life, Legacy" (NewsHour Online)

August 26, 2009: "UVA Professor Reflects on Kennedy's Death" (WHSV_TV Harrisonburg)

May 13, 2008: "Obama-Clinton race Echoes Past Bouts" (USA Today)

January 24, 2007:  "Tone Not as Bold as a Year Ago; Promises More Constrainted as Presidency Held Hostage to War" (USA Today)

February 20, 2006: "Oral Histories of Reagan Offer Glimpse of President" (Washington Post)

February 7, 2006: "Friends Recall Reagan's Role" (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

February 5, 2006: "UVa Presents Reagan Through Interviews" (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

February 2, 2006: "Friendship Has Its Benefits" (Toronto Star)

January 31, 2006: "Miller Center Preserves Reagan's Preidential Legacy in Interviews" (Cavalier Daily)

January 31, 2006: "Aides Reminisce About Reagan" (Richard Times-Dispatch)

January 29, 2006: "Aide: Reagan Warned Before Beirut Blast" (Washington Post)

January 29, 2006: "When Partisan Venom Didn't Rule" (Washington Post)

January 24, 2006: "Oral History Recalls the Reagan White House" (NPR)

December 6, 2004: "Oral History Planed for Sen. Kennedy" (Boston Globe)

August 16, 1985: Charlotte Saikowski, "Five Years Later...Another View of Carter," (Christian Science Monitor)

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