Miller Center

Policy Programs

The Miller Center Policy Programs convene conference, stakeholder meetings, and commissions with eminent policymakers and scholars to explore and report on topics of national concern. A list of current policy programs with brief descriptions can be found below. Please visit the specific conference page for more detailed information.

Milstein Symposium: Ideas for a New American Century

The Milstein Symposium is a five-year initiative that will convene experts to advance innovative, non-partisan, action-oriented ideas, grounded in history, to help rebuild the American Dream.  The project will focus in its first year on “Creating the Jobs of the Future.”

Mortimer Caplin Conference on the World Economy 

Held annually, the Mortimer Caplin Conference on the World Economy brings together individuals from varying fields and with different expertise for a serious, bipartisan discussion of the most significant issues facing the world economy today.

David R. Goode National Transportation Policy Conference

This biennial conference convenes recognized transportation experts to facilitate original bipartisan, and informed thinking about the financing, governance, and management of America’s transportation infrastructure.

National War Powers Commission 

The National War Powers Commission was empaneled in 2007 to examine and make lasting recommendations concerning the war powers of the President and Congress, a subject of perennial importance. The Commission’s unanimous recommendation, The War Powers Consultation Act, continues to be under consideration at the highest levels of government.

The State Health Care Cost Containment Commission 

Convened over the course of 2013, the Commission worked to develop a process and practical policies that states can adopt and implement to hold the growth rate of all health care spending in a state to a growth rate similar to that of the overall economy.

China Roundtable 

This Roundtable, organized by former Miller Center James R. Schlesinger Professor and former U.S. Ambassador to China Joseph W. Prueher, discussed ways to improve and strengthen the U.S.-China Relationship.

Full List of Prior National Commissions

The Miller Center has convened nine prior national commissions to focus deliberate and sustained attention on public policy issues and offer bipartisan solutions to those issues.

Federal Election Reform (2001)
The Separation of Powers (1998)
The Selection of Federal Judges (1996)
Choosing and Using Vice Presidents (1992)
The Presidency and Science Advising (1989)
Presidential Disability and the Twenty-Fifth Amendment (1988)
Presidential Transitions and Foreign Policy (1986)
The Presidential Nominating Process (1982)
Presidential Press Conferences (1981)