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George H. W. Bush Oral Histories

The George H. W. Bush Oral History Project was launched in 1999 in cooperation with the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation to record the recollections and reflections of key figures in the Bush 41 administration. Now complete, the George H. W. Bush oral history consists of 44 interviews and roughly 425 hours of recorded interviews with Cabinet members, senior presidential staff members, transition aides, and campaign advisors. Among those interviewed are James Baker III, Dick Cheney, Dan Quayle, Brent Scowcroft, John Sununu, and Richard Thornburgh, and many others. more →

Interviews (A-Z by last name)

Respondent Position
James A. Baker, III (2000) Secretary of State; Chief of Staff
James A. Baker, III (2011) Secretary of State; Chief of Staff
William P. Barr Assistant Attorney General; Deputy Attorney General; Attorney General
David Q. Bates, Jr. Secretary to the Cabinet; Assistant to the President; Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff
Michael Boskin Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors
Phillip D. Brady Assistant to Staff Secretary; Staff Secretary
Henry Catto Ambassador to the United Kingdom; Director of United States Information Agency
Richard B. Cheney Secretary of Defense
David F. Demarest, Jr. Assistant to the President; White House Communications Director
Edward J. Derwinski Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Craig Fuller Chief of Staff to Vice President Bush
Robert M. Gates Deputy Director of Central Intelligence; Deputy National Security Advisor; Director of Central Intelligence
Richard Haass Special Assistant to the President; National Security Council Staff’s Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs
Carla Hills United States Trade Representative
David Jeremiah Commander of the Pacific Fleet; Vice Chairman and Acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Bobbie Greene Kilberg Deputy Assistant to the President for Public Liaison; Director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
Timothy J. McBride Personal Aide to the President; Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Trade Development; Assistant to the President for Management
Frederick McClure Assistant for Legislative Affairs
Thomas Pickering Ambassador to the United Nations; Ambassador to India
James P. Pinkerton Deputy Assistant to the President for Policy Planning
Roman Popadiuk Deputy Assistant to the President; Deputy Press Secretary for Foreign Affairs; Ambassador to Ukraine
Colin Powell Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
J. Danforth Quayle Vice President
Sigmund Rogich Assistant to the President; Ambassador to Iceland
Dennis B. Ross State Department’s Director of Policy Planning
Brent Scowcroft National Security Advisor
John H. Sununu (06/2000) Chief of Staff
John H. Sununu (11/2000) Chief of Staff
Richard Thornburgh Attorney General
Chase Untermeyer Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Personnel; Director of the Voice of America
Clayton Yeutter Secretary of Agriculture; Chairman of the Republican National Committee; National Policy Advisor