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Andrew Cuomo (1997–2001) - Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

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Andrew Cuomo was assistant secretary (1993-1997) and then secretary of housing and urban development (1997-2001) in the Clinton administration.

Born in New York City in 1957, Cuomo earned his undergraduate degree from Fordham University in 1979 and his law degree from Albany Law School in 1982. After completing law school, he served as campaign manager for his father's successful 1982 New York gubernatorial campaign and worked for a year in 1983 as an aide in the governor's office.

He was an assistant district attorney in Manhattan (1984-1985) and practiced law privately in a New York City law firm (1985-1988) before devoting himself full-time to the not-for-profit organization he formed in 1986, Housing Enterprise for the Less Privileged (1988-1991).New York Mayor David Dinkins appointed Cuomo to lead New York City's Commission on the Homeless in 1991, a position Cuomo held until he joined the Clinton administration in 1993. He is currently running for governor of New York.

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