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ARTICLE: Impact Investing: Time to Unleash PRIs

Impact investing has been a hot topic in the news lately. On January 21, the White House hosted its third Pay for Success summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. Days later, New York Times columnist David Brooks lauded impact investing as the "most promising form" of social capitalism there is today. 

Jeff Chidester, the Miller Center's Director of Policy Programs, weighs in on the topic in his most recent article. He notes that philanthropic foundations are missing a massive opportunity in this space. They possess an overlooked capacity to tap into hundred of billions of dollars in unused capital. The chief vehicle would be program-related investments (PRIs), a tool that allows foundations to give working capital to organizations in the form of loans, loan guarantees, or equity investments.

Unfortunately, burdensome regulation and costs are constraining that ability. The most recent Milstein report addresses this point and how to fix it. 

Read the full editorial, as published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review here

Date edited: 02/24/2015 (2:37PM)


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