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ARTICLE: Raising New Capital for Your Mission-Driven Startup

The Miller Center's Director of Policy Jeff Chidester co-authored an editorial with Village Capital CEO and Milstein commissioner Ross Baird in Forbes. The article spins off of the recent Miller Center report, Can Startups Save the American Dream? released as part of the Milstein Symposium: Ideas for a New American Century

The op-ed discusses the challenge that many social entrepreneurs face getting access to much-needed capital. As a remedy, Chidester and Baird tout the "hundreds of billions of dollars" available via Program Related Investments (PRIs). PRIs can be loans, loan guarantees, or equity investments that foundations can make to companies that share their mission.

To combat the underutilization of this too-often overlooked instrument, the authors list "four things you need to know in order to raise a PRI." The work serves as an education tool and ideally a blueprint for social entrepreneurs and impact investors. 

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